Chapter 68:A Demon’s Path

Outside Beibei City

Outside Beibei City, a white-haired old man walked on the outskirts of the road in an idle pace. While walking, I still looked around and seemed to want to see something out.

"Hua Elder, Beibei City, what do you want?" A slightly smiling voice suddenly came from the old man.

This old man is one of the elders of the Qingnian refining industry in the valley of the wind, which is one of the initiators of the turmoil in the valley.

He greeted him, and it was the seven demon elders with a blue mask, that is, the green elder who ambushed the Beijiao and Changyuan factions outside the valley with the flame magic Pan Hyun.

Hua Wei haha ​​smiled: "There is nothing I want, but it is something that the nobles of the seven teachings of the nobles want. The old man is curious and normal."

The deep eyes of the young elders, through the mask, exude a strange light: "Don’t pull away, is it done?"

Hua Tuo nodded: "I finally found out. In addition to the demon squad, there are a hundred green spirits in the valley of the wind. According to my estimation, the one hundred green spirits It is also possible to apply the skills of the combined attack. Even if the entire Seven Devils are killed, they may not be able to compete with the one hundred guys."

The elders are laughing and laughing, and they can't say the smugness in their tone: "Our current generation of elders, Mo, will not be so stupid, to attack the valley of the wind. Besides, the source of this mysterious enchantment of Beibei School has not been destroyed. Lose, we have no chance of winning. Every time you rely on your refining medicinal herbs to hide your breath, the cost is too great."

Hua Tuodao: "The seven devils are rich in money, what is this spar? The two soul stone plates that the light gave to the idiots of Luo Shang are a big hand!"

The elders said contemptuously: "The guy in Luoshang is too bad for the weather. Even a kid can't cope, it's too disappointing."

Hua Wei suddenly frowned. "Don't look down on the kid. He dared to say that he could break my poison. I must have some grasp. I have a chance to catch him. I must torture it."

"Well, Elder Hua, thank you for this time. Please follow me back to the Seven Devils as soon as possible, so as not to be discovered by the people in the Wind Valley." The elder's tone was very respectful and made a request.

Hua Tuo was also welcome, striding ahead, a burst of blue light flashed, and the two disappeared outside Beibei City.

Ling Xiao and Shen Mingfang sat on the flying broom of Ling Xiao and quickly flew to the Wind Valley.

It is estimated that it is almost falling into the wind, Shen Mingfang suddenly took out a purple bead and handed it to Ling Xiao: "Hold."

Ling Xiao naturally wouldn’t be polite with Shen Mingfang. This bead was directly put into the space. Then he asked: "What is this?"

Shen Mingfang smiled faintly: "When, I am bored when I want to find someone to chat, you don't hide from me."

Ling Xiao really does not understand why Shen Mingfang favors himself, but since this is Shen Mingfang’s request, he is also not good to refuse: “Well, okay.”

With a cry, Ling Xiao tore the flying character attached to the broom and the two landed straight on the ground.

Even though Shen Mingfang is blind, it is a small matter to bring Ling Xiao’s safety back to the ground.

"Come back!" Shen Nanfeng immediately greeted him and suddenly found the opposite of Shen Mingfang: "Aunt, you..."

Shen Mingfang smiled and said: "Nothing, luck is worse."

The face under the eyes of Shen Nanfeng twitched a few times: "Aunt, have you worked, return to the moon to rest."

"Yeah." Without any help from others, Shen Mingfang walked quickly in one direction.

For the falling wind valley, Shen Mingfang can be said to be closed without eyes. This time, it is really unnecessary to open his eyes.

Ling Xiao was aware that when Shen Nanfeng heard Shen Mingfang’s eyes smashed, there was a slight discomfort in his heart.

This guy doesn't seem to care much about his aunt.

Shen Nanfeng soon recovered to the original state, and smiled softly: "Ling Xiaoshi, you should have something to gain."

Ling Xiao nodded: "The five five elements are sorrowful, are you looking for it?"

