Chapter 946:80s: Daughter-in-law Is Sweet and Sassy (My 80's Wife Is Sweet And Cool)

Working with Mrs. Wu

Another reason for not looking for Wu De is that Duan Qiqi felt that Wu Bing's death was not that simple. His identity was so secretive in Hong Kong City that even those in the wealthy circle did not know it. How did Cai Ge, an outsider, know about it?

It must have been revealed by the Wu family themselves. Maybe Wu's death was also a conspiracy of the Wu family. With so much wealth of Wu De, how could her illegitimate daughters not be jealous?

Maybe this kidnapping was done by Wu De's illegitimate daughter and brother Cai. Although I'm not sure if it's true or not, for the sake of safety, Duan Qiqi thinks it's more reliable to cooperate with Mrs. Wu.

Mrs. Wu can only have one son. She still has money and connections, and has enough strength to deal with Brother Cai.

Brother Cai is not in Gangcheng these days. As usual, after making a sale, he will take his brothers back to their hometown to hide for a few days. After the weather calms down, he will bring the brothers back to Gangcheng for leisure. The police can't do anything about them.

However, before leaving, Brother Cai took care of Sun Yinxiu by the way. People go missing every day in Gangcheng. The police station has piles of unsolved cases like a mountain.

Duan Qiqi breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the announcement of the claim of an unnamed female corpse in the newspaper. The female corpse was washed up on the beach by the waves, swollen by the blisters, and was beyond recognition, but Duan Qiqi still recognized it at a glance. It was Sun Yinxiu.

Finally dead!

very good!

Duan Qiqi was even a little grateful to Brother Cai for avenging her and her brother, but she still had to deal with Brother Cai and put him to death.

Mrs. Wu was lying on the bed, her eyes were blurry, and she was about to cry blindly. Her son died. She died so tragically. She was too useless to protect her son. She must avenge her son, otherwise she would die.

"Madam, drink some ginseng soup, you have to cheer up, the young master will worry about you."

The servant who has served by Mrs. Wu's side for decades, her eyes are also red and swollen, and her expression is sad. The young master is gone, she is as uncomfortable as the wife, but the wife must not have an accident, otherwise the foxes outside will get their wish.

"I won't die if I don't avenge the cat boy!"

Mrs. Wu drank the ginseng soup in one breath, her bloodshot eyes glowed fiercely, in stark contrast to her kind-hearted face.

"Ma'am, a young girl came to you, and she said it was related to the young master's death." Another servant came in to report.

Mrs. Wu's thin body shook, and she said sharply, "Let her in!"

Duan Qiqi was invited into the bedroom. Mrs. Wu was too weak to get out of bed. She looked at Duan Qiqi. The clothes were cheap and the texture was not much stronger than that of a plastic bag, but the girl had a good color, even if it was covered with plastic. The bag is also very beautiful, and the clothes of the stalls are all upscale.

"Mrs. Wu, my name is Duan Qiqi. I'm a smuggler. I read the news of your son's accident in the newspaper. I don't want to say anything about my condolences. I know you definitely want to avenge your son. I can help you."

Duan Qiqi directly stated her intentions, Mrs. Wu's current physical condition, exhausted and dying at any time, her eyes are extremely bright, and her spirit is also very excited.

Apart from avenging his son, Duan Qiqi couldn't think of any other reason.

"You and I have never known each other, why do you want to help me? And why should I trust you?" Mrs. Wu asked calmly.

Duan Qiqi didn't hide it, "Because your enemy is the same as mine, helping you is helping me."

She added: "Actually, I saw your son's photo before his accident, and I also inquired about your son's identity, and wanted to warn him in advance, but my ability was limited and I couldn't find out until the newspaper published you When my son's accident happened, I only knew his identity."

Mrs. Wu closed her eyes in pain. What the girl said didn't seem like a lie. Her son had a chance to escape, but he missed it.

She regretted protecting her son too well. If her son, like other wealthy sons, often appeared in public, this young girl should be able to find out, and her son would not die.

Mrs. Wu, who had been dormant for more than ten years, has reappeared in the arena. From the Hong Kong city to the wealthy circles, down to the common people, everyone is talking about this matter, but no one can understand Mrs. Wu's mind, not even Wu De.

Although Mrs. Wu is reclusive, she is not a weak housewife. When Wu De conquered the country, she also made great contributions. She has the ability, the means, and the courage. It was only because of her poor health that she quit the Wu Group.

In the past few days, Mrs. Wu attended several receptions non-stop, sending a signal to the whole Hong Kong city that although her son is dead, she is still alive, and those fox spirits outside don't even want to enter Wu's house.

Mrs. Wu's purpose has indeed been achieved. Several of Wu De's confidantes are honest. She thought that Wu died of illness, and this sick old woman will soon go down to accompany her son. I didn't expect her life to be so hard. Live well.

Duan Qiqi took Mrs. Wu's instructions and took the initiative to go to Brother Cai's side. She had never valued chastity, didn't she just sleep with a man, she didn't care, she just thought she was bitten by a dog.

Mrs. Wu promised her that as long as Brother Cai is removed, she will send her to study abroad. Duan Qiqi is willing to pay. She has no capital, and her body is her biggest capital.

Duan Qiqi, who was beside Cai Ge, was very attentive and coaxed Cai Ge into a daze, and regarded her as a top of his heart. He told her a lot of things. In this way, Duan Qiqi heard about Cai Ge and Miss Wu Jiasan. After the transaction, I also got the evidence, and secretly informed Mrs. Wu. UU reading www.

Mrs. Wu kept her head down. She knew Wu De very well. Among the three illegitimate daughters, Miss San was the one who hurt the most. Now that her son is gone, Wu De will definitely value this ** even more and not be cruel.

Less than half a year after Wu's illness, there was another bad news from the Wu family. Miss Wu's family of three had a car accident, and the car crashed and killed everyone. No one was spared.

Everyone is speculating on whether the Wu family is wrong in feng shui, otherwise, why would there be accidents one after another? Originally, the Wu family was not prosperous, the only heir was gone, the most important daughter was gone, and the Wu family's huge wealth had no successor. .

The people are worried for the Wu family that the wealth will not be inherited. Not long after, the Wu family has another big news. Wu De issued a statement that he donated all his wealth after his death, and it was donated to the mainland, which the whole city could not understand. Wu De's operation.

At this time, Wu De was in his old age, and he lost his richness. Mrs. Wu came to the door and showed him the evidence that the third lady of the Wu family had murdered her younger brother, and she also admitted that she was the one who did this woman.

"She killed my son, I will let her family of three pay for their lives, Wu De, if you want to blame it, you give this ** a reason to breed ambition, a lowly illegitimate daughter, but you let her be the same as my son. Identity, it's you who killed the cat, it's your fault!"

Mrs. Wu's words were like a knife, and Wu De was in pain. He regretted it very much, but he couldn't bring his son back to life no matter how much he regretted it.

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