Chapter 62:A Demon’s Path

Ling Xiao's explanation

Not only is Shen Nanfeng curious, but even Cheng Tai and Cheng Yu are very curious about Ling Xiao’s prophetic vision.

Since Shen Nanfeng asked, Ling Xiao could not answer it.

What's more, he intended to explain. Otherwise, they can't escape the suspects.

Ling Xiao sorted out his thoughts and said slowly: "This matter begins with our ambush in the valley. From then on, I was thinking, the people who concealed us know very well about our trip. If not our gods People inside the martial art can never know our itinerary."

"And the Demon Soul wants to ambush us, they must hurry, otherwise they may be discovered. Therefore, such a precise ambush can only show that there is a traitor."

Although Ling Xiao’s reasoning is very simple, ordinary people can think about it if they think about it. But the savvy backhand has to be admired: “After the ambush failure, I think someone will come to the scene to clean up the mess. So I will stay. The next soul that was summoned by Miles was hiding in the corner..."

"Wait!" Shen Nanfeng suddenly interrupted Ling Xiao's words: "You are just a red spirit soul teacher, how can those green spirits and Luo Shang can not find your existence?"

Shen Nanfeng suddenly pointed out the loopholes in Ling Xiao's words. In fact, Ling Xiao was not using the spirit but the devil.

However, since Ling Xiao dare to lie, there is enough lie technology: "I think the owner of the valley still remembers what the Tianjiang city owner told you outside Beibei City. I can withstand his spiritual impact, naturally I can escape the spiritual investigation of those guys."

Upon hearing Ling Xiao mention Li Xuanyi, Shen Nanfeng repeated a bit: "Go on."

Ling Xiao wiped the nose with his hand: "I didn't expect that the collusion with the demon soul teacher turned out to be the head of the Yangquan faction. Under the horror, the moment of disappointment exposed the breath and was discovered by them. Fortunately, my head Turning fast, rushing to flash, suffering a little injury, saved a small life."

At this time, Beibei sent people to think of Ling Xiao just left the valley, and spit a blood, it was because this thing was hurt!

Shen Nanfeng listened with interest, and he found that he had to change his mind about Ling Xiao now: "And then?"

"Then we went to the Yuexi School." Ling Xiao continued: "Their disciples are waiting outside the city to pick us up. It was already dark, and it only shows that they must be waiting for us. Nothing to be diligent, non-rape Pirates. What's more, their disciples and martial art are extremely extravagant, and they are obviously contrary to the non-spreading that our sects have always advocated."

Although the Spiritualist School does not pay attention to frugality, it is absolutely opposed to waste. This is an unwritten consensus.

"Where is this extravagant sect, where is their money coming?" Ling Xiao went on to analyze: "Either exploit the ordinary people, or ... accept the benefits of the magic door."

Ling Xiao said that there is no evidence at all, all based on personal speculation, but everyone really accepted his statement.

Now, how does Ling Xiao love pour too much dirty water on the Moon Creek faction? Anyway, this is also the gang of collusion with the magic gate. The darker the better.

Ling Xiao carefully observed the expressions of the people and found that no one doubted his words, so he continued: "You have seen the scene of the Yuexi School, I will not say more. Then we went to Luofeng City and found Qian Hai still remembers my sister-in-law..."

Speaking of this, Cheng Yu’s face burned so badly that his eyes were eager to eat, and staring at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao deliberately did not look at Cheng Yu: "Qian Gui was standing on the side of Luo Shang, but he has been playing the idea of ​​our Beibei school along the way, using Qian Hai to seduce my sister, as if eager to find a companion. Some. This shows that there will be major events to happen. And the Yuxi River of the Yuexi School has been wooing us against the Valley Lord. Combining the two, I have decided that the big thing they have to do must be united against the Valley Lord."

The words of You Songxi are all there, and Ling Xiao’s inference is actually not much.

The key is that he made a lot of preparations in front of him, so that the audience thinks that his inference is still quite powerful.