Shen Nanfeng smiled and said: "You should be clear when you look over there."

There was a big Dan furnace in the middle of the competition venue, and five spirits were sitting around the Dan furnace with a pentagonal position.

Ling Xiao is very satisfied with the arrangement of Shen Nanfeng: "Okay, start right away."

This is Ling Xiao’s first public refining, and everyone in Luofeng Valley sat in the stands to watch.

They are very curious, to what extent can such a kid refine the medicinal herbs?

Can his refining level really solve the poison that Hua Tuo refines?

Cheng Gantai sat in the stands with a group of disciples, and they were proud of their faces.

Confidence in Ling Xiao, they are more than anyone else.

I saw that Ling Xiao walked to the side of the Dan furnace, which is nearly one person high, and took the palm of the furnace cover.

Then directly put the prepared medicinal herbs into the ancient brain and cover the Dan furnace cover.

Everyone glimpsed: Is this a refining or a porridge? Is there such a refining?

Even if many people don't know about refining, they have also heard that refining is about the control of the fire and the fineness of the medicine.

The medicinal properties of the medicinal materials are different. Some medicines should be smelted for a long time, and some medicines will lose their efficacy if they are too long.

So this medicine, you have to step by step.

And Ling Xiaoyi shot, it is like cooking a big pot of porridge, how can this make everyone not surprised?

Even Shen Nanfeng frowned, and there was a suspicion about Ling Xiao and himself: Am I too convinced of this kid?

Ling Xiao didn't think about the thoughts of those guys, and shouted loudly: "You five, the green flames are burning and burning for three hours."

The five people were so straight-eyed: they were Shen Nanfeng who came to help, but it was not here to be a source of fire!

Three hours? Even if it is a young soul, it will take a life to drop three times!

What is needed is not the lives of others, but their own lives.

Shen Nanfeng was really no other way, and there were no other candidates. He had to accompany Xiao Ling.

Pretending that I didn't see the five angry faces, Shen Nanfeng said: "Five, please, and promised to double the rewards of five."

The five men swallowed their mouths: look at the magic weapon and the spar, and get out!

Huh... The soul stone on the five-person item is also shining, and the five- green cyan flames are swept from their palms and flew to the bottom of the Great Dan furnace.

In an instant, the Great Dan furnace was squirting and steaming.

Cheng Yu said: "That kid will toss people, in Beibei, it is such a tortured master!"

Li Yuanhuan smiled and said nothing, his eyes staring straight at the squat on the field.

Although Ling Xiao was indifferent before starting the refining of medicine, he could start refining medicine, and his temperament changed.

At this moment, his eyes sparkled, as if he was doing something very interesting.

The serious and dedicated look makes people feel that this kid is really a master of refining.

Half an hour has just arrived, and Ling Xiao did not make people count, he immediately responded.

After taking a palm out of the air, the Dan furnace cover was shot again, and Ling Xiao used his powerful mental power to check the situation in Dan furnace.

After more than ten seconds, Ling Xiao waved a handful, and a black medicinal material flew out of the Dan furnace and landed on the ground.

The sharp-eyed person can recognize that this group of black medicines is the same medicine.

In other words, Ling Xiao used the mental power to filter all the drugs in the Dan furnace.

"Good means!" This time Shennan Fengji is to see Ling Xiao's super strength.

In the case of five green spirits, the medicinal herbs will be filtered out. If they are replaced by ordinary red spirits, the spirit will be burned by the blue flame.

And Ling Xiao is not only afraid of the blue flame, but also can distract the filter. This kind of mental power is really terrible!

"The future of this child can not be limited!" Shen Nanfeng flashed countless thoughts in an instant, but these thoughts always have only one purpose: to tie this kid firmly to the big windy valley.

Some people seem to understand the tricks of Ling Xiao, and they are wonderful.

Others are adding drugs step by step, and Ling Xiao is doing the opposite, filtering step by step.

In contrast, this method of refining is more effective and more difficult, and they can't help but admire them!

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