Chapter 945:80s: Daughter-in-law Is Sweet and Sassy (My 80's Wife Is Sweet And Cool)

you are a miserable man

Duan Qiqi thought that Sun Yinxiu would definitely die this time. Brother Cai had already committed murder last time. This woman would definitely not be able to escape, but she was disappointed. .

Duan Qiqi was very annoyed that this woman had a big life and escaped the disaster. Brother Cai only dared to run wild in the port city, and he didn't dare to riot in the mainland. If Sun Yinxiu didn't return to the port city, she would not be able to take revenge.

I don't know what this woman was doing so rushing back to her hometown. She had never heard Sun Yinxiu talk about her hometown before, but before her father died, she mentioned it a few times. She felt very guilty and said she shouldn't sneak out. She also persuaded Sun Yinxiu to go back to her hometown to visit her parents. , seems to have a daughter.

She should be called elder sister, but she has never met. That elder sister doesn't know about her and her younger brother's existence, and Sun Yinxiu never forgets about this elder sister. Duan Qiqi feels that this elder sister is just as hard as she is when she is reborn as Sun Yinxiu's daughter. .

Sun Yinxiu suddenly ran back to her hometown, in fact, for the house in her hometown. She was in a hurry recently. She had hoped to make a fortune by selling her daughter. In addition, she is old and her business has dropped sharply. The little money she earns from the skin and meat business is not enough to buy fans. Sun Yinxiu, who has become addicted, suddenly thinks of her hometown.

The house her parents left to her, although it is an old house in the countryside, is worth a few dollars. The location of the house is the best in the village. There must be many people who want to buy it. In this way, Sun Yinxiu ran back to her hometown to sell it. house.

But she didn't succeed. No one in the whole village supported her. She also said that she had no conscience. In my sister-in-law's hand, her eldest daughter had already married into the city, and she heard that it was not bad. Sun Yinxiu wanted to ask her eldest daughter for some money.

But this eldest daughter is too unsatisfactory and has no money on her body. The eldest son-in-law is even more powerful. She didn't even leave a sip of water for her mother-in-law to drink. , Sun Yinxiu had no choice but to go back to Hong Kong City, at least when he returned to Hong Kong City, he could return to his old business and earn some flesh and blood.

And she was addicted, so she could only buy fans in Hong Kong City, but not in her hometown.

Duan Qiqi has been living fairly peacefully these days. Brother Cai promised her that he could keep his filial piety for the 77th and forty-ninth days, but he didn't come to disturb her. Duan Qiqi vaguely knew that Brother Cai was doing a big thing. Getting rich is definitely not a good thing, and I don't know which rich person will be unlucky.

Duan Qiqi is very sympathetic to the rich man targeted by Brother Cai. Brother Cai is ruthless, and almost all the people who were kidnapped by him have torn up their votes. She would like to help the unlucky rich man, but she can't protect herself now. I don't know who the other party is, and I don't dare to inquire, for fear of disturbing Brother Cai, and even the peace of these seven, seven and forty-nine days is gone.

In the past few days, Duan Qiqi has been living in seclusion. She didn't want to sit still, but she racked her brains and couldn't think of a way to escape from Brother Cai's control. No one would help her, and no one dared to fight with a desperado like Brother Cai. Do it right.

Unless Brother Cai dies, she can escape.

Fortunately, Sun Yinxiu came back, which made Duan Qiqi feel better. She informed Brother Cai's people, and under the guise of Sun Yinxiu, the lion opened his mouth and asked Brother Cai for a large sum of money.

"Understood, the boss said, he will marry you when he finishes the big thing, you'd better be honest!" Brother Cai's subordinates grinned grimly, his eyes were wretched, and he was also greedy for Duan Qiqi.

But the subordinates know that Cai Ge has always been very generous. After eating the meat, he will give his subordinates some soup. The women in the past are all distributed to the subordinates. This section of Qiqi is the most beautiful. Looking forward to the wealthy brother to seize the time.

Duan Qiqi lowered her head and endured her nausea. She must escape from these beasts. She will definitely live a good life. Together with Xiaohao's life, she will live her life as a person.

"Be careful, if the wind leaks, the boss won't spare you!"

The scolding sounded, and one of the subordinates bent over to pick up the photo that had fallen on the ground, and the trainer was the other subordinate. Duan Qiqi had good eyes and saw the person in the photo. It was a fat young boy with a big smile. Look. He is very kind and gentle, and he should be a scholar. How could these robbers have a photo of this boy?

The two subordinates walked away, and Duan Qiqi frowned. She had a gut feeling that these people were going to do evil things to this fat boy. It was very likely that this boy was Brother Cai's target this time.

Duan Qiqi inquired about the identity of the fat boy, she wanted to inform him, but after all, she was just a black household living in a slum, and she knew only a limited number of people, and the fat boy had never appeared in public, no one knew him identity of.

Until one day, the major newspapers in Hong Kong City were reporting a sad news that the only son of the richest man in Hong Kong City was kidnapped and had his tickets torn apart, and his death was extremely tragic.

Because of his frail body, the richest man was very secretly protected by the richest man. He had never appeared in public before, and he didn't know why he was so unlucky to be targeted by robbers like Brother Cai.

Duan Qiqi looked at the black and white photo in the newspaper and bit her lip. This unfortunate richest man was the fat boy in the photo that day. No wonder she couldn't find out. There were not many people in Hong Kong who knew the identity of the richest man. indivual.

"You are also a miserable person!"

Duan Qiqi sighed, and the hostility in her heart dissipated a little. For the past sixteen years, she has hated this world and everyone in this world. Why did she torture her and her brother so much?

Why did she and her brother suffer so much misfortune?

God is so unjust, Duan Qiqi even wants to destroy the world, destroy all the people in this world, why can those people be so happy, why should she and her brother have to live so miserably, since she and her brother have If not, then destroy it!

Seeing Wu Bing who was smiling happily in the photo, Duan Qiqi was relieved a lot. As the richest man, he could not escape the misfortune of tragic death. He was tortured by illness since childhood. This Wu Bing was not happier than her and her younger brother. How much, at least she is still alive now, Wu Bing has already died, and she died so miserably.

Duan Qiqi cut out the photo of Wu Bing, put it in a plastic bag, and put it together with her brother's suicide note. When she is discouraged, she will take it out and take a look. It will definitely bring her good luck.

She felt that Wu Bing was her lucky star.

Because she thought of a way to deal with Brother Cai.

Duan Qiqi calculated the time. There was still half a month before her brother's Qiqi ended, which was enough for her to plan.

She inquired about the residence of Mrs. Wu, who lived in low-key seclusion. She did not plan to find the richest man, Wu De. The pain of losing her child was the most painful, and she must also want revenge the most. Wu De also has several illegitimate daughters. The pain isn't that deep.


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