Chapter 76:A Demon’s Path


"Stop!" Liu Xinyu was flushed with anger and anger: "If you want to make you come out, I will not come to this ghost place as a city owner!"

Liu Yue knew that he had touched a certain nerve of his father and quickly pleaded guilty: "Please sigh, it is the child's wrong."

Liu Xinyu’s face was a little better. “We Liu’s hiding in this corner is that we don’t want to get involved in the sects of their seven holy places. It’s meaningful to use your ability to outdo that.” What? Among the newcomers, Li Yuanchong is also very powerful. Isn’t it a potential hitter in the Wind Valley? Right, where is Lingxiao now?”

Liu Yue’s face twitched: “Hey, he’s going to visit the brothel.”

Liu Xinyi almost did not have a myocardial infarction.

For Ling Xiao, in addition to the Beibei School, the place similar to the floating red courtyard is always the most intimate place for him.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing to know if it’s a sneak peek into the river.

In short, without the restrictions of the Master's rules, Ling Hao unscrupulously strolled around the Yixiang Garden in Longhaicheng.

Ling Xiao has always felt that whether a place is "yellow" or "small" is very popular with the girls in the local kiln.

There are more girls who are eye-catching, and this place is naturally prosperous.

When Ling Xiaoyi walked into the Yixiang Garden, which was full of fat powder, the old man’s eyes lit up, just like the flies saw the thing.

"Hey, this young man, good face! What's new? The good girl here is much more..." The old man screamed like a pinched throat: "Girls, come out to pick up!"

Because it is the afternoon time, and not many people come here to be "smart", the girls naturally have no business.

As soon as I heard that the guests came outside, the group of Yan Yanyan drilled out from their respective "studios" and arranged them neatly in a circle.

The layout of the brothels is similar, and they are all ring-shaped.

In the middle of the ring is the hall, and most of the girls are on the second or third floor for the selection.

Ling Xiao swept away and his face showed a slight disappointment.

Probably seeing more women like Tang Yingying, Cheng Yu, and Shen Mingfang, Ling Xiao felt that his eyes were much higher. Looking at these women, they felt that they were all a group of mediocre powders and could not afford any interest.

The reason why I came here for shopping is still the reason: Ling Xiao is afraid of the loneliness in the depths of my heart.

In order to survive all day long, Ling Xiao did not know what is lonely. Later, I entered the Beibei School and began to realize that there was still something like loneliness.

Until the death of Tang Yingying, Ling Xiao understands that loneliness is also a terrible thing.

Now even the Masters are not by their side. Besides going to the brothel, what else can Ling Xiao do?

"Well?" Inadvertently, a woman attracted Ling Xiao’s vision. Ling Xiao pointed at the woman and said, "It’s her."

The old man looked at his face: "She is just serving tea..."

The old man quickly closed his mouth, and Ling Xiao took out a bright and clear jade stone and took the old man's eyes to the past.

"Isn't enough to buy her?" Ling Xiao's eyes have been staring at this beautiful girl, although she only wears the most common prostitute, but her unique temperament still deeply attracts Ling Xiao.

The old girl looked like a chicken and glutinous rice: "Enough... enough..."

"Then I took it away." Ling Xiao no longer cares about the old man, and does not ask the girl to be willing or not, directly pulling her little wrist and going outside.

"Go! It's boring." The girls stretched out and yawned, some of them still didn't wake up, then went back to the "studio" to sleep.

For them, sleeping is both work and rest.

Ling Xiao brought a girl back to her place, causing a sensation among the people.

Ling Xiao didn't seem to evade anything at all. Guangming was greatly swaying and brought the girl into his room. He could see everyone stunned.

This Ling elder is also... too, is that some?

Young people are more arrogant, but they can be solved everywhere. Why do they have to bring them back?

The spirits of the subordinates of Longhaicheng changed from the previous horror to the anger of the face, and the anger of the face was raging. "We are here to die and protect the city. You are from the hinterland but only all day." Know how to enjoy!"

"Ling, you are the bastard! Get out of us!"

Li Yuanchong, more than a hundred people want to stop this group of angry people, after all, they came with Ling Xiao.

And because of Ling Xiao's relationship, I got a lot of benefits. They didn't want Ling Xiao to be attacked because they were not too big things.

At this time, what surprised everyone was that his cumbersome voice came out of Ling Xiao’s room: "Began to do things, don't make a noise."

Then came the scream of the girl: "Ah~~~"

Everyone was at a loss, and suddenly they were in the same place.

Liu Xinyi sighed long: "Let's go, let's go."

Since even the city owners have spoken, this group of people is still respectful of their heads, and they have to scatter.

Those new disciples are too lazy to overhear Ling Xiao to do that kind of thing, and also leave with the soul of Longhai City.

In the room, Ling Xiao looked like a sinful color, and the woman who looked at the coat and was torn into pieces by herself laughed and said: "What is your name?"

The woman’s delicate face was full of horror: “Small... Xiaomo...”

Ling Xiao took out a dagger with green poisonous juice and stroked it on Xiaomo’s face: "Do you believe that I scratched your face with a knife?"

Xiaomo trembled: "You... why are you doing this?"

Ling Xiao put his face close to Xiaomo, a pair of cold eyes staring straight at her: "This, I should ask you to be right."

"What do you mean by this?" Xiaomo suddenly calmed down and stared at Ling Xiao without fear.

The shock just now was completely pretending.

Ling Xiao said: "I did meet a girl in the brothel and took her away. But it does not mean that every time I go to a brothel, I must take away a girl. And still have another heart. That kind. Let's go, don't let me meet you again."

Xiaomo’s face showed an unspeakable surprise: “Would you like to let me go?”

Ling Xiao glanced up and down the spring light of Xiaomo, and asked: "Do you say it? Is it really necessary for me to do something that you are willing to leave?"

Xiaomo’s face was red and he hated and sighed: “Rogue!”

Then she quickly took out a dress, put it on herself, and slammed it out.

Ling Xiao smiled: "Yes, if you have clothes, you should wear them quickly. When you have nothing, don't go to the brothel to play role-playing. It is too dangerous."

Xiaomo went far away, I don’t know if I heard it.

Looking at the door that opened wide, Ling Xiao shrugged helplessly: "If I don't let you go, your boss comes to me and I am afraid of death."

Xiaomo’s departure did not escape Liu’s eyes.

He is full of doubts, but he will not ask Shen Xuan, he will not ask Ling Xiao, he will not ask anyone.

He only believes in his own judgment.

"This is not to be underestimated." This is Liu Xinyi’s judgment on Ling Xiao: "He and Shen Xuan are secretly guarding each other, but they don't know what they are defending against each other."

Can't figure it out, Liu Xinyi will continue to think, this is the difference between Liu Xinyi and Ling Xiao.

He is in the land of the border between the Yaozu and the Fengfeng Valley. He has a heavy responsibility and will never allow his team to fight in the enemy when the enemy comes.

In a mountain forest outside Longhaicheng, Xiaomo came to the side of the blue moon and squatted, kneeling down: "Master, Xiaomo failed. That kid is too treacherous, Xiaomo wants to be close to him." ""

Blue Moon is still as calm as ever: "Nothing, you are not his opponent is normal, there are opportunities in the future. Go, go back to the blue moon with the deity, I will let you try again. I don't believe it." On this mainland, who else can resist the beauty of Xiaomo, haha!"

The blue moonland master praised the dry hand and stroked the tender face of Xiaomo.

In addition to the horror, there was no extra expression on Xiaomo’s face, letting the blue moonlander’s dry branches travel all over the body...

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