Chapter 18:A Demon’s Path

Auction banshee

Ling Xiao used to be a little girl who likes to join in the fun, but nowadays there is a lot of knowledge, and the feeling of like to join in the fun is much lighter.

In the subconscious, he has classified these people as ordinary people.

And myself, not the same as them.

He deliberately forgot that he is now doing something that an ordinary man is doing, and it is not much different from the men who yell at outside.

"Everyone is quiet..." The hall, which was so noisy, suddenly calmed down and was so quiet that he could hear the heavy gasps of the men.

Ling Xiao knows that it is not the result of the screaming of the scorpion and the duck. The only thing that is possible is that there are some very attractive things that make these men who have not faded.

Ling Xiao walked to the window and looked out. The eyes could not help but be attracted by a large cage in the hall.

The cage was entwined with gold wire, which looked like a jewel, and it was dazzling.

But the eyes that attracted the men were not the gorgeousness of the cage, but the cage, a woman, and a woman.

To be precise, it is a girl.

The girl looks like she is twelve or three years old, but she has a beauty that makes all men crazy.

She was only wearing a long, thin, translucent gauze, presenting her developing body in front of everyone.

All men looked at the girl's face and body, only Ling Xiao noticed, the girl's face full of horror and distressed desperate look.

She was terrified to avoid the sinister eyes cast around, but she sadly found that all this was in vain.

For a moment, the girl and Ling Xiao looked at each other.

What kind of look is that? Clear, bright, and pitiful.

Ling Xiao never thought about it. At this moment, there would be a thought of wanting to protect this girl: "She is mine, no one wants to take her away!"

Ling Xiao subconsciously picked up the jug and slammed it, only to find that the jug had no alcohol.

"This is not a young child, it is a beautiful look." A man who estimates that he can't afford the price is a sour grape.

In the brothel, it is not uncommon to see the youngest seven or eight years old and twelve or three years old.

The 30-year-old Turtle Gong smiled and said his ugly broken child: "The precious place of this little girl is not that she is an uncultivated child, but that she is different from us. ""

The man with the sharp-nosed monkey shouted and shouted: "What's different, isn't it personal?"

Guigong mysteriously smiled: "This guest, you are right. She is not a human being, but a demon who has just become an adult."

"What? It turned out to be a demon?" All the men's eyes immediately burst into the blazing light: even if they were young, they played much, but the banshee, they really did not play. If you can really play the banshee, they will have the capital to brag in the future: I thought that the uncle and the banyan circle crossed the fork...

Looking at the red-naked smoldering eyes of everyone, Gui Gong was very satisfied, and then said: "We bought a big price from a chain soul teacher, the chain soul teacher said, this woman All the ability of the demon to hurt people has been abolished. Now, just like ordinary girls, all the guests do not have to worry that she will hurt people."

The men have long wanted to burn, and where the girl will hurt. A ** shouted: "No more nonsense, how many spars on the first night?"

Gui Gong smiled and said: "Yang Gongzi, this woman only sells at one time, does not make daily pick-ups."

At the same time, everyone faces a difficult face: spend money to play, just buy a banshee home, what if the banshee’s family finds the door?

Probably the floating red yard is also afraid of trouble, so I also want to solve it once.

However, the color is stunned and there is always fear of death. Soon a man shouted: "How many spar, open a price!"

Turtle's face with a charming smile: "It's still a grandson of the grandson. A low-priced one hundred jadeite."

One hundred yellow stone is also 10,000 orange spar, which is nothing for the current Lingxiao, but for ordinary people, it is simply a price.

When the price came out, all the men in the room closed their mouths.

Ling Xiao sneered, it seems that no one will fight this banshee with Ling Xiao.

Looking at the crowd or bowing, or a look of sigh, this cold field makes the tortoise can not help but be anxious, just want to cut prices, only heard a somewhat cold voice from the east side of the third floor: "I bought."

Everyone looked at the sound, and the one who bought the banshee was an old man who was nearly seventy years old. However, everyone did not have a hint of ridicule, but it was a strange look: "Blue Master..."

Ling Xiao knows this old guy. He is the one who buys the most medicine from Lingcheng. Of course, what makes people look strange is that this old thing always kills one or two young prostitutes from time to time, and they all die extremely strangely, like being bitten by any monster.

