Chapter 58:A Demon’s Path


"Master!" Changyuan sent several disciples to cry, but even the body of Qian Gui could not be saved.

A burst of blue light flew slowly in the air, gently falling to the hands of Ling Xiao.

That is the soul chain that Qian Gui left for himself.

A soul chain with a green spirit and a soul stone.

The blood of Qian Gui was sprinkled on Ling Xiao’s face. The warm and ** feeling reminded Ling Xiao that he had to shoulder the responsibility that Qian Gui had to bear.

A silky scent with a light aroma was handed to Ling Xiao: "Hey, wipe it yourself."

Ling Xiao naturally took the silk pad and wiped his face clean. Then he put the silk pad into his storage space.

The voice of Yu Yu’s anger was coming around: “How is this person like you?”

"Stained up the sister's things, naturally it is necessary to wash the shoes before they dare to return to the sister." Ling Xiao said very seriously.

Cheng Yu was helpless and had to scream and express his dissatisfaction again.

Ling Xiao stood up and looked at Luo Shang.

He knows that the next goal of Luo Shang will be that they are sent by Beibei.

Sure enough, after everyone was silenced for a moment by Qian Gui’s death, Luo Shang once again said: “Gull, there is another thing happening on the road, please see the owner.”

Luo Shang once again took out a soul stone, and after crushing it, it showed another scene.

That was the picture of Qian Song and Cheng Gantai, who played against You Songxi, and Ling Xiao and Li Yuanhuan when they started to kill in Yuexi.

Everyone was shocked by a scene: this is the red-naked naked killing!

Luo Shang saw a dignified look on the face of the crowd. Adding oil and vinegar on the side: "The Yuexi sentiment to entertain Qian Gui and Cheng Gantai. I didn't expect these two people to be so mad and to force the Yuexi faction to join them. You are not allowed to do so, and the result is a catastrophe. Qian Gui’s hands have a soul stone plate, and he must be unable to take off the suspicion of collusion with the magic door.

Cheng Gantai Li Yuanhuan Cheng Yu and others are angry: Luo Shang is really shameless to the extreme, out of context, upside down right and wrong!

However, what can they do?

The evidence of that piece of evidence is very detrimental to their Beibei school, and there is no strong rebuttal evidence on hand.

No one can justify the crimes that others have added to their heads.

"Haha, hahaha..." Cold and unpredictable, Ling Xiao Yang laughed: "You, I have a story that can be justified for our Beibei faction. Are you willing to give this opportunity?"

Everyone's impression of Ling Xiao is still very good, although Shen Nanfeng is very angry with Ling Xiao's attitude towards himself, but he is also not good at the face of Ling Xiao.

"I have something to say."

Ling Xiao slowly said: "There is a bachelor's trousers with a crack in the middle. The neighbor's big cockroach really can't see it, and he sews his pants for him. But Daxie always feels embarrassed to ask him to take off his pants and sew, so he Let the bachelor stand still, and use the needle thread to sew directly on the trousers."

Ling Xiao is very talented in telling stories, and half of it is still not forgotten.

Luo Shang is confident that Ling Xiao can't get any evidence to prove his innocence, but he is just doing a pale and unreasonable excuse, and he is not worried. Let Ling Xiao go on.

"The trousers were soon finished, but the thread was not broken yet, and the needle could not be returned. So, the big cockroach crouched down and put the mouth up and bit the line... At this moment, Daxie The husband came back. As soon as he saw the situation, he immediately became angry and screamed.

"Cough!" Ling Xiaoqing cleared the throat, and then said: "The bachelor quickly explained: Dagu is sewing me pants, do you believe?"

For this short piece with a hint of awkwardness, Shen Mingfang grinned and added a sentence: "Do you believe it or not, whatever you want, I believe it anyway."

Shen Nanfeng was surprised that Shen Mingfang was biased toward Ling Xiao without any evidence, and could not help but have a hint of anger. Shen Mingfang is his aunt, how dare he?

Ling Xiao’s ridiculous argument caused everyone to laugh, and some understood the meaning of Ling Xiao.

Cheng Shi is not the master of this road, but also laughs extremely bright after listening.

Only Cheng Yu inexplicably blushes, knowing that Ling Xiao said that there is no seriousness, but he does not understand what it means, he has to sneak a sip: "Rogue!"

But no matter what, you have to tell people that you are sewing your pants. Do you have to have evidence?

