Chapter 64:A Demon’s Path

Chaos soul

There are thousands of embarrassing thoughts in my heart. As long as I think of Shen Mingfang’s horrible strength like an old witch, I will instantly turn these thousands of ideas into light smoke and drift with the wind.

A flying jump, Ling Xiao fell steadily on the flying carpet at the foot of Shen Mingfang.

"Go!" Shen Mingfang called for a drink, and the blanket suddenly moved and flew away.

call! Ling Xiao only felt that the hurricane that was whistling on the head, so that he almost couldn't even open his eyes.

"How high are we from the ground?" Ling Xiao closed his eyes and asked.

"A thousand or so." Shen Mingfang replied casually.

"Wow!" Ling Xiao was scared, slammed forward, and both hands... cough, well, Ling Xiao admitted, pressed the place that should not be pressed.

Shen Mingfang was flushed with his face, and his body was gently shocked. It was only an instant effort that he gently bounced Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao fell for two or three steps, sitting on the blanket, still dare to open his eyes: "Scare me!"

Shen Mingfang coldly said: "Hello, you are bold!"

Ling Xiao knows that he is in trouble, and he is busy: "Shen girl, this... In fact, I am very courageous, so I will catch it everywhere..."

With a closed eye on the ground, I pressed a pass, and Ling Xiao suddenly pressed empty.

It was discovered that he was actually on the edge of the flying carpet and was scared to jump like a spring.

"Don't pretend, open your eyes!" Shen Mingfang's face turned red and white, not angry.

Ling Xiao smiled twice, and he knew that in front of a top-ranking strong man, he couldn’t hold it for long.

The reason why it is so bold, Ling Xiao is stimulated by Shen Xuan.

"Tell you to steal my teacher, I want to be a cheap master, not so cheap!" Ling Xiao thought in his heart: "I will take advantage of your aunt, then you have to call me aunt, to see who is more cheap. !"

Of course, Ling Xiao is so bold, there is another reason, he expected that Shen Mingfang will not kill him.

Your own value is reflected at this time, how is Shen Mingfang willing to give up?

At the very least, before saving those elders, Ling Xiao is absolutely safe.

However, Ling Xiao definitely does not take advantage of the second time.

Just now, Shen Mingfang was wholeheartedly manipulating the flying carpet, and did not expect Ling Xiao to be so daring.

Once she has preparedness, Ling Xiao estimates that she has not yet leaned on her side, and she will let Ling Xiaosheng die hundreds of times and hundreds of times.

Shen Mingfang was fiddled by Ling Xiao, and his tone became extremely cold: "Don't you have a broom? Take it out."

Ling Xiaoyi said: "What?"

Shen Mingfang told him to take the broom and he had to take it out.

"Riding on the broom." Shen Mingfang's murderous cold makes Ling Xiao feel... she is really angry.

No way, Ling Xiao can only do it.

Ling Xiao reluctantly looked at his posture like riding a broom...

Really wretched.

"Hey!" Shen Mingfang posted a plaque on Ling's broom handle, flew a foot on the end of the broom and kicked Ling Xiao from the flying carpet.

"Wow!" Ling Xiao was really scared this time: his broom went straight ahead!

Ling Xiao grabbed the end of the broom and the whole man squatted on the broom wire.

He was afraid that if he didn't grasp it, he would fall from a height of more than a thousand meters and fell into meat.

Shen Mingfang drove the flying carpet tightly to the side of the broom around the broom: "Do not worry, there is me, you can't die."

This time, Ling Xiao really closed his eyes because of fear, his spirit was highly concentrated, and he felt the wind blowing in the face, and his heart was very nervous.

However, less than half a moment's work, Ling Xiao's consciousness gradually fell into a state of eccentricity.

He seems to feel the flow of the wind...

The temperament in the spirits of the gods and the devils is the power of the five elements, and the perception is the power of nature.

The perception of the wind made Ling Xiao realize the most basic principles of the Five Elements and the methods used.

The so-called knowing it, and then know why.

Without the scruples of Shen Mingfang around, Ling Xiao naturally merged the spirits of the gods and the two souls together.

In the consciousness of Ling Xiao, the smoldering fire and the smoldering fire of the power of the special burning soul slowly combined into a mad mine with a smoldering fire.

