Chapter 77:A Demon’s Path

Dry well

In the evening, Ling Xiao finally became quiet like a baby, sitting on the table of the city owner Liu Xinyu, listening to Liu Xinxuan about the past.

Due to its special geographical location, Longhaicheng is also in the enchantment of the soul, and the monster above the green level can't get in, but the monster inside the yellow level can't stop it.

The demon is weaker than the Soulmaster and the Demon Soul. Most of them only know some basic skills that are inherited, and they are relatively simple.

But the horrible thing about the monsters is not how strong they are, but because they are numerous and prosperous.

The Terran should cultivate a ** soul who can get a hand, and say less to wait for the child to be over 12 years old.

The Yaozu do not need to, they give birth to a child, in four or five years can become a warrior attacking the Terran. Moreover, they are not born a child, but a nest of life!

With such speed and base, the impact of the Terran city can naturally cause great trouble to the Terran.

And now it is winter, many demon people have the habit of hibernation, so this season is the most violent time of the demon attack.

"Wait!" Ling Xiao interrupted Liu Xinxuan's words: "I have a question, why do the Yaozu attack us?"

Several people stared at Ling Xiao with an idiot's eyes. Even Liu Xinyi felt that this question was too faulty: "It's very simple. The Yaozu people feed on people. After each attack, they can always plunder people. The body, then grab it back and store it for the winter."

Although it sounds disgusting, the four people on this table don't have any obvious expressions. Obviously they are not used to it, they are determined.

Liu Xinyu then explained: "There is another reason, that is, the Yaozu breeds too fast, and it is impossible to commit suicide. Therefore, the war with people can be solved in a certain way. Resource issues."

“So every year?” Ling Xiao suddenly smiled and said: “Can people not give them some food every year? Or teach them some farming techniques to make them self- sufficient.”

Shen Xuan, Liu Xinyu and Liu Yuequan all stunned. They didn't expect Ling Xiao to say this. This is a big conflict with the concept that they have never accepted the shemale.

They are used to playing and killing with the Yaozu, but I really didn't think about the method that Ling Xiao said.

However, Ling Xiao’s suggestion was immediately denied by Liu Yue: “The method of Ling’s elders seems to be feasible on the surface, but it’s not my family. The heart is different. Even if the Yaozu accepts our kindness, wait until they are strong. It may not necessarily be grateful for the benefits we have given us. Once we fight, we will have a disaster."

Liu Xinyi also agreed with his son's point of view: "The Yaozu is too ferocious and cannot communicate at all. We can't take this risk. Besides, the upper level certainly does not agree with us. I can only say that Ling elder, your thoughts are too Childish."

Ling Xiao smiled and said nothing.

Demon? Will a demon like Tang Yingying be brutal? The ghost believes!

To say that you are ferocious, some people don’t know how many times more than the demon, how can you not see them to kill them?

The so-called ferocity is probably the impression left on the battlefields of both sides. And on the battlefield, isn't people cruel?

Of course, it is impossible for Ling Xiao to say his own "anti-human" remarks, or else they will kill him.

"Okay, okay, I admit, I am childish. All actions follow your arrangements, I don't have any opinions." Ling Xiao stretched out and yawned: "Sleep, go to sleep. So sleepy."

After all, Ling Xiao actually stood up and turned and left.

Shen Xuan couldn’t smile and explained to Liu Xinyi: “Uncle Liu, the temper of this Ling elder is weird...”

"Say me bad words?" Ling Xiao faintly heard some, but his current mind is not on those bad words, but in Shen Xuan's "Liu Unshu".

What is their relationship? How does Shen Xuan’s little wolf scorpion even so respect Liu Xinyu?

At the thought of this, Ling Xiao suddenly felt that even Liu Xinyi looked very reliable, but who knows if he will judge himself with his relationship with Shen Xuan?

Liu Xinyu can't help but this is one of the things that Ling Xiao reminded himself before returning to the room.

After returning to the room, Ling Xiao did not think about other things. He was busy refining the soul stone of Hua Tuo. Where did he have the heart to think about other things?

I don't know how long it took, Ling Xiao felt a little tired, and then stopped the refinery and opened the door to go out.

The autumn night looks cold, and even the faint glow of the incomplete moon makes people feel so bleak and cool.

Ling Xiao went down a small road in the city's main house and walked around aimlessly.

I don't know how long ago, Ling Xiao was thinking, if you have such a leisurely walk under the moon, how good life is.

But now I can finally live this life, but Ling Xiao always feels that this kind of life is nothing but a change.

When the mind was full of thoughts, Ling Xiao suddenly heard a bang, as if a woman was crying.

Ling Xiaodun looked at it, the voice, actually came from a well in front of him!

This kind of night, surrounded by no one's situation, set off this sad cry, people can't help but feel the chill in their hearts.

But Ling Xiao has always been daring and curious.

Since the vision of this place has been discovered, it is natural to study it clearly.

Without hesitation, Ling Xiao jumped into the well.

He determined that the well was a dry well, but it was fine.

Sure enough, as soon as it fell to the well, Ling Xiao did not touch the water at all, and landed smoothly on the bottom of the well.

The bottom of the well is another space. Although the import is not large, the bottom of the well is very spacious.

Under the dim light, Ling Xiao saw a woman trapped in a small cage.

Her hair was unkempt, covering most of her face, and her clothes were messy, like a female madman who was ignored by the street.

This woman is not very old, and she is at most twenty-five and six years old. I don't know why I am locked here.

"Children... my children..." The woman cried and whispered as if she had not seen the arrival of Ling Xiao.

Since I have come here, Ling Xiao does not matter whether or not to expose the ugliness of others: "Where is your child? Do you want me to help you find it?"

"Children...children..." When I heard someone mentioning the child, the woman suddenly started to go crazy and frustrated the fence of the iron cage: "Shen Xuan, you bastard! You killed your child and said that he It’s a monster, you can’t die!”

"Shen Xuan!" Ling Xiao's heart trembled, suddenly remembered the "Uncle Liu Shu" claimed, he seems to understand something, slightly smiled: "It turned out to be."

"It’s not polite to just say anything to other people’s family affairs." Liu Yue’s cold voice passed from Ling Xiao’s back.

Ling Xiao did not look back. He smiled and said: "Let the sisters become like this. Are you so polite to Shen Xuan's bastard?"

Liu Yue's face is horrified: "What do you know?"

Ling Xiao laughed two times: "It is nothing more than a story of the beginning of chaos and abandonment. It is very old-fashioned. However, Shen Xuan’s method is quite powerful. He has made the mistakes to the elder sister and made her crazy. ”

Liu Yue’s eyes slammed a few times: “Sure enough, I said that I can’t look too small for you.”

Ling Xiao turned around and said very rudely: "Over the prize, the prize."

Liu Yue gritted his teeth: "However, if you are scolding the forbidden land of others, even if you are an elder, you have to pay the price!"

Without a warning, Liu Yue hit a chest to Ling Xiao’s chest.

The screaming martial arts smashed Ling Xiao’s clothes tightly.

This punch actually used the power of Liu Yue 70%!

In the face of Liu Yue’s quick and awkward punch, Ling Xiao also saved enough strength to slam the other’s fist.

Snapped! With fists and fists, the figures of both of them did not move a point.

However, only they know that the land within a few meters of their feet has turned into a broken soil!

Liu Yue put away his fist and suddenly gave a gift to Ling Xiao: "Ling elders, many offended."

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