Chapter 10:A Demon’s Path

Magical broom

Ling Xiao wants to seriously study the handle of this broom and see if it is also a magic weapon like the seven-chain chain.

You can knock it here a few times, and there are a few tricks there. I didn’t see any difference in the broom.

Ling Xiao tried to use his mental strength to find out that it was a piece of metal on the outside, and it was still a piece of metal to check it out!

Ling Xiao was not reconciled, but also tossed for a long time, still did not study a reason, but had no choice but to put this handle aside.

"Since there are no other mysteries, the key is to be in the eight small characters. Every day sweeping the floor, sweeping the sky... Is it true that the original owner of the broom wants to get the broom to sweep the floor every day?"

Ling Xiao remembered Li Yuanhuan’s introduction to the owner of the broom. If he thought thoughtfully: "This old man was originally a sweeping man. What can he do without sweeping the sweep? But why not use other brooms to sweep the floor, but use this bulky Metal broom?"

Ling Xiao picked up the broom and placed the wire at the end of the broom on the ground. He tried to sweep a few times. The sweeper saw some problems.

It is not an easy task to use this broom to sweep the floor.

Although the wire at the end of the broom is tough, it is necessary to make great efforts to push the wires to the ground so that the dust can be removed.

Sweeping the floor with such a powerful broom, it is OK to sweep the house, but to sweep the area around the cliff, Ling Xiao asked himself that his current strength is far from enough to support.

"Sweeping every day? Ok, then I will sweep the floor every day!" Ling Xiao laughed twice, and he had plans in his heart.

Early the next morning, many disciples were doing all sorts of sweet dreams, drooling, biting sheets, licking soft pillows, and knocking on the door to wake them up from their dreams: "Open the door and open the door, I Come sweep the floor for everyone!"

Then, everyone opened the door openly, and then they saw the same scene: Ling Xiao dragged a black broom that was not slipping into the autumn, and he couldn't tell the truth and swept the ground. After the sweep, he immediately flashed people, causing the brothers to scream: "Nervous disease!"


Occasionally, Ling Xiao knocked on several female doormen and peeked at the spring. Then he provoked a scream and a skunk: "Death!"


In the early morning of several days, Ling Xiao made everyone sleep well in the morning. All the brothers and sisters went to Cheng Tai’s sue, and Cheng Gan just said with a smile: "This is a good heart for your younger brother, so, from now on, everyone will not close when they sleep at night..."

As soon as he saw more than a dozen female disciples wishing to speak and stop, Cheng Gantai immediately said: "The female disciple can close the door..."

When the female disciples were happy, Cheng Gantai added another sentence: "When you get out of bed, let Ling Xiao go in and sweep the floor."

Everyone: "[email protected]#¥%......"

After the crowd left, Cheng Yu said with a sigh of relief: "Hey, are you too fond of him? Although this month he is refining a thousand Akasaka, we can bridge and return to the road, you can't Let him be so foolish!"

Cheng Gantai saw the words on the handle of Ling Xiao, and thought that he had not found this mystery in Beibei for so long. Ling Xiao discovered it, indicating that Ling Xiao is a good person.

In this case, Cheng Gantai became a full-fledged, let him go to sweep the floor every morning.

However, if you go to other places, the other same door will definitely say that the right and wrong of Ling Xiao, and it is easy to cause suspicion, so Cheng Gantai will default to Ling Xiao’s practice.

In the words of Ling Xiao, sweeping the ground will go to different places to sweep the feeling. If you scan a medicinal library all day, it is not interesting.

Moreover, it is also appropriate to help each other between the same door.

It was like the last time, I helped a sister to sweep out a very ** black trousers from under the bed.

In a twinkling of an eye, Ling Xiao stayed in Beibei for three months.

The magic power in the seven-ring magic chain he secretly cultivated almost, and he basically did not use how to practice.

In ordinary times, in addition to sweeping the ground is the refining of medicine, the physical strength and mental strength of the body have been greatly exercised unconsciously.

With the increase of raw materials, there are more and more varieties of medicinal herbs refined by Lingxiao.

Although they sell all the medicines of the red level, but the quality is high and the prices are fair, Beibei faction has earned a lot of spar.

The spar is money for the laity, and for the chain soul teacher, the spar is needed for cultivation, array, refining and refining.

It can be said that the development of a martial art, without spar is also difficult to move.

There was no impenetrable wall in the world, and Beibei’s sale of medicinal herbs quickly spread to other sects.

On this day, Ling Xiao was sorting out the medicinal materials. Li Yuanhuan suddenly ran over and said with a dignified look: "Ling Shidi, Master told you to go to the hall."

Ling Xiao knows that if it is not something important, Cheng Gan will not find himself at this time.

"Let's go." Ling Xiao immediately stopped his work and followed Li Yuanhuan to the hall.

