Chapter 29:A Demon’s Path


Even if everyone is worried, the battle between Cheng Gantai, Qian Gui and Yousong Creek is not something that their disciples can intervene. There is still a fight between the red and orange grades. The metamorphosis like Ling Xiao is most likely to be one or two strokes with Dong Xuan, and if it is really played, it will definitely not be a yellow opponent. Moreover, the higher the level difference between the top and the top, the three people who have reached the level of the soul of the soul, no matter which one shot, can kill other people present.

However, Ling Xiao called it metamorphosis because of his super-excessive spirit. In terms of mental strength alone, even the Gantai is better than Lingxiao, but the level of Lingxiao is too low, and there is no way to fully play it out.

However, this does not prevent Ling Xiao from being confused.

From time to time, Ling Xiao occasionally casts a Thunderbolt, and makes a few small Thunder on the Yousong Creek, splashing a little bit of the Thunder Star; or occasionally summoning a red soul \- the light buttocks of the small sword Baby, yelling and rushing to Yousong Creek.

Although Ling Xiao’s Lei couldn’t hurt You Songxi, the red spirit was suddenly blown into powder by You Songxi. It can be like a person who is concentrating on doing something, or sleeping, suddenly comes a screaming fly or mosquito, so that you can't do things, you can't sleep well, this time mood It will become very arrogant.

You Songxi did not expect that his youthful strength would be smashed by Ling Xiao’s five elements of lightning. It was a shame and lost to his home. As everyone knows, as long as the level is higher than the other level, under normal circumstances, the opponent's five elements will not hit themselves. And Yousong Creek is more than the top four!

What’s even worse is that Ling Xiao even shouted: "Brothers, have you seen it? This guy is just like this. How can I marry him, how can I marry him? Haha! Change Ming to find his wife, how do we like it? How to do it, hehe!"

All the disciples are stunned. Who is this? This is!

Although they usually open the innocence of jokes is not a big thing, but it is fair to say that you want to engage in a wife, this is really good... good.

Originally, Yusongxi, who was in the midst between life and death, was so harassed by Ling Xiao, and he was so angry that he burst into the lungs. Wow, he shouted: "Awful little miscellaneous, Laozi poked you!"

You Songxi no longer cares about Qian Gui and Cheng Gantai, lifting up the big shackles and slamming into Ling Xiao.

call out! A cyan light of more than ten meters long was drawn, dragged across the ground, and the ground was grinded with gravel, pulling out a long mouth. If this dawn is hit by Ling Xiao, not only Ling Xiao will be broken, but even a dozen people around him have no chance to live!

Cheng Gantai was shocked and shouted: "The money head, you attack him back!"

At the same time of speaking, Cheng Gantai rushed to the front of Ling Xiao and Li Yuanhuan at the fastest speed, and lifted the sword to the front.


Ling Xiao and others had a glaucoma in front of them, and they couldn’t open their eyes. They only felt a hot breeze coming, and countless gravel scraped a lot of ** pores on their faces.

After the flash of Qingguang, the distant voice of Yusongxi came to the sky: "Chengdutai, Qiangui, today's hatred, I will be ten times to return to Japan!"

Ling Xiao hated and said: "I *! It is obvious that you want to kill us first, but I am still very embarrassed to say revenge. In this year, there are so many shameless people!"

When I heard the snoring of Ling Xiao, everyone stared at Ling Xiao as if they were watching a monster. They saw Ling Xiao straight and hair: "What are you doing with me?"

Qian Guishen sighed with a deep sigh: "Ling Xiaoshi is really as careful as a hair, and he would think that Yuexi is uneasy. In fact, we also know that he is ill-intentioned, but I did not expect that Yousongxi was so vicious."

"It turns out that Ling Shidi is deliberately staying outside the door. How do you see it?" Li Yuanhuan asked with great curiosity.

Ling Xiao smiled and said: "Nothing to be diligent, no traitor is stolen. Where is someone waiting for this time, unless they know that we will arrive at this time. So caring about us, not wanting to harm people, do you really want to treat us?" ?"

