Chapter 947:80s: Daughter-in-law Is Sweet and Sassy (My 80's Wife Is Sweet And Cool)

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Duan Qiqi stayed with Brother Cai for half a year, and followed him to his hometown, a remote and backward mountain village. Brother Cai was the hero of this mountain village. Every time he returned home, he was warmly welcomed by the villagers. Like welcoming a big boss who has returned home.

The vicious brother Cai in Gangcheng was very amiable to the villagers. Since entering the village, he has always had a kind smile on his face. He even picked up a little boy to tease him, and asked his subordinates to take out candy and distribute it to the children in the village.

"A Cai is back, come to my house for dinner tonight!"

"Go to my house. I went to your house last time. This time I must go to my house to eat. I made bacon for all the pigs I killed during the Chinese New Year. I can't bear to eat it.

A short, thin man said eagerly, and went to pull Brother Cai's hand, very enthusiastic. Duan Qiqi noticed that this thin man was disabled and walked with a limp.

Brother Cai narrowed his eyes with a smile. He was still holding the little boy in one hand. He didn't know whose child he was. He wasn't afraid of life.

"Okay, I'm going to the seventh brother's house for dinner today. It's been a long time since I ate the dishes made by the seventh sister-in-law."

As soon as Brother Cai finished speaking, the lame man was very happy, and ran home happily to prepare meals. The other villagers were gossiping sourly, thinking that Brother Cai favored one over the other, and if he didn't go to their house for dinner, he looked down on them.

"One by one, this time I'm going to stay home for a while, and sometimes I have time to eat." Brother Cai is very talkative, and he especially enjoys the feeling of being surrounded by the stars and the moon from the villagers.

With that said, the villagers were satisfied and said that their bacon is the most fragrant, and the bacon ribs were specially reserved for Brother Cai. In such a poor mountain village, bacon is the most decent dish, and the villagers are reluctant to bear it. Eat, but leave it to Brother Cai. Obviously, they regard Brother Cai as the most respected person.

Some people noticed Duan Qiqi, who was silent. Following Brother Cai these days, Duan Qiqi looked better, grew taller, and became more beautiful than before. The villagers were envious. The women are different, but one thing is the same. The women are all beautiful, and they are fairies that they dare not even dream of, but Brother Cai changes several times a year.

"A Cai, this time the daughter-in-law is the prettiest." A male villager whispered and winked. He was about the same age as Brother Cai, he was young, and he had a very close relationship.

Brother Cai glanced at Duan Qiqi with a smug look on his face. Now he wants money and money, women and women, and he is more comfortable than the ancient emperors. Even if he is caught and killed by the police tomorrow, his life will be worth half.

But Duan Qiqi wasn't tired of him. This woman was not only beautiful, but also charming. He couldn't bear it. The brothers under his command were very greedy, but Brother Cai didn't let go. He wasn't enjoying himself.

Duan Qiqi stayed with Brother Cai in this mountain village. She was very disciplined, never visited other people's houses, never chatted with people, and served Brother Cai wholeheartedly, which made Brother Cai very satisfied. Women are not as pretty as Duan Qiqi, nor are Duan Qiqi abiding by the rules, so he quickly gets tired of it.

Living in a mountain village for a month, Brother Cai has never eaten at home. There is only one old lady in his family, so he can't control him, but Brother Cai is still filial. This murderous bandit is a very contradictory individual, cruel and ruthless to the outside world. , Murder like hemp, but in his hometown he is kind and amiable, enthusiastic and righteous, and anyone who is in trouble will help.

Just like the lame seventh brother, because of his physical disability, he can’t do heavy work, and his family is very difficult. Cai brother built a new house for him. There are many things like this. Almost every villager has received the favor of Cai brother, so he He has a high prestige in the village, and the villagers take him as their honor.

The villagers don’t know much about Brother Cai’s business outside, but some of them know. After all, Brother Cai’s subordinates are all from the same village, and the fire can’t be covered by paper, so some people will tell some rumors, but the villagers don’t care, they even think that if they have money There are so many people's banknotes, and the points are distributed to the poor. Is it possible that so many banknotes are still brought into the coffin?

After staying in his hometown for a month, Brother Cai is also tired of it. He is used to a life of feasting and feasting. It is the limit to stay for a month, but he can't go to Hong Kong City for the time being. for refuge.