Sure enough, Luo Shang still seized this point: "Ling Xiao, not much nonsense, come up with evidence to prove his innocence. If there is no evidence, my disciple Wang Daotian is fighting with you when the two spirits Conflict, I am afraid I can't get rid of you."

Everyone knows this time, and it’s shameless to say that Ling Xiao is a slippery head. When I saw the posture of Luo Shang, it was really shameless!

As long as the eyes don't have a bad head, everyone knows that if a chain soul teacher does not practice two different exercises, how can it be a double soul conflict?

Although Luo Shang is right, Wang Daotian’s conflict between the gods and the gods is indeed a ghost of Ling Xiao.

However, Luo Shang really bite Ling Xiao, they have no evidence, as if he is telling everyone: Ling Xiao they can not get evidence, I have evidence, I like how to plant it, how to plant it!

Shen Nanfeng’s eyes are like swords, pointing to Ling Xiao: “Boy, take out the evidence.”

"You want evidence? I will give you evidence!" Ling Xiao suddenly increased the voice, so that everyone can not help but one: Hey, this kid, is there any evidence?

Luo Shang was killed and did not believe that Ling Xiao had evidence. He sneered and said: "Well, as long as you can produce evidence, this is the crime of falling into the same line, I will recognize it."

Ling Xiao’s gaze suddenly became cold and slowly took out a red soul stone from the storage space.

When everyone saw the unique fluctuations in the soul of the soul stone, they couldn't help but lose their voice: "This is also an image soul stone!"

The image soul stone is the kind of soul stone that Luo Shang used to reproduce the picture.

There are two sources of this kind of soul stone: one source is stripped from the dead soul soul teacher, this soul stone will directly record the scene before the death of this chain soul teacher.

However, this kind of soul stone can't directly display the image, and it needs to be processed after the technique and process of making the image soul stone.

It is estimated that the source of the soul stone of Luo Shang is the first way.

The second source is the image soul stone that has been made, just like the one used by the three elders to study the scorpion.

This kind of image soul stone only needs to be carried around, and what you want to record at the crucial moment, you can directly focus on the mental power.

The image soul stone will be completely revealed by the people who exert the mental power in the local area, and will not be able to move any hands or feet.

The soul stone in Ling Xiao’s hand is undoubtedly the second.

Luo Shang’s heart suddenly swelled, his eyes bulging, like a pair of dead fish eyes.

Ling Xiaoyin screamed with a smile: "I will let all people take a look, what is the truth of the matter!"

Snapped! Ling Xiao crushed the soul stone, and a thrilling scene appeared in front of everyone.

This scene began with the rescue of people in Lingxi in Lingxi, and then Yusongxi took the big disciple with Cheng’s prestige to become a dry Thai, and Ling Xiao and Li Yuanhuan took the chest to rescue Cheng’s.

Finally, Li Yuanhuan and Ling Xiao opened the killing, Qian Gui and Cheng Gantai battled You Songxi, and You Songxi left behind.

With the previous paragraph as a foreshadowing, even the gods who have always been known as "hobbies for peace" can't help but fill their indignation and kill them.

Luo Shang feels that his teeth are about to be broken: Ling Xiao, Ling Xiao, this is the kid!

How can he prevent everything in advance, like a hedgehog that is only rolled up together, making people have nowhere to go!

The hearts of Cheng Gantai and Beibei sent people to rest, and they finally let go. They looked at Ling Xiao, and their eyes were filled with the eyes of worshiping God.

The heart of Cheng Yu’s girl was once again moving, and she didn’t even know what she was, what the kid had in the end to panic.

Shen Nanfeng said coldly: "Luo Zhangmen, what else do you have to say?"

"Hey!" Luo Shangyi said that he did not accept the account: "This soul stone was handed over to me by You Songxi. Let me come to him for justice, it is not my business."

Good is shameless!

Everyone counted through this Luo business, but he was a bit of evidence that was given by You Songxi. He had also selectively forgotten what he said before.

Ling Xiao smiled and said: "Luo Zhangmen, if this is not evidence, I still have a soul stone here, I don't know if it is evidence."

Is there evidence? Everyone can't help but wonder: Is this Luo Shang in the Yin Ling, or Ling Xiao in the Yin Luo business?

Luo Shang said: "If you come up with strong evidence, I have nothing to say!"

"Good!" Ling Xiao said with a high voice: "This time, even if you want to deny it, you can't afford it!"

Ling Xiao once again took out an image soul stone!

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