Chapter 42:A Demon’s Path

Blood transfer

Cheng Yu has already felt the murderous murder of Xue Lian, and the fortitude and unyieldingness in her character is fully reflected. She jerked her head up, her eyes sharply watching Xue Lian, clenching her sword, waiting for the other party and the distance to be closer to her, making a counterattack!

Lan Xiuhua has been staring at Cheng Yu, naturally knowing Cheng Yu’s plan. When Xue Lian’s fist slammed into Cheng Yu, she also stabbed the sword toward the back of Cheng Yu. In this case, she can also let Yu Yu backhand, her Lan Xiuhua can not afford this face.

In front of the front and rear of the pinch, Cheng Yu holding even the death to pull a back of the determination, all the power gathered on the sword, an orange soul of the power from her body.

"The wild donkey from the country, go to hell!" Xue Lian screamed, and a thunderous punch finally burst. On the other side of Xue Lian, Lan Xiuhua’s sword shadow also shrouded Cheng Yu. Whether Cheng Yu is entering or retreating is a dead end!

Cheng Yu just wanted to do his best to get rid of Xue Lian. I didn’t even think that I was pulled out by the two people. When Cheng Yu returned to God, he suddenly found himself standing 10 meters away from Xue Lian.

"You are not dead!" Looking at the lively Lingxiao, Cheng Yu’s heart was actually a bitter, bitter, salty and salty.

"Ah!" Cheng Yu was surprised at the resurrection of Ling Xiao's death. He couldn't help but hear the two people who were ten meters away and screamed at the same time. They quickly turned their heads to look at it and couldn't help but ** a cold air.

Xue Lian and Lan Xiuhua did not even manage to stop each other and collide with each other. Although the two temporarily took part in the power, the role of inertia still caused the two to knock out the spark of "passion." Xue Lian’s one-handed hand was cut into four or five pieces by Lan Xiuhua’s sword shadow, while Lan Xiuhua’s sword held the hand and was smashed into a powder by Xue Lian. The whole arm was like a boneless, natural. Hang down!

"Little flowers!"

"Lian Er!"

Elder Xue and Elder Lan also exclaimed at the same time, hurting their children, directly hurt their hearts!

"Ling Ling!!!" Xue Elder and Lan Elders are in the same mood as Lu’s elders. They want to smash the corpse, while the other side of Cheng Gantai and Li Yuanhuan finally fell on the stone.

Ling Xiao’s face was calm, and Xuelian and Lan Xiuhua, who were seriously injured, said: “Will you continue? If you want, Luo Feikai is your end.”

The two were threatened by Ling Xiao, and they could not help but anger: they always threatened others, and today they turned over!

However, when the two men saw Luo Feikai’s headless body, he couldn’t help but fight a cold war: this kid would even kill Luo Feikai, and certainly wouldn’t care to kill them two more!

"Good! We admit defeat! Xiuhua, let's go!" Xue Lianyi felt dizzy when he stood up, and it took a long time for him to calm down and stand firm. Lan Xiuhua’s state is not so good, and the two men rushed out of the battlefield.


Cheng Yu gave a slap in the face of Ling Xiao: "You ** to lie to me!"


Ling Xiao also unknowingly returned to Cheng Yu as a slap in the face, playing the whole person of Yu Yu was covered: he, he dared to hit me?

I only heard Ling Xiao’s cold voice: “Master Sister, although this is a newcomer contest, it will still kill people. If you feel that your own life is not worth the money, you will commit suicide, so as not to die in your opponent’s hands and lose people.”

Cheng Yu seems to be stunned by the slap in the face of Ling Xiao, and he even screams and screams: "And, don't shed tears in front of your opponent, although there are only two drops."

As soon as he mentioned his tears, Cheng Yu suddenly got mad and screamed at the sword and pointed at Ling Xiao: "Ling Wei, I want to fight with you!"

Ling Xiao opened the sword of Cheng Yu by hand: "Qian Hai is still hurting. If you want to fight, I will wait for you before the big game."

Cheng Yu was silent all the time. She knew that there was no Ling Xiao. It is estimated that her strength can win the first knockout.

