Chapter 66:A Demon’s Path

Cave night

"You still... standing... what?" Shen Mingfang said something difficult.

Her eyes were fascinated by the earth powder, and she could only be closed for a while, and could not see the look on Ling Xiao’s face.

Ling Xiao suddenly woke up and leaned down to lift Shen Mingfang and put it back on the clean and flat ground.

"I look like now... is it... hard to see?" Shen Mingfang asked calmly. Leaving the ruins, breathing smoothly, speaking is not so uncomfortable.

Ling Xiao’s nose was slightly sour, but his face had a soft smile: “Who said? Shen is so beautiful whenever she is, like the sun in this morning is so bright.”

"Oh... dare to be so arrogant to me... you are the first one..." Shen Mingfang’s face showed a faint smile, and his thoughts did not seem to know where it was.

There are a lot of food and water left in Ling Xiao’s storage space. He is hungry and will fill the water and food wherever he goes.

He took the water out of the storage space, stained the water with the silk scarf of Cheng Yu, and carefully rubbed his face for Shen Mingfang.

The dust is gone, the face is still so beautiful. Only, those eyes...

"It's so dark!" Shen Mingfang said: "Ling Wei, have you just lit the lights?"

Ling Xiao’s heart was bitter: "Shen girl, I am afraid that you are embarrassed, I just turned off the lights."

"Oh..." Shen Mingfang smiled and said: "You shouldn't think again... black and white?"

Ling Xiaoqiang swallowed a sour and sinuous liquid in his throat and smiled. "I am afraid that you will be ruined by you, and take my meat to feed the wild dogs."

"I really... is it so terrible?" Shen Mingfang showed a faint disappointment on his face.

Ling Xiao said with a smile: "If you are really 92 years old, it is so terrible."

"Twenty-nine." Shen Mingfang said with certainty: "A woman will never forget her age."

Ling Xiao smiled lightly. It seems that everyone is wrong and confused.

"The silk scarf was just your sister?" After drinking a few mouthfuls of water, Shen Mingfang quickly recovered.

Ling Xiaoyi said: "How do you know?"

"Although I didn't use these things, I can smell it. There are perfumes that girls like to use." Shen Mingfang said slyly: "The little girl puts you here with silk scarves. It seems that you This little slicker stole the hearts of others."

Ling Xiao looked numb: "Don't talk nonsense, the sister will be with the master in the future."

Shen Mingfang smiled disapprovingly: "Is it? But what if your sister doesn't like your master?"

Ling Xiao did not dare to continue to talk about this issue, busy: "Shen girl, if you don't mind, I will deal with your wounds first."

“Hey!” Shen Mingfang sighed long: “I’m having a chat, it’s so boring. Ok, let’s get started.”

Ling Xiao carefully wiped the dust off Shen Mingfang with the silk scarf. Where there was a wound, Ling Xiao washed the wound with water and then sprinkled some powder.

Fortunately, they are all skin injuries.

However, some inconveniences are that Shen Mingfang’s bones have broken several pieces.

With the physique of her peerless power, I want to connect this bone, and the medicine I need is not easy to find.

It seems that the bones are not necessarily a good thing... Ling Xiao said to himself.

After some treatment, Ling Xiao finally wiped Shen Mingfang clean.

Of course, except for the part wrapped in clothing.

It is very magical that Shen Mingfang has wounds elsewhere, but the clothes on her body are not even damaged.

Although Ling Xiao was curious, he knew that some things could not be asked.

"How did you get hurt? What kind of thing is the snake spirit bead?" I probably felt that there was nothing to say, Ling Xiaowen asked.

Shen Mingfang sighed and sighed: "I don't know if it is luck to the extreme, or to the extreme, we have encountered a big snake that will be turned into a dragon. The snake spirit bead is the soul of its cultivation, equivalent to our soul stone."

Ling Xiaoyi said: "Do you mean this?"

