God Level Recovery System Instantly Upgrades to 999 (Recycle System Upgrades Instantly)

Featured Novels

The Immortal Cultivator Returns to the City
Doomsday Sanctuary
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I Made the World Mutate
My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
Beauty and the Bodyguard
Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!
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Treasure Hunt all over the World

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Imperial Beast Evolution (Fey Evolution Merchant)
Upgrade Beyond Rampage
Soul Emperor Martial God
Top-level Air Luck, Quietly Practiced For Thousands of Years (Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years)
Ancient Fiend Dragon Emperor
Unlimited Upgrade System
Godly Talent Duplicate System
Demon King Doesn’t Have to be Overthrown (The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated / Why Defeat The Devil?)
Good Morning, Mister Dragon!
Full Attributes Martial Arts (All Attributes Martial Path)
Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art
Supreme God Emperor

Novel Last Updates

Treasure Hunt all over the WorldChapter 3176
The Strongest Qi RefinerChapter 3536
Rebirth of the Urban Immortal EmperorChapter 3095
Game Across the WorldChapter 1053
Earth in the Age of PokemonChapter 1349
Doomsday Jigsaw GameChapter 702
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From Propulsion City To MultiverseChapter 411
Opening Reward 100 Million LivesChapter 1731

Finished Novels

The Demon in the Mirror

The Demon in the Mirror

Full104 chapters
The Black Card

The Black Card

Full1440 chapters

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