Ling Xiao continued his personal speech: "Until we arrived here, I discovered that apart from our Beibei and Changyuan factions, we suffered serious losses, and the other martial art almost did not harm one person. This illustrates a problem..."

Ling Xiao paused and found that many people were stretching their necks to listen to him. They could not help but feel a little smug: "Why is the magic door only ambushing us? This is absolutely impossible. But why are their martial arts not doing anything at all? So I have another bold speculation."

"Either these sects are colluding with the magic door, or they have been forced into a thief boat, for example, threatened, or set a soul vow."

Ling Xiao turned his attention to Da Zhu Xiaozhu: "I really appreciate these two brothers, I don't want them to die. So I told them, tell their father, don't try to fight against the landlord. Look at their father's reaction, I am sure My speculation: they are threatened."

"Their father told them to follow me. This is enough to prove that their father didn't really want to fight against the owner." Ling Xiao increased his voice: "So, Ling Xiao boldly asked the owner to give Zhu Zhumen a The whole body."

"Well, Ling Xiaoxian is really bright in his heart, and he is in the palm of his hand. It’s the luck of your Beibei pie! Haha!" Shen Nanfeng did not hide his appreciation for Ling Xiao, even the title became Ling Xiaoxian. nephew.

Since Ling Xiao is so thoughtful, he will not make some unwise things.

For example, face to face the kindness of Shen Nanfeng.

Ling Xiao is not afraid of Shen Nanfeng's anger, it must be dependent on it.

However, Shen Nanfeng did not think about what Ling Xiao relied on for the time being, and Yan Yue said: "Follow it, I haven't finished it yet."

Ling Xiao smiled and said: "The next thing is pure speculation. If you are wrong, you will still be wondering."

Ling Xiao didn’t expect Shen Nanfeng to blame him, because he hadn’t waited for Shen Nanfeng to talk, he went on to say: “The reason why I call Zhu’s door is not to fight against the owner of the valley, because the owner of the valley has already invited the grandmother directly. This shows that the winner of the valley is in the grip."

Ling Xiao took a peek at Shen Mingfang and found that she was very unhappy with her name "Grandma". She quickly changed her mind: "Shen is the first master of the Valley of the Winds, and the owner of the valley dares to put her directly in the face." Above, because the owner of the valley must have a backhand. All people, as long as they are not stupid, will not put all their power on the bright side."

Everyone turned their eyes: Ling Xiao, is this in disguise? This way down, the most hidden power is not Shen Nanfeng, it is Ling Xiao himself.

Ling Xiao was no matter what other people think, his eyes are staring at Shen Mingfang.

It was not until I found out that Shen Mingfang’s anger turned into a slightly smiling mouth. Ling Xiao said that he boldly said: “Luo Shang made such a big move, I believe that Gu Gu also knows, so please Shen Yan’s out is to let everyone not hold There are too many fantasies, friendship is the first."

Shen Nanfeng nodded unconsciously.

Ling Xiao is right, he asked Shen Mingfang to go out, just want to use Shen Mingfang's name to suppress these idiots, and then settle accounts in the fall.

Of course, the ending of the matter is not as perfect as Shen Nanfeng imagined.

The next words of Ling Xiao clarified the reason: "Of course, Luo Shang is not so stupid, so he did not come during the team battle. Until there was a problem inside the Valley of the Winds, the poisoned buddies... Oh no, The poisoned ** said that he could get everything done, and Luo Shang was boldly killed here."

Shen Nanfeng looked at Ling Xiao leisurely: "Do you know how the poison of Hua Wei's ** is?"

Ling Xiao shook his head and smiled: "That is what the grain owner wants to check."

Shen Nanfeng smiled and looked at Ling Xiao: "You still have a relationship with you."

Ling Xiao secretly whispered: "Your sister! No, it is your aunt! You are not strict with your own treatment, shut me up?"

Shen Nanfeng knew that Ling Xiao was dissatisfied and clap his hands and slowly said: "Bring people up."

The eyes of the people always looked at the two people who were brought up. Ling Xiaoyi: Isn’t this a man and a woman who have been scrapped by their own arms in the group battle? Their arms seem to be connected!

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