Chapter 55:A Demon’s Path

The true strength of Li Yuanchong!

"This time, Ling Xiao is definitely unable to escape." Many people think so: "After all, Li Yuanchong is the top powerhouse among the orange spirits, and the seven 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

The thoughts in the minds of the people have not yet dissipated, and the body of Ling Xiao has surprised everyone.

Originally there was only one figure of Ling Xiao, at this time there were actually seven or eight shadows in the chaos, more than doubled by Li Yuanchong!

"What is this body? It's weird!"

"Yeah, I have never seen it before!"

"Do you have this kind of body in Beibei?"

Everyone is puzzled, each holding different ideas and continuing to watch the battle between the two.

Hehe...hee... Li Yuanchong’s white figure and Ling Xiao’s blue figure smashed around, and everyone heard the bursts of punches.

It was so fierce at first, and it was evenly matched. Everyone felt very enjoyable!

The fierce battle is still going on.

The frantic blue and white shadows smashed for more than half a minute on the field. The people only heard a bang, and then they saw that Ling Xiao was slammed on the handle of the handle by Li Yuanchong, and even the man took the broom and flew out.

Li Yuanchong’s hand is so hard that he can compete with Ling’s broom!

This is really too abnormal!

Ling Xiao’s body flew in the air for more than ten meters, and then he made a flip in the air, and his feet fell back a few steps to stop.

Although Ling Xiao was bombarded, he could control his body shape during the flight, and everyone still admired him.

"Great, can you tell me, how do you see my body?" Ling Xiao sees that Li Yuanchong did not rush up, so he began shamelessly his usual trick \- chat.

The purpose of the chat, one is to know the answer to the question just now, the second is to adjust the breath that has not yet calmed down, so that I have a chance to breathe.

Li Yuanchong was too lazy to pay attention to Ling Xiao’s tricks. He always believed that in the face of strong strength, all conspiracy was of no use.

Even if Li Yuanchong sees Ling Xiao’s intentions, he does not care: “The second-level ** of Linghui’s 魄 has a skill called Tianyantong, which can see the figure and illusion of the same level or below.”

"The potholes are this!" Ling Xiao couldn't help but want to swear, but because of the image problem, he could only scream in his heart: "There is such a skill, but also a fart!"

In fact, he is fully aware that since the last yin Yang Chao, he has no image problems at all.

Fortunately, Ling Xiao is not the only ghost to change the skill.

Since melee attacks don't work, start a long-range attack!

"I said, your kid..." Ling Xiao said as he walked into the space with cold and cold, and his left and right hands waved, and countless thunderous lightning bolts rushed to Li Yuanchong.

"Hey~" In an instant, Li Yuanchong is within ten meters of the circle, just like a torrential lightning rain!

"Is there still this hand?"

"Yeah! The red spirit of the soul can even send out so many lightnings, too much metamorphosis!"

According to common sense, the spirit of the red-level cultivation of the spirit of the soul, the most out of two or three such lightning has been very up, Ling Xiao actually sent dozens of breaths!

Now, these people's evaluation of Ling Xiao has changed from "shameless and shameless" to "perverted and abnormal."

"This kid is still a bit of a good thing." Cheng Yu's eyes are shining, she is the first time to see Ling Xiao so serious and wonderful shot, and forgot, there is another Li Yuanhuan watching her silently.

However, compared with Ling Xiao, Li Yuanchong is more abnormal.

Facing the torrential rain of Ling Xiao, Li Yuanchong did not hide even in hiding. He only waved with one hand and drew an extremely beautiful orange aperture.

A few sounds, Ling Hao issued a thunderstorm in front of Li Yuanchong this aperture, all turned into a stock of smoke, dissipated without a trace!

Not to mention the people on the field, even Ling Xiao is scared almost to spit out his tongue: "What is this skill?"

Li Yuanchong stunned Ling Xiao with a disdain: "The spirit of orange-level skills, the cloud of clouds. As long as the five elements are stronger than the opponent, they can transform the opponent's five elements into air."

