Chapter 52:A Demon’s Path

Bold play

Some people in the place can see it straight away: shocking, it is too shocking!

Is this the strength of the seven repairs? With Ling Xiao’s so deep hidden character, definitely not only!

Shen Nanfeng’s face finally changed a little, and looked at his son Shen Xuan with deep thought.

Shen Xuan shook his head helplessly: "Hey, where do I know that this kid will hide strength?"

In fact, Shen Xuan himself is also carrying his father in the belly: Didn't you also throw him as a garbage to Beibei School? The most eyeless bead should be you! It’s a good idea to blame me for killing you a talent.

Li Yuanchong’s cold eyes seemed to have burned with raging fire, and the whole face became a perverted blush because of excitement: “There is an opponent in the seven squats and repairs!”

Cheng Gantai sighed helplessly, and he was most reluctant to reveal the exposed cards, or was forced to uncover.

He looked at Shen Nanfeng and Shen Mingfang's eyes and immediately understood that they looked at Ling Xiao.

Four years ago, when they looked at Li Yuanhuan, they also had this kind of look. It was only Li Yuanhuan who insisted that he refused to do so and became a conspiracy of Li, and that Li Yuanhuan stayed in Beibei.

Now they are also fascinated by Ling Xiao, the temptation of Shen Nanfeng, a disciple of the seven monks and nuns, is far greater than Li Yuanhuan’s disciple.

This time, Cheng Gantai estimated that he was unable to stay in the North.

Looking at the four people who fell on their knees, there was no smug color on Ling Xiao’s face: "Get up, I am not your master, don't kneel down to me. I will get out of this venue, I will not kill you. ""

These four people are like a big man, and they are running away with their tails, and where are the faces?

Usually these disciples are higher in the martial art than in the sky. No one can look down. This time, the audience is so big that their same door can’t help but gloat over the disaster: call you a sly!

The game continues.

This time, Ling Xiao gave a question to Shen Mingfang, who was responsible for the lottery.

Because Ling Xiao killed two opponents in one breath and scared away four, he won the ninth place, but the tenth place was no one.

Nine people, how to arrange the game?

However, it seems that it is difficult to fall down Shen Mingfang, she called the four people who slipped back to draw lots, whoever got the tenth.

The four people just wanted to leave in vain, but did not expect to have such a good thing.

They couldn't wait to rush to the front of Shen Mingfang to draw lots, and I was afraid that the sign would be taken away by others.

This kind of ugliness from the nature fell into the eyes of everyone, could not help but provoke a burst of emotion: no interest!

The tenth place was generated by the draw, and the good luck fell to the guy who made the hammer.

The disciple came from the Tian hammer gang, named Guan Guan, who was called a small hammer.

Ten people have been assembled and the draw starts again.

Ling Xiao let other people pump first, and finally walked slowly to Shen Mingfang, whispering to Shen Mingfang: "Shen girl, I want to say something to you."

Shen Mingfang looked at Ling Xiao with amazement and smiled. "What do you want to say?"

Ling Xiao laughed twice: "You are beautiful."

Ling Xiao’s original intention was to irony that Shen Mingfang’s lottery was very beautiful, but he knew that if he dared to sneer Shen Mingfang so brazenly, he would definitely not live tonight.

Then, Ling Xiao changed his mind and turned himself into an image of a ** person, so that he could take the opportunity to lighten the other side of the words.

Other places do not take advantage of the cheap, can not get the grievances of the last lottery, Ling Xiao at least have to take some cheap back on the mouth.

Of course, Shen Mingfang will naturally not be able to kill the cradle in the future because of such a sentence.

At this point, Ling Xiao is still sure.

Shen Mingfang smiled lightly, revealing a pair of beautiful small dimples, which is simply a dead man.

Ling Hao can't wait to rush up and lick a few mouthfuls on the face, but think of the other party's "unfathomable" age and unfathomable strength, think about it, or forget it.

Lust, that can kill the dead.

Although Ling Xiao’s voice was whispered, the nine people at the side were still clearly heard. They almost didn’t vomit blood into the river: this kid, really his mother’s too... great!

