Chapter 1:80s: Daughter-in-law Is Sweet and Sassy (My 80's Wife Is Sweet And Cool)


"How could it be difficult to give birth? Didn't the doctor say that there is no problem during the obstetric examination? How can this be done, construction?"

"Doctor, can you guarantee both?"

"The maternity situation is very dangerous, your family members quickly make up your mind, or you can't keep both of them!"

Chu Qiao was awakened by these noisy voices. She was wet and seemed to be floating in the ocean. She felt heavy and kept falling, but she felt light, like a feather, and kept going up. With the wind.

The doctor's cold and ruthless voice, as well as the voices of her mother-in- law and husband, Chu Qiao could hear clearly. She opened her mouth and wanted to tell the doctor that she wanted to live.

But he opened his mouth for a long time, but couldn't make a sound.

She heard her mother-in-law's urging voice again, "Jianjian, Chu Qiao is so old, and he is bleeding profusely. She will definitely not be able to conceive in the future, or keep her young!"

Chu Qiao opened her mouth again, there was more blood under her body, but she still couldn't make a sound. She heard her husband Gu Jianshe's voice again, and she regained her spirits. Jianshe would definitely save her.

There are also two children she raised hard. Although they are not her own, they are raised by her with hard work, and she will definitely not watch her die.

And for the sake of these two children, she never gave birth to her own child. She didn't get pregnant until she was forty-two years old. If she wasn't too old, she wouldn't have had a difficult childbirth.

"Dad, Aunt Chu likes children so much, she definitely doesn't want her sister to have an accident." The boss's voice.

"Big brother is right, Aunt Chu wants her own child so much, we can't let Aunt Chu feel cold." The second child's little beast's voice.

Chu Qiao's dark gray eyes suddenly lit up, her body was straight up and down, her eyes were wide open, her face was pale, and her mouth was wide open, as pitiful as a dying fish.

She felt the sympathetic eyes of the nurse beside her, Chu Qiao could guess what the nurse was thinking, it must be—

"Poor woman, she worked so hard to raise children for others, but ended up raising two white-eyed wolves!"

Yes, she has raised two white-eyed wolves that are inferior to beasts. She should have figured it out long ago. Those two beasts didn't even say "Mom", they called her Aunt Chu all the time, how could they be sincere to her?

It was only when she was about to die that she saw the reality clearly, huh... She's so stupid!

It's not wrong to die!

Chu Qiao doesn't have any hope for her husband who has been silent for a long time. She hasn't made a statement yet, doesn't she just want to drag her to death?

But she is still not reconciled!

She has been following her father at home and her husband when she is married. What did she do wrong?


Chu Qiao tried her best and called out her last cry. The expressions of the Gu family outside changed drastically. Gu Jianshe gritted his teeth and said loudly, "Qiaoqiao, I will take good care of our daughter, so don't worry!"

It was dark in front of her eyes, Chu Qiao fell into the darkness, and there were all kinds of chaotic voices in her ears, but she heard a fiery voice—

"Nonsense, what's so tangled in this kind of thing, save your life!"

"Uncle, this is my family's business!"

"Gu Jianshe, are you still human? It's your wife inside, she's giving birth to a child for you, you're not as good as a beast, and you've lost the face of the Gu family. Bring it to me to sign, won't you take it? I'll kick you to death!"

"Doctor, Master Bao, it's signed!"

The man's temper was very fierce, and his voice was like gunpowder, but it made Chu Qiao's heart very warm. She twitched the corner of her mouth and wanted to say thank you, but she didn't have the strength.

That's too late.

She is going to die.

But she was not reconciled.

If life could start all over again, she would definitely—won’t—have another child!

Whoever loves will be born!

Chu Qiao stared blankly at the furniture in the room until she saw the white enamel urn on the chest of drawers, with red words on it \- Lucheng No. 6 Hospital.

She just regained her senses, and somewhat understood the current situation.

Not surprisingly, her life really started anew.

But how many years is it now?

I hope she hasn't married Gu Jianshe's heartless beast.

Chu Qiao got up suddenly and walked to the calendar. She remembered that her father, Chu Yuanzhi, had obsessive-compulsive disorder.

July 10, 1986.

Chu Qiao felt relieved. She had just turned twenty-one, and she had not yet married that ** Gu Jianshe, but her family was already arranging for her to communicate with Gu Jianshe. In her previous life, she followed the arrangements of her father and stepmother. , and listened to the words of her husband and in-laws, if she was not allowed to have children, she would not have children, and if she was not allowed to go out to work, she would honestly be a housewife.

Gu Jianshe didn't like her dressing up, so she kept her face up all day, dressed in gray, and became a real yellow-faced woman within a few years. The mother-in-law is more dull than the wood, she can't help at all, she only knows to ask for money.

My mother-in-law also often said that she couldn't get a fart with three sticks, and she also said that if she hadn't married her son, she wouldn't have been able to live a rich life like a rich wife.


Chu Qiao sneered, walked to the closet, drew up her bangs, and in the dressing mirror was a young girl with bulging front and back, with eyebrows like distant mountains, eyes like autumn water, a jade nose and a jade mouth, a beautiful face with goose eggs, and blue silk like ink. , Skin is better than snow, UU reading www. uukanshu. com The big place is big, the small is small.

She has a height of 165, which is not short in the south, but her feet are only 35 yards, and her waist is one foot seven, but she wears a 34D cup, and the peach hips that are particularly popular in later generations. Also know that she is actually beautiful.

But that ** Gu Jianshe deliberately belittled her, saying that she had a vulgar appearance and was not attractive, and he was the only one who didn't dislike her. After talking too much, she really thought she was disgusting, and she became more and more inferior. I don't dare to go out to meet people anymore, and I am at home to raise a child for him, work hard as a yellow- faced mother-in-law, and I am grateful to that bastard. I feel that Gu Jianshe doesn't dislike her, and he has a good heart.


She is really stupid, she deserves to die in her previous life.

Chu Qiao sneered at herself in the mirror. Although she has a good figure and looks, the clothes she wears have lowered her score. The loose moon white shirt is old-fashioned, long and fat, and the black trousers are also fat. She was also wearing a pair of black sandals, which perfectly covered her good figure, and the thick bangs also covered half of her face. Her good looks and figure were all ruined by this old-fashioned dress.

This is all due to her good stepmother.

She also blamed herself for being stupid.

The stepmother, He Jihong, is especially good at superficial work and never speaks harshly about her. People before and after are good people, and all the bad people let her father Chu Yuanzhi do it. In the previous life, Chu Qiao hated her father very much, and felt that her father was not as good as her stepmother, but Now she understands that although her father is not a thing, he still has a little conscience towards her, but his ears are too soft and his courage is too small to protect her at all.

The sound of inserting the keyhole came from the door, Chu Qiao dodged into her room, closed the door and hid behind the door, and the voices of her stepmother and stepsister Xu Bilian came from outside the door.


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