Chapter 75:A Demon’s Path

Liu and his son

Longhaicheng is a big city built by the sea. The high wall with a length of several tens of meters surrounds Longhaicheng.

Outside the wall, there is a beautiful beach, if there is not a large piece of blood and body.

Standing on the wall of the high wall, the ** red eyes were shocking and shocked, and the new disciples were deeply shocked.

It is said that they have seen murders occasionally, but they are the first to see the corpses of this large area.

Broken hand, broken foot, neck bitten, chest pierced ... all kinds of death methods, everything.

These deceased people wear the uniforms of the falling wind valley \- gray battle suits, and Li Yuanchong is no different from what they wear.

There are still a lot of dead bodies on the ground, and it is disgusting to see everyone.

The bodies of these monsters are either human hands, or human feet, and some are human head fish. Their residual limbs are mixed with people, and some simply do not see whether they are human hands or devils.

The blood on the ground clearly showed signs of black hair drying. Under the sun's exposure, the body screamed and stinks. Obviously, this battle has been a day or two.

The reason why the battlefield has not been cleaned up, Liu Xinyi's meaning is obvious, just want to give these new people a look, how the real killing is cruel, let them not think that it is a mix of fun.

Liu Xinyu used to see the group of newcomers who had been eager to come, and then sighed and then went back.

Liu Xinyi pays more than a thousand red-level orange spirits every year as a price to protect them. Because they are sent here by Luo Feng Gu, he must guarantee their safety.

Liu Xinyi did not report the true situation of the matter to the owner of Shennanfeng. Shen Nanfeng invested a lot of spar here every year. In addition to letting him increase the city defense, this is probably the meaning.

However, Liu Xinyi couldn’t see the group of enemies who had been recruited and died. They were also the people to be protected in the valley of the valley.

Therefore, Liu Xinyu finally couldn't help it. He deliberately kept these things and let Shen Xuan take a good look.

Looking at the serious look of these people, Liu Xinyi was very pleased, and finally it was part of the effect.

Shen Xuan closed his eyes and expressed deep condolences to the disciples of the victims of the fall.

Later, he bowed deeply to the pile of corpses, and the new disciples also accompanied him and expressed their respect for the deceased.

"Fortunately, the owner of the valley is not the kind of child who doesn't understand anything." Liu Xinyi was very satisfied with Shen Xuan's move, and the new disciples gave Liu Xinyi a feeling that was completely different from previous years.

Especially the Li Yuanchong, seeing that ** piece, the brow does not wrinkle, it shows that the mind is strong, very comparable.

And Liu Xinyu is the most dissatisfied among the people, naturally it is the Lingxiao who is still "sleeping" in the room at the moment.

In fact, Ling Xiao is not sleeping in the room, but counting money.

Qian Gui left to give him the soul chain and the soul chain space where Hua Tuo murdered and robbed, and there was a large amount of spar, weapons and herbs, although compared with the property in the Qilu magic chain is a slap in the face.

For Ling Xiao, the spar and the medicinal materials are more and more good, not to mention two green spirits and soul stone.

Most of the refining pharmacists are sorcerers, because they must master the fire of refining, and no five-line power is impossible.

For these two green soul chains, Ling Xiao has some emotion.

These two soul chains are temporarily unavailable, and they are sold. At the very least, the soul chain of Qiangui cannot be sold.

As for the soul chain of Hua Tuo, let's put it first, maybe it will be useful later.

Suddenly, Ling Xiao remembered the situation when the seven devil ancestors self-destructed the soul chain, and a thought in the heart fretting.

I don't know what it would be like to explode them. Can you kill a young chain soul teacher?

Together with this crazy idea, Ling Xiao immediately came to the interest.

This time I killed Hua Tuo because the other party did not notice that it would be poisoned. But next time I run into a hard shackle, he must always be prepared.

To explode a soul stone, and still a green soul stone, with Ling Hao's current super strength, there is still no way to do without a month of sacrifice.

