Chapter 19:A Demon’s Path

War mouse demon!

Ling Xiao said to the little banshee: "I am leaving you now, are you not afraid of being caught again?"

The little banshee is full of tears and tears, I see pity: "I... I don't know..."

Ling Xiao is like a strange uncle who is abducted with a teenage girl. She seduce and said: "Let's go home with my brother, and send your brother back when your brother is free, okay?"

The little banshee's clear eyes stared at Ling Xiao for a long time, and then nodded: "Okay, but my brother must remember to send me home early, otherwise my mother will worry."

Ling Xiaokou promised it: "That is natural. There are bad people everywhere, we will leave here right away. Right, my name is Ling Xiao, what is your name?"

"Tang Yingying."

Ling Xiao is now quietly leaving, and people in the floating red courtyard cannot discover it at all. When he jumped from the window to the ground with Tang Yingying, he had already thrown the red card purple rhyme of the floating red courtyard in the clouds.

With a shadow of Tang Yingying, Ling Xiao can only walk in the streets of Beibei City at the speed of ordinary people.

Anyway, Master hurts himself. If the Master says this, he will generally not come back to "check the house". Some time is to bring Tang Yingying back to Beibei.

The key is not to be discovered when you go back.

The two walked one after the other, Tang Yingying looked at the black lacquer outside Beibei City, and could not help but be afraid, and subconsciously took Ling Xiao’s hand.

Ling Xiao unceremoniously held the soft boneless hand in the palm of his hand, thinking, this is cheaper for you, no wonder me.

It didn't take long before Ling Xiao suddenly felt alert and stopped, and stopped.

Tang Yingying asked a little shiveringly: "Hey brother, why not go?"

Ling Xiao did not answer Tang Yingying, but said slowly toward the darkness not far away: "Come out, the ghost-breaking wall can't trap me."

"Oh..." A gloomy laugh came from the darkness, and then came out with a smirked old man: "Ling Xiao children, I can't think of it for half a year, grow up. Even the ghost I was able to recognize the wall at first glance. I wanted to use this method to trap you, and then slowly kill you, hehe."

Seeing the people through the faint starlight, Tang Yingying exclaimed: "It's you! You are also a demon!"

Ling Xiao cold and cold road: "Blue Master, I don't have much money for me. I really didn't think that there would be a monster like you in Beibei City."

The blue lord’s eyes were red and sparkling. He said: “I was recognized by your little demon. I wanted to play enough to kill you again, but now the master has changed his mind! Let’s die.”

After all, the body of the old man, the old man, suddenly became very fierce, and his open jaws rushed toward Lingxiao at the speed of thunder: "Dead!"

Ling Xiao quickly took Tang Yingying to the side and tried to use it just right. It just happened to let Tang Yingying fly to the open space more than ten meters away, not to fall.

With this effort, Blue Master’s two claws have already rushed to the front of Ling Xiao, and they may open the squat at any time!

In this sinister situation, Ling Xiao did not retreat, but chose to go with the other party. The power of the seven-ring magic chain \- crazy magic boxing!

call! Ling Xiao’s fists arrived first and rushed to the heart of Blue Master at the fastest and most direct speed.

In the face of this weird blow, the blue master who cherished his life screamed "mad" and quickly flashed. His dodge is already doomed to his tragic end.

The blue master just flashed off, and Ling’s fist was already overwhelming. Every punch was going toward the heart, throat, and spirit of the blue master. At the time of the punch, Ling Xiao is like a madman who is enchanted. He only wants to attack and does not defend.

When the blue master reacted, he had only the power of parry and defense, and he did not have the power to fight back.

The practice of Beibei School is based on the physical body. In addition, Ling Xiao’s metamorphosis is a metamorphosis. His physical quality is far stronger than that of the blue master, which is not a strong demon.

Was crushed by Ling Xiao’s madness, and the blue master only insisted on his “brutal” “iron fist” for more than a minute. After that, he was flying a few tens of meters away.

Ling Xiao is very confident. He is the heart of the blue master. He is definitely not a problem.

"Let's go." Ling Xiao clap his hands, open the dust, and stretched out one hand toward Tang Yingying.

Tang Yingying said with a look of horror and stuttered: "Hey...hey...big brother..."

Ling Xiao thought that Tang Yingying was scared by the fight between himself and the blue master. He quickly smiled: "It's okay, it's okay..."

"You...behind..." When Ling Xiao heard Tang Yingying say these three words, he immediately understood it and said: "Scratch!"

Although Ling Xiao ran away where he stood at the fastest speed, it was still a little late.

A huge whip fell heavily on Ling Xiao and flew him out for dozens of meters.

"Oh..." Ling Xiao only felt the burning pain behind him, and the strength of his body was smashing in the body, so he couldn't help but vomit a big blood.

A mouse two or three times bigger than the average person stood in the place where Ling Xiao was standing. A long, thick tail slammed the ground, and Ling Xiao was just given this tail. I took the flight.

"Bad boy, not revealing the real body is really not your opponent!" The big mouse said sullenly, a pair of eyes glowing red.

This is the real body of Master Blue, a big blue-skinned mouse.

"I wanted to * the yin of this little banshee, so that I can quickly recover to the enchanting power of the yellow level, I did not expect to be broken by your kid!" The big mouse said fiercely, while slowly The ground is heading for Ling Xiao: "However, it is also a good choice to * the power of your little boy."

"Hey..." Ling Xiao laughed twice, and the lungs were a violent pain. He couldn’t help but vomit a blood: "I can guarantee that you will go up three steps and will explode immediately." And die, believe it or not?"

The big mouse licked the red eyes: "You yell at me?"

Ling Xiao looked smirk: "If you don't believe it, you will go ahead."

"Hey! I believe you are strange!" The Rat continued to move forward two steps. Although he said no to his mouth, his footsteps were still much slower than before.

After seeing two steps, the body still has no abnormalities, and the big mouse can't help but be angry: "You kid fool me!"

Ling Xiao haha ​​laughed: "Yeah, who made you this mouse stupid!"

"Go to death! Hey!" The big mouse screamed and stepped forward to the third step.

As soon as the third step fell, Ling Xiao suddenly spit out a "three" character, and the big mouse stopped at the same place.

Tang Yingying was surprised to see the big mouse that was not moving like a statue. He couldn’t speak for a while: "This... what is this?"

The filthy blood slowly flows out of the mouth of the big mouse, and it smells like: "You it..."

Ling Xiao cold: "My thumb and nails are highly toxic. While punching you, I use my nails to cross your broken skin. I thought you would die. I can't think of your real body. Let the poison under me delay the attack time."

Poison, the seven chains of the magic chain are more.

Blood corpse poisoning also has a method of refining, but it is only refining the current strength of Ling Xiao, so the last time Ling Xiao used the ready- made.

"" The big mouse, called "Blue Master", just finished, and the body slammed into a smudged blood.

Ling Xiaoqiang endured the injury and quickly sprinkled some powder on the ** water to cover up the smell. This led to the hand of Tang Yingying who had been scared to be stupid: "Go."

As soon as Ling Xiao’s forefoot left, Li Yuanhuan rushed to the scene.

Looking at the mess of the land, Li Yuanhuan frowned: "It seems like there is a wave of enchanting power, how can it be lost?"

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