Qian Haizheng struggled hard and was ready to climb from the ground. Ling Xiao casually extended a hand to him: "At the very least, now we are still teammates."

Qian Hai reached out and took Ling Xiao’s hand. Ling Xiao pulled him up from the ground and turned his back to his back and left the scene.

Cheng Yu is behind Ling Xiao, and in her eyes, his back seems to be much wider.

"Hey, I obviously hit the kid, why he still can't die!" Xue Liangang stopped the blood on his broken arm and took a supplement, and his face was slightly better, then he asked with hate.

Xue Elder, Luo Elder, and Lan Elders carefully observed the battle just now with a shadow of the shadows, shaking their heads. Elder Xue said angrily: "This kid is really treacherous. It is estimated that he can completely avoid your blow, but he still deliberately slammed you."

The elders of Lan Lan’s eyes were cold and murderous: "Why is he doing this? Deliberately showing up?"

"No, this kid must be doing experiments, because this method of transferring blood to the hole is what he just learned." Several people are discussing Ling Xiao in a discussion room, and suddenly the voice of one person came in from outside. .

A few people looked out the door and looked strange: "Hua Elder, how do you know?"

An old man who had to be white appeared in front of them and walked in without hesitation: "This kid has a lot of research on medical skills. I heard that it is still an alchemy teacher. It is estimated that this is the first time he used this medicine. The way to fight, so take your woman to experiment."

"It's too arrogant!" Xue Chang was so angry that he knocked the table on the side and smashed it. Then he quickly converges and smiles softly toward the old man: "I don't know if the Chinese elders came here..."

The elder of China, the only refining pharmacist in the downwind valley who has a green level, is only the elder of the reputation of the valley, which belongs to the blue moon. The owner of the valley, Shen Nanfeng, gave him excellent treatment, so he has been staying in the valley for many years. Many disciples have taken the refining of the medicinal herbs and improved their cultivation. The elders have also benefited a lot from him. Therefore, the position of the elders in the valley of the wind is detached, second only to the family of Shennanfeng.

The elders smiled a little: "I naturally came to heal the arm of the elder daughter of Lan, and I happened to run into the analysis of the boy, who is taking the liberty, and hopes to forgive me."

Elder Lan did not expect the Chinese Elders to ask her to treat her daughter's arm. I thought that other people would like to ask him to ask for it. I can't help but be grateful: "Thank you for the elders of China, I am too grateful to know if I can take the liberty."

As soon as I heard that Lan Xiuhua’s hand was cured, Xue Elder was also very excited: "Then my arms are..."

Hua Changhe smiled and said: "As long as the broken arm is still there, I promise to keep the arm of the commander intact."

Xue Lianyi heard that he was cut into several arms like a pig's foot and could still pick it up. He quickly went to the Chinese elders and bowed his head: "Thank you for the elders!"

Lan Xiuhua also gratefully thanked the Chinese elders. The Chinese elders waved their hands: "You are welcome, Xue Gongzi, Miss Lan, let's start."

In the Jiake Restaurant, Cheng Gantai was very curious to ask: "Hey, why are you two punches in the guy, nothing at all?"

Ling Xiao looked at Li Yuanhuan, Cheng Yu and Qian Gui, who were also curiously staring at him. He said, "I moved the blood." The person was attacked because he was injured. It was because the attack power passed. The body surface attacked the acupuncture points, blood and organs of the human body, causing internal injuries. If you are attacked, remove these important places, just as people avoid the attack, at most, they suffer from bitter flesh. The guy blew my two punches and hit the back. I used the power of the force to slightly transform my body and let the guy attack the air. I just matched him and put it to death. I wanted to The way of his people also cures his own body, but the master sister is in danger and cannot be saved."

Cheng Yu hated and glared at Ling Xiao, did not say anything.

At this point, Qian Gui suddenly sighed: "But you killed Luo Feikai, and even hurt the relatives of the two elders, the three guys will not let you go."

Ling Xiao laughed and said nothing, but my heart was sneer again and again: I am still preparing to kill Li Yuanchong, killing an elder's son what counts!

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