Only by completely honouring this soul stone can it be detonated as desired.

As for the sacrifice of soul stone, there are naturally ways to sacrifice soul stone in the seven-ring magic chain, and there is no level limit.

The most important thing to look at in the soul stone is the spiritual power. Those who are strong in spirit will sacrifice fast, and those who have weak mental strength will have a long time to sacrifice.

If you switch to another red-level ** soul teacher to sacrifice a green soul stone, it will not work for a year and a half.

Can be different. What is mental power for him? This is his strength!

If you do it, Ling Xiao is preparing to take the soul stone out for sacrifice. The noise outside has interrupted the idea of ​​Ling Xiao’s sacrifice.

"This group of guys is back, how can it be so fast?" Ling Xiao dissatisfied with the ground and opened the door and went out.

There is an extremely empty space outside the room, and a hundred guys are working on the field to practice a variety of powerful skills.

Ling Xiaoyi: No, right? I have to go to lunch time. When they come back, they are not ready to eat, but they are practicing?

I am going! When did the young fans of this group of playboys become so hardworking?

The extent of the effort is almost catching up with the previous smashing.

Only one of the most abnormal people seems to be the most normal: Li Yuanchong.

He was standing stupidly, stunned, and his eyes didn't know where to look.

Ling Xiao walked over to him and patted him on the shoulder: "Hey, are you thinking of your family becoming a sister?"

Although there is a relationship between Cheng Yu and Li Yu, Li Yuanchong is not so disgusted with Ling Xiao. Can be interrupted by Ling Xiao, he still showed an unpleasant look: "You are really an annoying guy, I am studying the bodies of those people..."

"Cut!" Ling Xiao snorted in disapproval: "What is the study of the body?"

When I mentioned the body of the study, Li Yuanchong’s eyes exude a covert fanaticism: “The bodies are the best research materials. From the degree and direction of their wounds, the degree of damage to the bones and internal organs, the attack methods and weapons of the other side can be inferred. Judging the enemy's moves, you can prepare in advance and kill the other one by surprise!"

Seeing that Ling Xiao was said to have been stunned by himself, Li Yuanchong was very proud to continue to explain: "For example, some people have previously wounded from the right shoulder to the left and left, and the depth is different. This shows the enemy. There are some left-handers who use weapons such as machetes, and there is no specific move. It is completely power and speed..."

Ling Xiao was stunned to listen to Li Yuanchong's analysis. For Li Yuanchong, he could only give a thumbs up and then praise it again: high, it is high!

I can't think of Li Yuanchong's young age, and there is still such a hand, and I can't help but admire it.

Speaking of it, the first of my newcomer contest is still a little lucky, the real first, it should be this Li Yuanchong younger brother!

Shen Xuan smiled and walked over, very kindly asked: "Ling elders, can you sleep well?"

"Good girl!" Ling Xiao greeted Shen Xuan in his heart, and then he did enough work on the surface, stretched out and yawned: "Sleeping well."

Liu Yue’s cold voice appeared again behind Ling Xiao: “It’s time for lunch, please go to dinner.”

"Eating, okay!" Ling Xiao ran fast, but just ran out and ran back later, pulling Liu Yue: "Excuse me, where is the place to eat?"

Everyone: "........."

"I wanted to hit that son of a ** meal!" Liu Xintang in his father's study, Liu Yue angry almost did not put anything inside the tea things like smashed.

Liu Xinyu said with a deep thought, he said: "Children, you learn more from that kid. You are so angry that you can never become a big device. He is right. You take people by appearance, but it is true."

Liu Yue didn't expect his father to speak for Ling Xiao's guy. He couldn't help but be dissatisfied: "He has something amazing! Isn't it a refining? Isn't it the first to win a newcomer contest by some unsuccessful means?" Father, you won't let me go, or else, the orange-level soul teacher who will take care of me will definitely be the first!"

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