Chapter 948:80s: Daughter-in-law Is Sweet and Sassy (My 80's Wife Is Sweet And Cool)

Miss Sheng 7 - Where is the country's broken family?

Sheng Yuhua's state of the past two days is not right. Ever since she woke up with a fever, she has been in such a dazed state. The family is very worried and thought she and her fiance, Chu Kongqing, had quarreled.

"Xiao Qi, did Chu Kongqing bully you?" Sheng Ronghua, the sixth miss of the Sheng family, asked with concern, and even reached out and touched her sister's forehead, only to feel relieved when she saw that the temperature was not high.

Sheng Yuhua blinked, completely awake, and confirmed a fact—

She really came back.

Back before Chu Kongqing died.

Sixth sister is also alive and well, and everything has started all over again.

"No, Kong Qing is fine."

Sheng Yuhua looked at the sixth sister greedily. Now the sixth sister is so fresh and beautiful as a flower, and everything is too late before it becomes a serious illness.

Sheng Ronghua felt uncomfortable by her, so she touched her face, "What's on my face?"

"Yes, she is beautiful and beautiful."

Sheng Yuhua said seriously, which made Sheng Ronghua laugh, pinched her face lightly, and said angrily, "When you're sick, be naughty, hurry up and go on a date with your Chu Kongqing, he has come several times. "

"I'm going to call!"

Sheng Yuhua jumped up and ran downstairs with a gust of wind to make a phone call. She couldn't wait to see Kong Qing.

Miss Six smiled and shook her head. Now this lively little seven is the real little seven. When she is ill, she is dead and lifeless, and her family is a little less alive.

Chu Kongqing received a phone call from her sweetheart. Hearing her lively and sweet voice, her face was full of smiles. The two of them were very eager to meet at a nearby park.

Sheng Yuhua put on the sapphire blue cheongsam, which Chu Kongqing made for her when she received her salary for the first time. She spent a month's salary and it was her favorite cheongsam. She also put on makeup and looked at the young man in the mirror. The beautiful self, Sheng Yuhua smiled and frowned, it is good to be young, and it is better that Kong Qing is still alive.

Everything will change for the better, and she will try her best to change the original dead end.

"Kong Qing, let me take a good look at you!"

Sheng Yuhua greedily caressed her lover's face, so young, so handsome, so high-spirited, her face is hot, her heart is beating, and now Kong Qing is still alive.

"You've only missed me for a few days and you've missed me like that?"

Chu Kongqing laughed a few times, and his heart was so soft that he didn't expect his girlfriend to miss him so much.

"Well, I miss you so much, even in my dreams, it makes my heart hurt!"

Sheng Yuhua murmured, thinking about it for a lifetime.

Chu Kongqing noticed something was wrong with her, and was a little worried, "What's wrong with you? Are you still feeling unwell?"

"It's alright, I just miss you, Kong Qing, let's get married, shall we get married tomorrow? Shall we go to settle abroad?" Sheng Yuhua said eagerly.

She wants to take her lover away from this place of right and wrong. In this life, she wants to be selfish and live only for herself and Kong Qing.

Chu Kongqing frowned. Today's Yuhua is very strange, but he didn't think much about it. He thought it was because he was ill, so he said softly, "Marriage is not a child's play.

"Why not? I don't need guests at the banquet, and I don't need red makeup and empty green. I just want to marry you. Tomorrow we can get a marriage certificate, or go to Father Eugene to witness the marriage."

Father Eugene is their acquaintance. They have a very good relationship and are definitely willing to witness their marriage. Sheng Yuhua just wants to get married now, and there is not much time left. She remembers that in another month, Kong Qing will join the flight team and will never return. .

"Yuhua, what's wrong with you?"

Chu Kongqing looked worried, Yuhua was very wrong now, as if she was afraid of something.

Sheng Yuhua calmed down a bit, she was too eager, she forced a smile, "I'm just a little scared, it's very chaotic outside, life and death happen every day, Kong Qing, I don't want to be separated from you, I want to be with you Husband and wife, I want to give birth to you a child, we live the life of ordinary people, I can wash my hands and make soup, I don’t need a servant’s house, I just want you, Kong Qing!”

In her last life, what she regretted the most was that she was the prefect, and she failed to give birth to a child for Kong Qing. If she and Kong Qing's child were with her, she would not be alone.

Chu Kongqing stretched out her hand and gently wiped the tears of the girl in front of her, her heart turned into water, and she almost wanted to agree.