Shen Mingfang shook his head: "Of course not. It is estimated that this snake is its child, otherwise it will not be desperate to go with me. Right, you will dig inside."

"Dragon?" Ling Xiao has seen a dragon that has been made by others, but the real dragon has never seen it.

Shen Mingfang has just taken care of her own healing medicine, and rests for one night and it is estimated that tomorrow will be fine.

Anyway, Ling Xiao has nothing to do now, it is a good choice to start digging the dragon.

Ling Xiao’s shovel can be described as an indispensable tool for digging treasures and digging corners. It is easy to dig the ruins into a hundred meters.

In a short while, Ling Xiao saw an snake tail.

When I saw the thick tail, it was twice as thick as the snake's tail outside!

Three times and five divided by two, Ling Xiao several hundred shovel down, a green snake is presented in front of Ling Xiao.

It lies quietly, without any breath of life.

Compared with the snake outside, this snake is not only a big one, but also a very thick scale.

The main difference is that the big snake has two horns on the head!

"Sure enough, it is a big snake that has become a dragon!" Ling Xiao was amazed.

It is not necessary for Shen Mingfang to explain that Ling Yu’s Amakusa is said to be the treasure of this snake.

Snake scales can be made into armor, and snakes can solve the low toxins of animals and plants that are lower than the snake.

The poison on the snake's teeth is one of the essential materials for many kinds of poison.

However, the most precious convenience of this snake is its horn.

The pair of dragon horns, as long as there are powerful refiners or refiners, can be refined into purple weapons or magic weapons.

At that time, even if Ling Xiao’s strength is insufficient, the existence of such a magic weapon is enough to protect himself.

"Purple-level weapons?" Ling Xiao laughed and laughed at himself. Those without purple strength could not refine this level of treasure.

The only purple-level powerhouse that Lingxiao knows on the mainland is lying on the ground outside.

Ling Xiao is going to drag this big snake out, bend down and pull the snake tail, and there is no way to lift the snake's tail!

"It's so heavy! Isn't there a few hundred thousand pounds?" Ling Xiao estimated the weight of the snake, remembering the purple beads that the snake had just spit out, and then realized how much the attack Shen Mingfang had suffered. Strong!

The tail of this snake alone is estimated to be a meat sauce, not to mention the essence of the snake's lifelong cultivation!

In the past, Ling Xiao had only heard of the power of the purple-level powerhouse. Shen Mingfang’s first shot was not fully felt.

At this time, he had a new understanding of Shen Mingfang's strength.

This seemingly ordinary woman, with such tremendous strength, is comparable to this giant snake that is enough to break the mountain!

When Ling Xiaoyi remembered his own reconciliation and sorrow with Shen Mingfang, he couldn’t help but sweat: Fortunately, she would not kill herself. Otherwise, the other party could flatten him with a finger!

Twenty-nine years old, is she really only twenty-nine?

"How? Found?" Shen Mingfang's voice gradually brightened, it seems to be a good recovery.

When I heard Shen Mingfang’s voice, Ling Xiao couldn’t help but laugh: the more powerful woman will be injured, and the injured will be taken care of.

"This snake is too heavy, I can't move it." Ling Xiao shouted.

"Oh, I have a knife here. You take it and take down the useful things on it, so you can store it in the space." Shen Mingfang’s voice passed over, and then Ling Xiao heard a jingle metal floor. sound.

When Ling Xiao walked back and saw it, he couldn't help but flip his eyes: the shape of this knife is really too cold.

How do you think it feels like a kitchen knife?

However, Ling Xiao knows that the more precious some treasures are, the more common they seem to be. They must not judge the pros and cons of treasures.

Ling Xiao picked up the "chopper" and was preparing to cut the snake. Shen Mingfang suddenly said: "Sliding boy, you can't see the light, how can you see it?"

"This..." Ren Lingqi is so smart, no matter how embarrassed, he can't find any excuses.

"Hey!" Shen Mingfang sighed long: "Stupid boy, why are you? I have a blind eye, don't I know it?"

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