Idol, the idol of men.

Only Li Yuanchong smiled coldly and said nothing.

The result of the lottery came out. This time, Ling Xiao took an absolutely good sign: his opponent is the tenth.

Guan Guanyi heard that the opponent was Ling Xiao, and immediately shook his head like a rattle: "I didn't play, I didn't play, I still got the tenth place."

The first ten games have not yet started, and Ling Xiao has entered the top five!

Everyone seemed to have a deep look at Ling Xiao, and seemed to understand why Ling Xiao wanted to say that to Shen Mingfang.

This time, they just want to say to Ling Xiao: Brother, you are really good, we can't take it!

Li Yuanchong’s opponent, Lu Tie of the Madonna Gate, also gave up the game directly. Li Yuanchong and Ling Hao entered the top five at the same time.

It was the turn of Ling Xiao to be a spectator. He concentrated on watching the three battles at the same time, and his mental power was so concentrated that he had a lot of sweat on his forehead.

With Ling Xiao’s understanding of Shen Mingfang, the next game will definitely not be his direct confrontation with Li Yuanchong.

Six of the three players are likely to be his opponents, and more likely are three of the six: Yang Chao, Yue Mingming and Zheng Hao of the Fall Valley Reserve.

I have to say that Shen Mingfang’s signing arrangement is really good.

If the three people in the Wind Valley win at the same time, Ling Xiao must meet one of them in the next game.

There is an irreconcilable grievance between Ling Xiao and another reserve team in Luofeng Valley. The three people will definitely go all out to fight, and let Li Yuanchong take up some of the cheaper.

The relationship between Li Yuanchong and Luo Fenggu is naturally known.

The success or failure of Li Yuanchong is also related to the face of Luofeng Valley.

Therefore, Ling Xiao must study the strength and style of the three, try to kill one with the fastest speed and the lowest cost.

Sure enough, the battlefield went in the direction that Ling Xiao expected.

The three men who fought with the three men in the Falling Valley Reserve team only symbolically dealt with a few times, and then they surrendered and surrendered.

Their goal is actually very simple: if you keep the top ten, you will be able to complete the goal, and you will not be able to die with the newcomers who are in the wind.

The first five finally came out, except for Ling Xiao, the other four people are people in the wind valley!

This kind of ending, in addition to making the people on the field somewhat frustrated, they have nothing too unexpected look, it feels like they have long known that there will be such an ending.

However, Ling Xiao finally could not see the true strength of these guys, and shook his head in disappointment.

"What are you doing with nothing to lose?" A clear sound like a silver bell, except for Ling Xiao, came over, Ling Xiao smiled a bit, and the head did not return: "Master sister, you are coming. Look at my joke?"

Cheng Yu and Li Yuanhuan went to Ling Xiao, and Li Yuanhuan took a shot of Ling Xiao’s shoulder and encouraged him: “Ling Shidi, good! Continue to work hard and get a first come back!”

"Yeah." Ling Xiao responded and turned his eyes to Cheng Yu.

Unexpectedly, this time, Cheng Yu did not say something about hitting Ling Xiao, but looked at Ling Xiao with his sly eyes: "Boy, play well, the reputation of Beibei School depends on you."

Ling Xiao was very surprised to look back at Cheng Yu, I can't think she would say something encouraging to herself.

Seeing Ling Xiao’s eyes, Cheng Yu remembered the relative distance of the close-up in the alley of the same day. He couldn’t help but have a burning face. He quickly turned his head to the side and ignored Ling Xiao.

Cheng Gantai was happy and worried. He didn't know what to say. He only silently watched Ling Xiao go to Shen Mingfang, who was drawing again. It took a while to notice that his wife Cheng had already sat in his. By the side.

Next is the top five draws. Those who draw the blank sign can go directly to the top three, but only the third place.

This is the rule, no one can do it.

If you have the first strength and draw the third, it can only show that your luck is not enough, it can only be the third place.

Both Ling Xiao and Li Yuanchong know that as long as Shen Mingfang is there, neither of them wants to draw the third place sign!

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