Chapter 49:A Demon’s Path

Breaking through the affliction

Very unfortunate, Ling Xiao’s other wish was not fulfilled.

The woman who was wounded into Yu was stopped in the knockout round of 30 to 15 and was defeated by a member of the reserve team of Yang Feng Gu.

Li Yuanchong is still the highlight of the game, and his opponent has surrendered directly before he started playing. Although it is very unfavorable for the reputation of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect, it is nothing worth mentioning.

However, the most brilliant newcomer disciples in the 30th and 15th rounds of the knockout are undoubtedly non-obscurity.

This kid can actually force a disciple of a spiritual master who is practicing magic power to be a magical hair. This is not what ordinary people can do.

Moreover, when those people recalled the tactics of Ling Xiao, they all looked like a sudden realization.

Because Qian Hai and Wang Daotian both made a double defeat, although it seems that Ling Xiao has a big bargain, every step of Ling Xiao is within his calculation range.

In the first step, he knew that Wang Daotian would not go all out, so he chose to attack and put Wang Daotian on the ground.

Then, Ling Xiao used the foot of the kill to force Wang Daotian to arouse the magic of Wang Daotian's heart, and then stimulated the opponent with a series of consecutive fists that could not breathe the opponent's breath, let him completely demonize.

As long as Wang Dao Tian is demonized, the conflict caused by the two spirits of God and Devil can naturally make Wang Daotian die without a place of burial.

Of course, everyone thinks that Wang Daotian's demonization is due to the pressure of Ling Xiao. No one will know that Ling Xiao has done his hands and feet with the seven-story magic chain. Only Luo Shang has some suspicions.

Ling Xiao’s mind was so cautious that many people in the stands were stunned.

However, they are more willing to attribute the merits of planning this step to Ling Xiao’s master Cheng Gantai.

Because they are not willing to admit that the disciples of Cheng Gantai will be better than their disciples.

After a big fight in the morning, I finally ran out of the top fifteen. The rest of the game was left in the afternoon after lunch.

Everyone is eating at this venue, and the chefs in Lost Valley are still good. Even for picnics, those delicious dishes can make people appetite.

Cheng Gantai was worried about his daughter. Ling Xiao saw that there was still time from the opening of the afternoon game. He said: "Master, I will go back and see how the sister is."

Cheng Gantai nodded: "Go back soon."

Everyone is on this ground, Cheng Gantai believes that no one outside the field will be unfavorable to Ling Xiao, so he boldly let Ling Xiao leave.

Before the end of the game, the disciples can register and leave, and the head can't leave. This is the rule of the Falling Valley Newcomer Contest.

Ling Xiao soon returned to the Jiake Restaurant and met Li Yuanhuan and Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu has taken a nap after taking medicine and it seems that there is nothing wrong with it.

Cheng Yu’s sleepy look is really like a tempting peach.

Li Yuanhuan silently looked at the sleeping Yu Yu, a face of satisfaction.

Ling Xiao’s heart was in Da’an’s heart, and was about to leave. Suddenly he remembered that one person was missing, and he frowned: “Master, teacher?”

Li Yuanhuan stunned and patted his head: "Sister Niang said that she would go out and buy something, but she hasn't come back yet. I want to accompany her, but I can rest assured that my sister. In the valley of the wind, I believe there should be nothing wrong with this, and the teacher is one after another. I promise to go back soon, so let her go out alone."

A woman like Cheng, who has no power, dares to go out alone. This makes Ling Xiao always feel that something is wrong: "How long has the teacher been gone?"

Li Yuanhuan estimated it and then replied: "Not long, half an hour or so. Or will I go to get her back now?"

Ling Xiao busy said: "No need to go, I will find it."

After all, Ling Xiao turned and left.

The experience of refining medicine for four or five years has cultivated the nose of Ling Xiao, which is different from ordinary people. The perfume of Cheng’s body is extremely special. Ling Xiao has walked along the place where there is a perfume of Cheng’s perfume, and came to a place. Extremely luxurious restaurant front.