Cheng swayed and woke up, and as soon as he saw Ling Xiao, he immediately screamed: "Fei Jun, he wants to kill me!"

"Cough! Misunderstanding, are misunderstandings." Cheng Gantai coughed two times: "Hey and Yuan Huan are saving you."

Ling Xiao gave a big gift to Cheng Shi: "Sister, I am sorry, you are shocked, and you will not harm your intentions."

Under the heart, Ling Xiao is secretly thinking, if Dong Xuan couldn’t stop it, let him sweep and kill the teacher, then Master will not be afraid of it when he starts doing things.

Cheng Shi took care of the amount of trouble on his forehead and calmed his mind: "Oh, don't blame you, don't blame you."

Cheng’s mouth said that he didn’t blame Ling Xiao, but his eyes were inadvertently revealing a look of resentment.

Qian Gui greatly appreciated: "This time, it can be said that Ling Xiaoshi has saved everyone from us and became the head. I really envy you have such a good apprentice!"

Cheng Gantai nodded, at least he thought so.

In addition to licking his mouth, Cheng Yu did not speak hard to lose weight. In fact, she was thinking about it just now, why did Ling Xiao not shoot this stinky woman?

Others are also very grateful to Ling Xiao, only Qian Hai looked disapproving, and secretly thought that Ling Xiao was just a slippery head.

At this time, if Ling Xiao does not show it again, it would be a waste of opportunity. With a bang, Ling Xiao hard made himself vomit a blood, his face was white and white, and he was so scared that Gan Tai quickly asked: "Hey, is it okay?"

Ling Xiao said with anger: "Nothing... just been there... Dong Xuan... shocked..."

Li Yuanhuan is even more convinced that Ling Xiao was injured. The last time he smashed the rat demon attack, it is estimated that the old injury is still not good. Where does he know that Ling Xiao eats his own body-building medicine all day long, and his vitality is comparable to that of another kind in the spacetime called Xiaoqiang.

Ling Xiao’s vomiting blood, vomiting makes people feel distressed, invisible, his weight in everyone’s mind is another weight: look, this is Ling Xiao, he vomited blood in order to save the same door and Master!

Suddenly, Ling Xiao remembered Tang Yingying: "Master, you are waiting for me here, I will go back to find Miss Tang."

"You are all hurt, or let me go!" Li Yuanhuan said.

"You don't have to." Ling Xiao ran like a rabbit, and everyone saw a stunned look: he was so hurt, still running so fast?

However, when they think of the stunning Tang Yingying, everything will be natural. If they have such a beautiful little Loli, they also run fast, not to mention the rush to drink wine?

When Ling Xiao ran to the place where he arranged, except for the dozens of jade stones, there was no one in the figure.

Ling Xiao suddenly stayed: his own line was broken, Tang Yingying disappeared!

"Shadow!" Ling Xiao’s snoring echoed in the night sky, and the layers passed away, but no one answered him.

Ling Xiao felt that without Tang Yingying, he seemed to have lost something, and his heart was empty.

These ten days of getting along with each other are enough to make Ling Xiao deeply imprint the petite and beautiful figure of Tang Yingying in the deepest part of his mind: "Shadow, who took you away? Why are you not warning at all?"

Thinking of his own connection with Tang Yingying's strange heart, Ling Xiao’s mind produced a strange idea: Is it that the girl knows that he wants to leave, so he is entangled with a soul line?

Recalling the eccentric look of Tang Yingying when he left, Lingyi was determined his own thoughts: Tang Yingying was not dangerous, just left.

"Shadow, my brother said to protect you, no matter where you are, as long as you need to help your brother, my brother will arrive in front of you in the first time!"

In the eyes of Tang Yingying, thousands of miles away, tears flashed: "Hey brother, you can hear the sound of your heart. One day, we will continue to chat about your boring life, those ideals that are not very good." Hey brother, take care..."

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