Chapter 24:A Demon’s Path

Magic door ambush

Ling Xiao looked at the team of the Changyuan School and succumbed to them from the Beibei School. They secretly succumbed to the disaster: "You are so stupid*, so eager to die, wait until you are in a hurry to ask you to help you!"

Cheng Yu knows that Ling Yu’s ten ** is true. Seeing that Qian Hai did not believe it, he also took the lead and slammed forward. He was afraid that the speed was too slow and he was robbed of the baby. He could not help but urgency: Qian Gongzi, dangerous in front..."

Qian Hai said with a smile: "Don't say there is no magic person in front, even if there is a demon person in front, what fears are there? Do you want to do the things that our gods should do?"

Being said by Qian Hai, Cheng Yu seems to think that it should be like this. He couldn’t help but look at Ling Xiao’s eyes: “The coward.”

Ling Xiao shrugged his shoulders and looked indifferent: "Recklessly go to death, let your doorman be in danger. Is this a hero? People can only do the corresponding things when they have enough power. Speaking big, the end will be very bad."

Cheng Gantai took a deep look at Ling Xiao’s remarks and couldn’t help but look at himself. Ling Xiao’s knowledge, courage and wit are all the dragons in the crowd. Although Li Yuanhuan is very strong, he can be far less in the other respects than Ling Xiao. It seems that the future of my own martial art depends on him.

As for Li Yuanhuan... There is always a knot in the heart of Cheng Gantai. Before opening the knot, he would not entrust Beibei to Li Yuanhuan.

It didn't take long for the Changyuan faction to break into the circular valley under the leadership of their father and son. The mouth said that he did not believe it. When the face blew a strange wind, Qian Hai still trembled.

Unexpectedly, the Changyuan faction team was quickly out of the other side of the valley, and there was still no magic person mentioned in Ling Xiaokou.

Qian Hai turned the horse's head and ran to the mouth of the valley. He laughed at the Beibei and said: "You guys who are timid, have lost the face of the soul!"

The confidence of Cheng Gantai at this moment seems to have been somewhat shaken. He is trying to move forward. Ling Xiao has persuaded Cheng Gantai: "Master, let me come."

Cheng Yu’s white eyes turned straight: How did this kid turn? Is the courage bigger? impossible!

I saw Ling Xiao riding a horse, and came to Qianhai in front of Qianhai without hesitation. He sneaked a few words to the no-man's place: "Hey! Our Master found you, even if we can't hide, we also It won't pass. To kill, you can find someone in the valley."

Everyone has a glimpse: What is it doing? What is it?

When the crowd had not come to react, Ling Xiao immediately turned around and ran. On the occasion of his turn of the horse's head, two hundred soul-souls of orange and yellow konjac appeared in the bottom of the entire circular valley. Among them, there are even two levels of the same level with Qian Gui, Cheng Gantai, the same level of soul teacher!

The two ends of the round valley were really blocked by people!

"Ah!" Qian Hai suddenly looked dumbfounded. He didn't even think that there would be a magical soul master above the yellow level who was mixed into the protection enchantment of the seven holy places and was not found.

And the 30 disciples of the Changyuan School were even scared to face the ground and leaned close to their heads.

A demon soul teacher wearing a blue mask sent a high voice to the people of Beibei: "The Beibei sent a head is really powerful, and we can find out where we are. Today's encirclement plan is half of our seven demon teachings. If you are willing to take your disciples and leave, my seven devils will never be embarrassed."

Ling Xiao said in his heart: "These guys are the seven devils? Mother, if I kill them now, not killing my own followers? But now, don't kill them, it's us who die! Hey, count You are unlucky!"

Cheng Gantai did not know that Ling Xiao was still thinking about these messy things. He was complimented by the guy in the blue mask and had a fever on his face. However, he did not answer the words of Gan Tai, and Qian Gui in the valley over there shouted loudly: "Become a head, don't take these demons! If you don't help us, they will break and kill." After we, we will come to kill you!"