"Yu Xuan Restaurant, is it here?" Ling Xiao was trying to walk in, suddenly saw Cheng and a seemingly romantic guy coming out of the gate. The delicate face of Cheng’s face rose red, and Ling Xiao knew at a glance that the face was the same as the girl who had just received the guest from the floating red courtyard.

When Ling Xiao looked at the man's face, he couldn't help but be shocked: "Shen Xuan!"

The man who was with Cheng was actually the only son of Shen Nanfeng, Shen Xuan!

Ling Xiao did not expect to encounter these two people so cleverly, Cheng and Shen Xuan did not expect that, at this time, Ling Xiao, who should participate in the newcomer contest, would actually come here.

The two sides looked at each other and the look of Cheng’s was even more wrong.

Shen Xuan was only slightly surprised, and then looked indifferent. He seems to be telling Ling Xiao, I even stole your teacher, how can you resist me?

"His mother! This ** is here to sneak!" Ling Xiao was extremely angry in his heart, not worthy for his master. But Ling Xiao told himself that at this time, you must be calm.

Strongly suppressing the anger in my heart, Ling Xiao’s face squeezed out a very embarrassing smile: "Sister, how do you run here to drink tea? Master said that you have been out for a long time, worried about your safety, so let me come out to find Look for it. Please ask the teacher to go back to the restaurant with me."

Cheng’s somewhat stiff face immediately revealed a very unnatural smile: “Oh, that’s it... I came out to buy some rouge, I met Shen Gongzi on the road, so I came here with Shen Gongzi to drink tea.”

Ling Xiaoxin said: Explain is to cover up, drink tea? Is there a strip of clothes for tea? Drinking a red face?

"Cough." Shen Xuan coughed twice and marched toward Ling Xiao and Cheng Shi: "Since the disciples are coming to pick you up, they will not be sent to the lady."

Cheng Shi busy said: "Shen Gongzi, you are welcome, I will go back with my nephew."

Ling Xiao smiled with a smile: "Shen Gongzi walks slowly..."

At the bottom of my heart, Ling Xiao is cursing and continually cursing: "Shen Xiao Wang Ba, go well, don't fall into the smelly ditch. This account, your Lingye will find you for Master sooner or later!"

Ling Xiao and Cheng Shi went one after the other and walked very slowly on the road.

Both of them are thoughtful, and no one knows what the other party is thinking, and they maintain a very tacit silence.

Finally, Cheng’s guilty conscience couldn’t help but say: “Hey, you are today...”

Ling Xiao immediately said: "I just saw the teacher and Shen Gongzi drinking tea together today, I will talk to Master."

"This ** little devil!" Cheng thought sullenly: "I was so told by you that the old vinegar tank can't be overturned? Hey, this kid is both greedy and lustful, see if he can think of a way to get him first." Buy it out..."

When I thought about it, Cheng immediately changed a smile: "Hey, you have worked hard this time. When you return to the martial art, I will let your Master give you some benefits."

Ling Xiao sneered in his heart: "Want to buy me? Anyway, it seems that if I don't agree, you will probably end up with me."

After thinking about it, Ling Xiao turned around and said, "I am grateful" to Cheng’s saying: "So, there are many teachers who have a lot of words in front of Master."

Cheng’s uneasy heart, a little bit of landing: “This treacherous boy, first stabilize him and say. Waiting for things for a long time, even if he wants to inform the secret, he can’t stop it.”

Ling Xiao turned around and continued on the road, with a sneer that could not be seen by Cheng.

After returning Cheng to the Jiake Restaurant, Ling Hao returned to the competition venue with the fastest speed. As soon as he saw that Gan Tai’s face was worried, he quickly said: "Master, sister, she is fine, just a few days off."

"Oh." Cheng Gantai's tone is obviously loose: "Hey, you have something to eat, take a break, the afternoon game is about to begin."

Ling Xiao looked at Cheng Gantai, who was concerned about her face, and her heart was a bit blank. Even if Cheng does not buy himself, he will never tell this thing to Gantai.

Ling Xiao did not deliberately want to conceal his master, but once his master knew about it, there was only a disadvantage and no benefit.

In desperation, Ling Xiao had to sigh in his heart: "If you want to live a good life, you must wear some green on your head!"

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