Ling Xiao also screamed in his heart: "Nima! How do you fight? I use ghosts to change, he uses the sky to pass; I use the thunderstorm, he uses the cloud circle. This guy, until now, has used The power of Tianchong, Linghui, discouragement and strength!"

Cheng Gantai and Li Yuanhuan are also suddenly changing their faces: They have always said to Ling Xiao that as long as the orange-level chain soul teacher does not practice more than three soul stones, it will not be the opponent of Ling Xiao, but this Li Yuanchong is now obviously more than three!

Other people watching the battle are also a horror: the orange soul chain of the four soul stones, no, maybe not!

Shocking! Li Yuanchong is even more shocking!

Ling Xiao is 19 years old, and Li Yuanchong is only fifteen.

No one knows, Li Yuanchong still has the power to hide other soul stones!

If Li Yuanchong is also a repair of the Seven Miles, then the first day of the whole continent, not Ling Xiao, not Li Yuanchong is none other than!

If this is the case, Li Yuanchong’s disciples may have to commit suicide collectively.

Fortunately, Li Yuanchong did not intend to stimulate the world.

He seemed to see the confusion of Ling Xiao and everyone, and it was very "good for the teacher" to explain: "I only repaired four soul stones."

Everyone saw it, Li Yuanchong explained this, it means that he does not put Ling Xiao in his eyes.

Moreover, for Ling Xiao, this is also a shame in disguise.

Ling Xiao's face is white, green, red and purple, and it is very beautiful.

"Master, four souls!" Ling Xiao finally screamed in his heart, and made up his mind: "Even if you have four, I have to kill this guy! I am looking at your face, look at your name. Not good, see your grandfather is not good!"

This time, Ling Xiao waved his hand and made an action that made people vomit blood: summoning ten red spirits in one breath \- a little shark with a short sword and a pair of wings!

Oops, oh, these ten little guys seem to be carrying the anger of Ling Xiao, sending the words of ah, all screaming and slashing swords to Li Yuanchong.

If Ling Xiao’s summoning method makes the purple Qiong’s disciples of Yingying see it, they will definitely be mad at half.

It’s hard to summon one of the souls of the Red 魄 魄 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Moreover, Ling Xiao is still shamelessly released ten accelerators, posted on the back of the ten little guys.

When they were about to rush to Li Yuanchong, they jerked their speed and wanted to hit Li Yuanchong with a surprise.

Even if the people who know the goods admire the subtle means of Ling Xiao, they still have to admire Li Yuanchong's power and hegemony.

Whistling ten punches, such an understatement of the attack, the ten souls turned into a ghost.

"Ling Wei, what other means do you have, even if you make it out." Li Yuanchong seems to have set the line, and he said nothing.

Ling Xiao also has the last means: the central skill, turned into a strange bird.

However, Ling Xiaolian gave up without considering it, because Ling Xiao didn't want people to say there after the game: Look, the bird of Ling Xiao was beaten by Li Yuanchong.

"Hey!" It seems that he has done his best. Ling Xiao is very helplessly sighed: "Actually, I still have the last move, but the power is too great, I am afraid that you are afraid to use your fist to pick up."

Li Yuanchong raised his fist and looked at it with great interest: "I am an iron fist, so hard to fight with your Ukrainian broomstick. You said that I can't pick it up?"

Ling Xiaozui’s mouth was stunned with a sly smile: “That’s good, we are more than boxing skills? Swear in the name of the soul...”

"It's good." Li Yuanchong was very impatient to stop Ling Xiao: "I am not you, I will not be as trustworthy as you are, clearly agree with Yang Chao, and play tricks."

Ling Xiao was very cheeky and smiled: "So, then I started to work."

Li Yuanchong looked calm: "Well, let the horse come over."

Cheng Gantai, Li Yuanhuan and Cheng Yu are not worried about it: What is Ling Xiao doing? And Li Yuanchong, this metamorphosis, he is crazy? What kind of boxing skills to fight?

The three faces were a bit strange, and they thought of the answer at the same time. They couldn’t help but talk differently: "Northern Gods!"

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