Chapter 944:80s: Daughter-in-law Is Sweet and Sassy (My 80's Wife Is Sweet And Cool)

The world is no longer warm

Duan Qiqi put the ashes on the cabinet. She has no money to buy a cemetery, so she will rent a lattice in the temple tomorrow. When she has money, she will buy a good cemetery for Xiaohao.

Sun Yinxiu didn't come back all night. Duan Qiqi was lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling with her eyes open. The night had passed. She was thinking about the way out in the future. Now she has 20,000 yuan in her hand, which was given by the driver, although Xiaohao took the initiative to hit the car, but the driver gave him some money in order to eliminate the disaster, just in time to rent a grid for Xiaohao to go to the temple.

There was something hard under the pillow. It was a note left by Xiaohao. Duan Qiqi pulled it out. It was Xiaohao's handwriting, with only a few sentences.

"Sister, I'm leaving first, don't be sad, anyway, I have to leave sooner or later, the driver should give some money, you take this money back to your hometown, don't come to Hong Kong City again, sister, you must live well, I will be there God bless you!

Xiao Hao's pen who loves her sister the most! "

Duan Qiqi was holding the paper and sobbing, with tears in her eyes, as if she saw Xiaohao's smiling face, no matter how painful her body was, Xiaohao would not cry out, but would comfort her with a smile, saying that she didn't feel any pain at all, so good Brother is gone.

"Xiaohao, you are so stupid. You are not a drag on your sister. Because of you, my sister can live well and not feel lonely, you know? You have always encouraged my sister. Without you, how would my sister live... "

Duan Qiqi's eyes were swollen from crying, and her heart was so painful that she couldn't breathe. She regretted so much. She didn't accompany her brother yesterday, so even if she was hungry, what could be more important than her brother?

Xiaohao never knew, in fact, he was her redemption. If there was no Xiaohao, what was the point of her life?

A person without relatives is like a kite with a broken string, flying in the sky, it may fall into the ocean, it may fall into the barren desert, and it is more likely to be swept into an unknown place by a tornado.

This world is no longer warm.

Duan Qiqi wiped away her tears, carefully folded Xiaohao's suicide note, found a plastic bag, put it in a drawer, and went to the temple with the urn in her arms. She only rented it for half a year and kept some Living expenses, back to the small house, Sun Yinxiu back, and her concubine.

"Where's your brother?" Sun Yinxiu asked.


Duan Qiqi answered indifferently.

Sun Yinxiu was stunned for a while, then sneered, "It's easy to die!"

This woman wasn't sad at all, as if it was just a dog who died. Duan Qiqi looked at him coldly with a calm expression. She had expected such a result, and she would definitely avenge Xiaohao.

This woman must die!

Sun Yinxiu mentioned Brother Cai again, and Duan Qiqi was relieved this time, but she asked to meet Brother Cai, and Brother Cai agreed.

"Brother Cai, you are a person who does great things. I admire and admire you, but my brother has just left. I have to keep my filial piety for him for seven, seven and forty-nine days. , it will bring you bad luck!" Duan Qiqi said sincerely.

"Your brother is dead?" Brother Cai sank his face and was in a bad mood. He couldn't eat the fat in his mouth, and he died of fire.

But in his line of work, this is the most important thing. If Duan Qiqi's younger brother really died, he really couldn't touch it.

Duan Qiqi nodded sadly, "I was hit by a car yesterday, and I still have Xiaohao's blood on my body."

Brother Cai's face was even more ugly. This was a violent death, and it was stained with blood. This woman couldn't sleep.

He is about to make a big business, and he can't be affected by this unfortunate event.

"Okay, seven, seven, forty-nine days, don't play tricks on Lao Tzu!" Brother Cai has a fierce face, this beautiful girl can't escape from his palm, and after he has done a big business, he will marry this beautiful girl.

Duan Qiqi smiled, "I am a lonely and weak woman, what tricks can I play in front of Brother Cai, Brother Cai underestimates me too much."

These words made Brother Cai very useful, and the look in Duan Qiqi's eyes softened a lot. This beautiful girl is quite sensible, and he likes women who are sensible.

Duan Qiqi asked Brother Cai for some money again. The reason was that she wanted to eat fat and take good care of her body. Brother Cai gave the money readily. He also felt that Duan Qiqi was too thin.

After returning home, Duan Qiqi hid more than half of the money given by Brother Cai. The bandit was quite generous and gave her 50,000 yuan. She hid 40,000 yuan and put 10,000 yuan on her body.

When Sun Yinxiu came back, Duan Qiqi deliberately revealed the money on her body. Sure enough, the woman stole the money, and she slapped her with no money left. Duan Qiqi didn't dodge, but she deliberately went up and slapped it. His face was instantly swollen, and bright red finger prints were obvious.

"The money was given by Brother Cai." Duan Qiqi cried.

"Your life is given by the old lady, it is only right and proper to honor the old lady!"

Sun Yinxiu slapped again, Duan Qiqi's face was swollen on both sides, and with ten thousand dollars, Sun Yinxiu couldn't sit still at home, and went out to have fun, Duan Qiqi sneered, his eyes were cold.

Two days later, Duan Qiqi went to Brother Cai. Seeing her disrespectful face, Brother Cai was furious. He actually dared to beat his woman. Who ate the gall of a bear!

"My mother beat it, and the money you gave was also stolen. I said it was given by Brother Cai. Let me take care of myself. If I have a healthy body, I can better serve Brother Cai." Duan Qiqi whispered, Chu Chu The pitiful appearance made the cold-blooded and ruthless brother Cai feel some pity.

"You said that?"


Duan Qiqi nodded and said embarrassedly, "My mother said... She said that she would pay 200,000 yuan to her every month from now on. She also said..."

"say what?"

Brother Cai's face darkened. That woman, Sun Yinxiu, was so daring, she even hit him with an idea. With 200,000 yuan a month, she really dared to speak.

Duan Qiqi glanced at him timidly, lowered his head quickly, and his voice was as thin as a mosquito, "She said... She said that she will be your mother-in- law in the future, and it is right and proper for you to honor her, and 200,000 cents is a lot, if you don't give money, She sold me to a nightclub to make money, brother Cai, I want to be with you, you are a hero, I am willing to be with you, those stinky men in nightclubs are not even comparable to your toes, don't let my mother sell me. ?"

The pretty girl begged bitterly, the pear blossoms were tearful, I felt pity, even a hard-hearted person would be tempted. Brother Cai's brothers were moved, they felt that Sun Yinxiu was not a thing, and even persuaded Brother Cai to help Duan Qiqi.

"Boss, that woman is not a thing. Even if you dare to threaten her, there will definitely be troubles in the future, so I will clean it up sooner."

"200,000 a month, she really dares to speak, go and spend it below!"

The brothers were chatting and talking without avoiding Duan Qiqi, because they were speaking in hometown dialect, which was jerky and difficult to understand. Duan Qiqi really couldn't understand it, but she would observe the words and expressions, the faces of these bandits The fierce look is definitely not saying a good thing.

The corners of Duan Qiqi's mouth twitched slightly, Sun Yinxiu would not live long.

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