But he can't.

Where there is a country, there is a home, but where is the country when the country is broken?

Now that the national disaster is at the forefront, as a Chinese, he must not stand by and watch. He loves Yuhua, but he can't watch the motherland of the motherland being ravaged by foreign enemies for his own small family, and watch the compatriots die under the enemy's gunfire. , watching the great rivers and mountains are divided and nibbled up by those jackals.

He can't do it!

"Yuhua, I'm sorry, I can't promise you."

Chu Kongqing said it with difficulty. He has already signed up, and he will be selected into the flight team without incident. He has no plans to come back alive. He may have to live up to his parents and lover.

He is not a good son, nor is he worthy of Yuhua's love, but he still wants to go.

Sheng Yuhua's heart sank to the bottom, and he asked in a voiceless voice, "You signed up, right? You are going to be a pilot, aren't you?"

"How did you know?" Chu Kongqing was surprised, he didn't even say anything about his parents.

Sheng Yuhua lost control of his emotions, crying and begging: "Please don't go, can you be selfish? You have already done your best, can you think for your parents and me? If you are gone, what will we do? live?"

Chu Kongqing was a little confused, when did he ever show his loyalty?

Today's Yuhua is very strange, and what he said does not fit the preamble. Chu Kongqing comforted him for a long time, but he still did not let go. It is not that he does not love Yuhua, but in the face of small love, he protects his family and defends his country. is the most important.

At this meeting, the young couple broke up unhappily. Sheng Yuhua complained that Chu Kongqing was too cruel. She knew that there was a dead end ahead, and she moved forward without turning back, but she was proud of Kongqing. If her man would shrink when the enemy invaded Head turtle, she must despise.

Sheng Yuhua is very tangled in her heart. She loves Chu Kongqing's blood and bravery, but she doesn't want him to sacrifice. What should she do?

After a few nights of insomnia, Sheng Yuhua was visibly haggard, her eyes were blue and black, and her complexion was not very good. The family thought that she was still ill, but Miss Six saw that something was wrong with her sister, so she came to talk to her.

"Sixth sister, Kong Qing is going to join the flight team. He will die. I advise him not to go, but he won't listen. What should I do?" Sheng Yuhua didn't hide it, she and Sixth Sister talked about everything.

Miss Six frowned slightly, with admiration in her eyes, Xiao Qi didn't love the wrong person, Chu Kongqing is a good man!

But she also felt sorry for Xiao Qi. Joining the flight team was doomed to death. The enemy's fighter planes were very advanced, and the domestic fighter planes were eliminated from abroad. It must be tragic to fly such a fighter plane into the sky, and Chu Kongqing would probably never come back.

"Xiao Qi, if I were a man, I would be willing to replace Chu Kongqing." Sixth Miss said solemnly.

She often hates that she is not a man. In this world, it is too inconvenient for a woman to do something. If she were a man, she would definitely go on the battlefield to kill the enemy, even if she died in battle, she would not regret it. UU Reading

Therefore, she admired Chu Kongqing and envied him.

Sheng Yuhua's heart sank, thinking of the death of the sixth sister. At this time, the sixth sister was actually infected with tuberculosis, but the symptoms were not obvious, only a few coughs. The sixth sister didn't take it seriously. Worrying every day, she did not find that the sixth sister was getting weaker and weaker, and she was not sent to the hospital until she became seriously ill.

"Sixth sister, you and Kong Qing are the most important people to me, and neither of you has anything to do." Sheng Yuhua said angrily.

Miss Liu shook her head, "I'm telling the truth, Xiao Qi, I dreamed of going into battle to kill the enemy, hacking the heads of those jackals with my own hands, and avenging the tragic deaths of my compatriots, but unfortunately I'm too weak, and I will drag the soldiers in battle. their hind legs."

Seeing that Sheng Yuhua was in a bad mood, Miss Six persuaded: "Xiao Qi, in today's troubled times, every Chinese citizen has the responsibility to protect their family and the country. Chu Kongqing is a real good man with blood, if he doesn't go to heaven to kill the enemy, What if he lives? If the country perishes, we are slaves to the subjugation of the country, and we will be lower than ants, so what is the point of living?"

Sheng Yuhua's heart froze, his eardrum seemed to be hammering, and his mind suddenly became clear, and he felt a little ashamed.

"Sixth sister, I know what to do."

Sheng Yuhua's eyes were firm and bright, and he clenched his fists.

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