The extremely boring brother Cai led his brothers to Yangcheng, where the economy is developed and they can have fun. Naturally, he also brought Duan Qiqi. Brother Cai is very strict with his subordinates, and they are not allowed to cause trouble in the mainland. He dared to provoke the police, but he did not dare to provoke the police in the mainland. He knew this very well.

But Brother Cai didn't know that these days, Duan Qiqi and his subordinates are in a close relationship, and the relationship is far closer than he thought. These subordinates are used to doing things in Hong Kong City. , I was thinking of going to Yangcheng to vent the fire, but the boss was not sure, so a few of his subordinates were particularly angry, but they dared not speak out.

Duan Qiqi blew some wind in their ears. These subordinates were originally simple-minded. If they were encouraged, they couldn't hold back immediately. They committed two cases in a row, and the victims were all women.

When Brother Cai found out, he was so angry that he took his subordinates to the nest for a few days, thinking that he was all right before he came out, but as soon as he came out, he was arrested by the Yangcheng police, robbery, annihilated and mutilated people, and he was punished for several crimes. All were sentenced to death and executed immediately.

Brother Cai also hired a lawyer from Hong Kong City and wanted to transfer the case to Hong Kong City for trial, but the Yangcheng Public Security did not give him a chance. All this group of gangsters were shot, and none were left. This group of people is notorious in Hong Kong City. , the news of their deaths was reported back to Hong Kong City, and everyone applauded and praised the police in the Mainland for being a detective in eliminating violence and peace.

Mrs. Wu, who was on the sickbed, saw the report of the execution of Brother Cai and his group, and smiled with relief. She brought the newspaper and the side dishes that her son loved to eat before he died, and forced her to go to the cemetery on her sick leave. are dead.

"Catboy, mother will come to accompany you soon, don't be afraid down there, I killed all those who harmed you. It's because of mother's fault that I didn't protect you well..."

While Mrs. Wu was burning paper money, she talked as if Wu Bing was still alive. The servants next to her were crying. They were old servants who had been with Mrs. Wu for decades. They also raised Wu Bing. The wife is also going, so what should I do if I leave them behind!

Half a month later, Mrs. Wu died, and the old servants were with her. There was also Duan Qiqi. Mrs. Wu set up the Hong Kong City status for her and contacted foreign schools. From then on, Duan Qiqi would be able to Say goodbye to the past and welcome a new life.

"Madam, go in peace. I will visit you and the young master often and burn more money for you." Duan Qiqi was not sad, Mrs. Wu was reunited with her son right away, and there was nothing to be sad about.

She is very grateful to Mrs. Wu, gave her a new identity and said goodbye to the dirty past. In order to repay Mrs. Wu, she burns money for Mrs. Wu and her son every year. UU Reading will not let them be short of money. flower.

After Mrs. Wu's first seven days, Duan Qiqi embarked on a flight to a foreign country and began to study. Mrs. Wu gave her a sum of money, which was enough for her to live well abroad.

Fifteen years later, Duan Qiqi returned to Hong Kong City. She has already obtained a doctor of medicine degree and has worked in top private hospitals abroad for a few years. Specially hired back to work.

Duan Qiqi is very popular in the hospital, because she is beautiful and excellent, which fascinates the male doctors in the hospital, and is also pursued by other outstanding young men, but Duan Qiqi makes it clear that she is not married and will not fall in love, she has already I won't love anyone anymore, and I don't need the love of others. It's good to be alone.

Duan Qiqi, who refused people thousands of miles away, made the suitors very sad. After a long time, everyone was discouraged, and Duan Qiqi was nicknamed "Bingshan Beauty", but they found that every Qingming Festival, Duan Qi Qihui asked for leave and disappeared all day, not knowing what she was doing.

Another Qingming year, Duan Qiqi held three bouquets of white carnations and went to his brother Xiaohao's cemetery first, then to Mrs. Wu's mother and son's cemetery. They were buried together, and she would come to worship every year. During the years of studying, she never stopped.

Putting down the flowers, Duan Qiqi bowed three times, looking at Wu Bing's young smiling face on the tombstone, she couldn't help sighing: "You should be reincarnated. I hope you will be healthy and grow old safely in your next life!"


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