Above the hall, in addition to Cheng Gantai, there are three people sitting on the chair where the guest is sitting.

The three men are full of anger, and the temperament is similar to that of Gantai, but the majesty and momentum are much more abundant than Chenggan.

However, Ling Xiao has seen the top peaks of the seven great holy places, and will care about these three guys?

Moreover, the most annoying thing about Ling Xiao is that the three of them are full of anger.

Cheng Gantai introduced to Ling Xiao: "Hey, these three are the heads of the Changyuan, Yangquan and Qiusha factions. Don't you hurry to meet?"

"Hey?" Among the apprentices, Cheng Gantai only called Li Yuanhuan so much. He usually called himself Ling Xiaoling, how did he change his name today?

"It is estimated that these three guys are related." Ling Xiao will look at people's faces. Although he is not very suitable for the "nickname" of Gan Tai, he will immediately return to the three heads to salute: "See the three heads."

A head that looks like the age and is almost the same as Gantai laughed and said: "Nothing, no problem, no more gifts, Ling Xiaoshi is polite."

Ling Xiao naturally did not like these three guys, and stood up straight and asked Xiang Chengtai: "Master, what is the reason for calling the children?"

Ling Xiao’s self-proclaimed even he’s heard the goosebumps, but Cheng Gan’s eyebrows smiled: “Hey, these three heads heard that you can make alchemy and would like to invite you to switch to them. The sect, are you willing?"

You don't have to be a cadre to say anything else, Ling Xiao knows that these three guys have an attempt at themselves.

He turned around and said very seriously: "Three seniors, I am very well received by Master, and how can I turn to other sects? Thanks to the three elders, I missed it."

Ling Xiao’s words are extremely sensible. What is it like a small gangster?

Even Ling Xiao didn’t know what it was, and where the words of his own words were coming.

If it’s not for Gan’s face that is serious and sometimes laughs, he must think that he has mistaken the wrong person: “But it’s gone, this kid is a little weird, it’s good for me, and there are some things, Still don't want to ask the bottom."

The smiles on the faces of the three heads were somewhat stiff. The head that made Ling Xiao didn’t need to be more gifted still held hope: "You don’t listen to Ling Xiaoshi, you are willing to pay for it? As long as you are willing to switch Any one of our three sects, we are willing to produce 100,000 orange spar!"

The price of the spar is the same as that of the chain soul teacher. It is divided into orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The contrast between the upper and lower levels is one to one hundred.

If you change it before, Ling Xiao heard that he was worth ten in the layer of orange spar, and immediately sold himself.

But what is the wealth of Ling Xiao’s current, which is what these guys can compare?

Ling Xiao made a shock and then restored calm: "Master's kindness can't be measured by spar."

The other two heads immediately put their faces on the floor, and they said with extreme arrogance: "I don't know what to lift! Cheng Gantai, since he doesn't want to, we are no longer reluctant. However, we have a good discussion of the three martial arts. If he is not willing to switch to our door, it will be fine. After that, we will provide raw materials for medicinal materials. You Beibei is responsible for refining medicine. If you have money, it is natural for everyone to earn together. We are the same martial art."

Ling Xiao secretly sneered: these guys are simply shameless to the extreme, obviously want to share a piece of cake, but also said so grandiose.

The so-called spiritual sorcerer who protects the world is such a virtue, and it is sad.

Although the seven devils are sinister, they can trade with themselves but they are clearly priced. Compared to these hypocrites, the Seven Devils do not know how noble they are.

Cheng Gantai did not dare to offend the heads of the three sects and hesitated: "This...can be, but how is the profit divided?"

The head of the group is arrogant: "We are out of raw materials, and we are also responsible for sales. As long as we are able to contribute, we will not lose money. We will naturally lose you. What about Jiuyi?"

Cheng Gantai gas has to tremble: only one percent, this is not the use of Ling Xiao as an alchemy machine? However, he became a daring daring and daring to speak, to bully this kind of thing, not just in the world of children.

Cheng Gantai is thinking about how to say, Ling Xiao has already said: "You are 80%, we are 20%. One less spar, free to talk."

The three looked at each other and exchanged their eyes and nodded: "The deal."

Ling Xiao immediately said with a smile: "If this is the case, then please ask the three heads to send the medicines, and start refining medicine tomorrow. I am not used to going to other places, please ask the three seniors for forgiveness."

When the trio heard that Ling Xiao was so active, the original anger went with the wind, and his face smiled and said: "Well, let's go back and prepare materials."

After the three people left, Cheng Gantai looked at Ling Xiao with some worries: "Hey, you can't eat it."

Ling Xiao wiped his nose with his index finger and smiled at his face: "Master, rest assured. Even if it is 20%, we are still the biggest profiteering."

Cheng Gantai's heart is cold: this kid's smile can actually make you feel like a hairy hair!

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