When I heard this old thing to buy this banshee, everyone had to sigh: "It’s a pity..."

"One hundred and ten yellow jade, I bought it." Just as everyone was very savvy, another voice came from the west side of the third floor. Everyone quickly looked up and the bid was actually a young man.

It’s not a strange thing for a young man. The strange thing is that this person is the drug seller that they all know, Ling Xiao.

Blue Master looked fierce, looked up and saw that it was Ling Xiao, could not help but sneer: "Small things, can you afford this price?"

Ling Xiao took a handful, and 110 pieces of jadeite were accurately thrown into the front of the turtle: "You count."

Gui Gong quickly and carefully counted it again and nodded: "Yes."

Master Blue snorted: "I have two hundred yellow crystal stones."

Ling Xiao smiled slightly: "I have four hundred yellow crystal stones."

Everyone is stunned: The kid who sold the drug disappeared for half a year, where is the money made?

They didn't know that Ling Xiao was taken into the Beibei School. If they knew it, they would definitely be desperate to squeeze into the Beibei School.

The blue master coughed a few times, and a pair of eyes stared at the lingering room of the bread: "Boy, good, very good. Hey!"

Ling Xiao calmly looked back at the blue master, very friendly smile to him.

"Four hundred yellow crystal stones, there is no higher price!?" Gui Gong's voice is a little trembling, he knows that the banshee also spent twenty jadeite bought, twenty times the price to sell, simply Earn over.

Master Lan turned a little sore neck and slowly left the third floor room.

After Ling Xiao delivered the spar, the banshee was immediately sent to his plum blossom pavilion.

Although the mouth said that the banshee will not hurt people, but the people who floated in the red courtyard still tied the hands and feet of the banshee.

The old man’s face was hung with a smile that she thought was very charming and said: “Hey, brother, I have known for a long time that you will be a rich and wealthy person, but I didn’t expect you to make a fortune so early...”

Ling Xiao stuffed an orange spar in the past, pushed the old man out of the room, closed the door, and then carefully watched the banshee who was placed on the bed.

Seeing that only Ling Xiaoyi, the little banshee suddenly changed the face of the pitiful, but looked at Ling Xiao glare: "If you dare to touch me, I will die for you!"

Ling Xiao smiled helplessly: "Well, I don't touch you. However, if I don't touch you, how can I help you untie the rope?"

The little banshee is screaming at the big eyes of the drowning spirit: "You are willing to untie the rope for me? Don't lie to me?"

Ling Xiao asked: "What do you say? You are tied by me, what do I lie to you?"

The little banshee said reluctantly: "Okay, but let me know first, you can't take the opportunity to take advantage of me!"

Ling Xiao is a little crying and laughing: To take advantage of you, I will let you not? Tied to you, I love how to touch it.

Of course, Ling Xiao still very carefully untied the ropes on the little female demon's hands and feet, trying not to take advantage of the little guy's cheap. However, his hand still inadvertently touched the little girl's smooth and white hands, and her heart could not help but produce a strange feeling.

The little banshee who had been untied stretched her hands and feet and jumped out of bed. She looked pitifully and tearfully and bowed to Ling Xiao: "Thank you, brother, beg you to be good, let me go. Let's go."

Ling Xiao was immediately guilty: I just thought about buying this banshee, but I didn't think about how to deal with it.

If she is released now, maybe she will be taken away in a blink of an eye.

If you bring back to the Beibei School, others will not see anything. If you are seen by Master, you will be in trouble.

Although the Soulmaster and the Demon Soul are enemies, they are still people after all.

However, the Yaozu is the enemy of human beings. Whether it is the Soulmaster and the Demon Soul, when you see the Yaozu, you will always kill it directly.

"Ling Wei, Ling Xiao, you are never a good person, it is rare to be a time, isn't it asking for trouble for yourself?"

Ling Xiao is now big, but he has not given up the idea of ​​protecting the little banshee.

Ling Xiao did not know why he was so stubborn, perhaps because the beauty of the little banshee attracted him, perhaps because the little banshee's pitiful and touching him.

More likely, it is because the banshee's clear and innocent eyes, like a clear spring, into the turbid soul of Ling Xiao.

After thinking about it, Ling Xiao made a bold decision: Bring the banshee back to Beibei School and hide it in the refining warehouse!

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