Chapter 27:A Demon’s Path

Yuexi School

Ling Xiaogang and Tang Yingying separated a distance and found six bodies on the ground. Look at the style of this dress, they know that they are disciples of the Yuexi School.

These six people died in a terrible state, and the whole body was intact, but the brain was not aware of what was sucked up by nothing.

"I guess these guys are coming to follow me, but I don't know who was killed. Look at this method, it is like the means of the Yaozu!" Ling Xiao guessed that his feet still kept going back. He is confident that he has spent so many pieces of jade crystals. There is no problem at all. At the very least, he is now connected with Tang Yingying, and he does not feel that Tang Yingying is in danger.

Returning to the Yuexi School again, Ling Xiao did not go from the main entrance, but found a more remote corner and went over the wall.

On the other side of the wall is a garden. Ling Xiao’s feet fell on the grass. Soft, I couldn’t help but sigh: “This month’s head does not know which turtle grandson is, but I really know how to enjoy it!”

Knocking in his mouth, Ling Xiao did not dare to speak loudly, carefully walking around the Yuexi faction. He spread his mental power to the extreme, and while walking, he would be alert and cleverly circumvented whenever there was a slight change.

At this time, it was already at night, and there were still many disciples in the Yuexi faction patrolling back and forth. These disciples are nervous and look like they are guarding the baby.

"There are so strict guards, what do they want to do?" Ling Xiao doubted, and moved more carefully toward his master. Ling Xiao sprinkled his special powder on his door and the master. Only he knew how to use these powders for tracking.

However, what surprised Ling Xiao was that the smell of these powders did not come from the same place.

"Is the Master and the Brothers separated?" Ling Xiao made a guess and decided to go to the place with a lot of smell.

From the taste, Ling Xiao came to a large canteen. There are three tables of wine here, and the smell of these can make people mouth watering. The disciples of the Beibei School and the Changyuan School have long been hungry and hungry. How can these delicious foods be eaten without appetizing?

However, Li Yuanhuan, Cheng Yu, Qian Hai, and Cheng Gantai and Qian Gui are not here.

When Ling Xiao saw them, the wine had been wiped out by them for more than half. Seeing that they were all full of mouthfuls of oil, Ling Xiao touched his stomach: "The guy who has no conscience, is delicious here, you are hungry!"

Beibei sent a disciple named Wang Tong suddenly said: "Don't eat all the light, let's leave some points to Ling Shidi."

In addition, several Beibei sent disciples sneered and laughed: "Ling Shidi is digging with the little sister, and the money is double, where do you need to eat, haha!"

Listening to the jokes of these brothers, Ling Xiao smiled and said: "Eat you!"

"Ah..." After Ling Xiao’s words were finished, a Changyuan disciple immediately grabbed his throat and his face was black and he could not speak at once!

Others were only a little surprised, and soon several people had the same symptoms.

"There is poison in the wine! Black-faced judge! Damn!" Ling Xiao quickly took out a lot of green herbs from the space of the soul chain, and twisted it by hand to squeeze out the juice of the herb.

At the same time, Ling Xiao took out a small bottle of liquid from the space and introduced the juice into the bottle.

After waiting for all the people inside to fall unconscious, the thirty-six disciples of the Yuexi School rushed out, and tied all the disciples of Beibei to the four flowers.

One of the Yuexi disciples, while tying a female disciple from Changyuan, even touched a few of the key parts of the female disciple without a cover, and looked smirked: "If her master does not agree Our Master's conditions, then, uh..."

Another Yuexi school disciple was busy: "Small open, don't mess! It's a bad thing for Master, you have a good look!"

Ling Xiao looked cold and cold: "The Yuexi faction was poisoned, and I wouldn't be polite to you!"

Ling Xiao took out thirty or so poisonous scorpions with ** corpses from the space of the Seven Devils chain, threw them from the window and threw them toward the 30-year-old Xixi disciples.

With Ling Xiao's four years of refining and the seven-story magic chain and the seven-story chain to develop his mental power, and his tyrannical spirit control can not hit the words, then he is not called Ling Xiao.

The thirty-something guys still didn't understand what was going on, and each of them made a scream and painfully grabbed the rotten place on their body. The more they caught the ulcer, the more powerful they were. When they got to the back of their insanity, they scrambled. A poor guy is actually living his own skin and getting ** and blurred, beyond recognition!

In less than a minute, these thirty guys died of festering.

Probably because I felt that this place was stable, there were no disciples around the canteen, so that there was such a big movement here, so there was no other disciple of the Yuexi School.

Ling Xiao quickly rushed in, opened the mouth of the Beibei and Changyuan sent disciples, dripped the juice of the herb into their mouths, and then solved the rope on them.

"This is... what happened?" The crowd groaned with a sore head and woke up: "Ling Shidi, how come you?"

The first thing they saw when they were awake was to see Ling Xiao, and then they saw the terrible body: "Ah!"

Ling Xiao is murderous: "You, you have to deal with the bodies of these guys, stay here, don't run around, let me see how Master is going. Waiting for everyone to listen to my signal, when You can rush out."

When people recalled the scene of their own poisoning, they couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. They quickly understood that the Yuexi faction did not have any good intentions. Although they were angry, they still subconsciously listened to Ling Xiao’s arrangement and waited in the cafeteria.

Ling Xiao’s heart worried about the safety of the three people in Gantai, and quickly rushed out of the canteen of the Yuexi School.

When Ling Xiao quickly lurked into the hall where Cheng Gantai was located, he suddenly heard the anger of a dry thunder: "Yousong Creek, don't dream! Even if my Beijiao disciple died, Never confuse with the magic door!"

"It’s awful, Master’s temper!” Ling Xiaoyi heard the sound and knew it was not good. Sure enough, there was no blink of an eye. Cheng Gantai, Li Yuanhuan and Cheng Yu three quickly smashed out from the hall. .

When the three men just left the hall, they were surrounded by a large group of Yuexi school disciples around the open space.

A middle-aged man with a skin like a warm jade also walked out of the hall. He wore an exquisite and elegant pullover. He saw that the guy was well maintained and knew how to enjoy it.

He was followed by Qian Guiqian and his father and son. The two were downcast, like a defeated cock.

I saw this middle-aged man very sorry to say: "Become a head, why are you suffering? Destroy the lives of the disciples under the door. It is better to say that if you die here, I will arrange a collusion for you." Guilty, do you think, who else will listen to your defense?"

Cheng Gan Taizheng did not look at the middle-aged man, but stared straight at Qian Gui: "The money head, you and I can join the shameless guy of Yousong Creek, why are you so afraid? foot?"

Qian Gui reluctantly sighed: "Become a master, not everyone is as upright as you are. I have no ability to do this. Since there are so many disciples following me, I always have to save their lives."

"Well, I don't insist!" Cheng Gantai has no fear: "The most, that is, the three of us are killed here!"

"I don't think Master is so proud!" Ling Xiao nodded secretly: "I really don't want to be my Master!"

Suddenly, the first singer of the Yuexi School, Dong Xuanyi, took one's arm and the other hand walked out of the hall with the sword. Cheng Gantai’s face brushing became extremely pale: “ mean!”

That Dong Xuan held with the sword, turned out to be the wife of Cheng Gantai, the graceful Cheng Cheng!

The face of Cheng’s face is earthy, and he screams with a squeaky voice: “The husband... save me...”

"Scratch!" Ling Xiao screamed: "Master is ruined in this woman's hand sooner or later! No, I have to think of a way!"

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