"Fat, this simple reason we don't understand?" Ling Xiao secretly whispered a few words, then shouted: "Are you asking for help? Who said there just now, who is asking for help is the turtle grandson?"

“Noisy!” Cheng Gantai angered Ling Xiao’s sentence: “It’s such a time, what a joke!”

Ling Xiao shrugged helplessly, indicating that he was innocent, and then stopped talking, and all obeyed the arrangement of Master Cheng Gan.

The demon sorcerer wearing a blue mask seems to be the leader of this group of demon souls. He said very gracefully: "For you, we act fiercely, but we value the promise, and this can be assured. Besides, I just don't want to fight with you and lose both sides. You don't want to be killed here. Why don't we have peace of mind, how?"

Cheng Gantai sneered: "Yuan Huan, dealing with the devil, how does Master teach you, usually speak out and listen!"

"Yes, Master!" Li Yuanhuan said loudly with a thick voice: "First, don't deal with evil devils and talk about friendship; second, encounter evil devils, swear, destroy!"

"Okay, it’s so good!" The Green Face Magician sneered: "Since you are going to die with these people in the valley, then I will fulfill you!"

"Devil's head, Hugh is crazy!" Cheng Gantai screamed, and he had a bronzed knife in his hand, and slashed his knife toward the Green Face.

This is the first time Ling Xiao has seen his master's weapon. It seems that Master is really moving.

The Green Face Magician screamed coldly: "Your five elements have killed the people in the valley. This outside guy is dealt with by our power!"

After all, the blue-faced demon soul spirit chain flashed blue, and a pair of gloves were put on both hands to welcome Cheng Gan.

The two big men were so hard to play, and their men were also fighting together, and they were fierce.

The most beautiful thing is Li Yuanhuan. He has a long gun in his hand and dances into a shadow. Where is the gun shadow? In one direction, there is a person screaming, and even the weapon is flying out.

Cheng Yu is also the courage to take the lead, the sword shadow flies, the move is extremely embarrassing, recruiting to the enemy to die. Beibei Tianshen Sword This extremely overbearing sword technique was used under the sword of Cheng Yu, killing several magic soul divisions. The color of the blood and the beautiful face of the girl are against each other, but there is a kind of cruel beauty.

The most depressing thing is Ling Xiao, he let Tang Yingying and Shi Niang hide in the carriage, and they are next to the carriage, I thought it would save some effort. Unexpectedly, the number of demon souls is ten times higher than that of their Beibei school disciples. Even if Cheng Yu and Li Yuanhuan have attracted a large number of firepower, there are still many Beijiao disciples who are besieged by these evil spirits. territory.

"Forget it, my man is born to work." Once you see yourself in the same door, you will be fatally attacked. Ling Xiao is always the first time to thunder out, and the guys who want to kill him are married. Outside the focus is tender. Although with his current five elements of the soul, it is not enough to kill an orange or yellow chain soul teacher, but as long as there is a delay that can delay the time, Li Yuanhuan will come and respond to the guy who was struck by the lightning. The gun is dead.

After killing for a while, the magical spirits found that they could not kill a person from Beibei, and they could not help but suddenly realize that a large part of them had killed Meng Ling.

"His mother!" Ling screamed and screamed: "All of them are coming, and Laozi will kill you!"

Ling Xiao’s hands danced wildly, and hundreds of thumb-throated mad thunders squatted down, accurately distributed to each of the demon souls who rushed toward him. The current flashed a few times along the body, and the guys were numb, black, and miserable.

These guys didn’t even think that Ling Xiao’s power of the chain of souls, who is mainly based on cultivation, was so powerful, and the mad thunder could make them avoid it. Where do they know that Ling Xiao’s perverted mental power is basically overkill for the control of the red-level Leifa, killing chicken and using a knife.

What I didn’t even think of these guys was that they didn’t say that they used the Thunder to finish them, but they rushed to them in the blink of an eye, holding a terrible black iron broom and sweeping them toward them!

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