The new five elements of the fusion of the gods and the two souls \- the smoldering thunder!

Shen Mingfang was surprised to see the changes in Ling Xiao's body, and he couldn't speak for a while.

The power of the five elements around Ling Xiao took him as the center, and he quickly flowed around him, forming each other and forming each other.

Under the influence of the magic token, Shen Mingfang did not see it, the magic soul in Ling Xiao!

What Shen Mingfang saw was just the golden light that was similar to her declining gods.

"This kid has the power of the most original soul!" Shen Mingfang is one of the few powerful people in the mainland, and some things he knows are not known to Gantan or Li Yuanhuan.

The chain soul teacher is divided into the soul and the demon soul, and there is a kind of human soul, which is indivisible, does not distinguish between the devil, and is regarded as the origin of the soul, or called \- the chaos soul.

This kind of person Shen Mingfang has never seen it before, but only occasionally saw a note in the note.

That note was left by the top of the Shen family who flew from the mainland of Haotian.

People with chaotic souls are quick to practice, and the speed of the soul is extremely slow.

Without a certain basic accumulation, there is no way to advance, and even in the end of life, it can only be cultivated to the yellow level.

There are very few such people, and they are invincible in the upper and lower levels.

However, it is probably because of the talents of the Scorpio. Among the people with records, nine out of ten were killed in the process of growing up.

The other one is always stuck at a certain level.

Shen Mingfang’s thoughts drifted a little far, and even Ling Xiao had opened her eyes and she did not notice.

"I said, Shen girl, what are you thinking about?" Shen Mingfang was pulled back from his thoughts by Ling Xiao’s voice.

Looking at Ling Xiao is staring at his eyes and turning around, looking up and down, the heart can not help but burst into anger.

Ling Xiao quickly opened the topic: "That... Shen girl, can you ask a question?"

"Let's talk." Shen Mingfang resisted the anger in his heart and said with no anger.

Ling Xiao looked at her eyes very seriously and looked directly at Shen Mingfang: "How old are you?"

Shen Mingfang did not expect Ling Xiao to ask this question, and replied casually: "Twenty-nine."

After thinking for a long time, Ling Xiao said that after he had not heard the mistake, he said very helplessly: "Shen girl, are you sure that the number you reported is not reversed?"

Shen Mingfang sneered: "Do not believe that you are free. Kid, then slide the oil, although I will not kill you, but I will make you dumb for three days."

Ling Xiao spit out his tongue and it was no longer nonsense.

The two of them flew silently for a while, probably because they were bored. Shen Mingfang first spoke: "Ling Wei, do you really refine medicine?"

Ling Xiao smiled and nodded, but did not speak.

Shen Mingfang was furious: "Why don't you talk?"

Ling Xiao snorted and extended three fingers.

Shen Mingfang realized that Ling Xiao was not afraid to laugh at the words that he had threatened him before. "It’s really a slippery head. Well, let's talk, I won't mute you."

"Call... I am dying!" Ling Xiao exhaled a long breath and was quickly blown away by the fierce wind blowing in the face.

Ling Xiao rode the broom for so long, the courage was a little bigger, stretched out and stretched, and this replied: "My refining technology naturally has nothing to say, if the floating red house does not have my medicine, the business does not know how much to lose. ""

“Floating Red House?” Shen Mingfang sighed, then blushes and sighs: “What medicine are you smelting? It’s messy.”

Shen Mingfang’s statement is just a casual statement. I know that Ling Xiao still replied very seriously: “Dongjin Jingang Pills, five times a night...”

"Shut up!" Shen Mingfang screamed, and Ling Xiao was so scared that he shook his body like a grievous child: "You told me to do it myself..."

Shen Mingfang reluctantly said: "Well, I am afraid of you. What do you want to say, just say it."

"Really!?" Ling Xiao suddenly came up: "Shen girl, to be honest, how old are you?"

Shen Mingfang: "........."

Ling Xiao saw that she did not speak, and quickly replied: "I swear, I will never say to others!"

In fact, the next sentence that Ling Xiao did not say is: I will write it to others.

In the eyes of Shen Mingfang, it seems that it is going to spurt out the fire. Ling Xiao knows it is not good. He quickly pointed to the front and said: "Look and see, is there a mountain?"

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