Chapter 78:A Demon’s Path


Ling Xiao did not move because of Liu Yue’s salute. His eyes sparkled: “You probably want to ask me to do something?”

Liu Yue’s heart is big: This kid is really unfathomable. I haven’t said anything yet, he knows it!

Where does Liu Yue know that it is the best that Ling Xiao is good at, and that the minds of the people are not weak.

With Liu Yue’s arrogant temper and arrogance, Ling Xiao does not think that the other party just admire the punch that he can catch each other.

If that's the case, Liu Yue will have more people to go to salute.

Only when there is a request for people will they whisper, and most people are like this.

Liu Yue slightly put away his horrified look, and said with a blank face to Ling Xiao: "I heard that Ling elders are highly skilled, can you help me and heal my sister?"

Ling Xiao smiled easily: "No problem. But where is my advantage?"

Liu Yueyi, he really did not expect that Ling Xiao is so...reality.

"Remuneration is not a problem. There are still a lot of spar in our family..." Liu Yue’s words have not been finished yet, and Ling Xiao has repeatedly waved his hand: "I don't miss this."

Liu Yue bit his teeth: "If you want us to help you with Shen Gongzi, I advise you to die this heart."

"Oh." Ling Xiao was slightly surprised: "You actually know that I have to deal with Shen Xuan, this bastard, it seems that I am also a little you."

Seeing Liu Yue’s angry look, it seems that he really wouldn’t promise to deal with Shen Xuan. Ling Xiao can only sigh: "Actually, he wants to deal with me. I don't want you to help me deal with him. However, if Liu Gongzi knows that he has any adverse actions, Liu Gongzi is expected to give a prior notice."

Liu Yue thought for a moment. It didn't seem to violate Liu's family training. He nodded. "This condition is ok, then please ask Ling elders to heal."

Ling Xiao smiled and said: "This deputy prescription is taken by you. Every day, the situation can be improved within 10 days. It will return to normal within one month and fully recover after three months."

Liu Yue took the prescription from Ling Xiao’s hand, but he hasn’t completely recovered. Ling Xiao has already patted his shoulder and left: “Remember what you promised me.”

By the faint light, Liu Yue saw the quaint prescription at the top of the book: the heart of the heart.

Liu Yueyi: If it is just a heartless madness, why are the doctors failing to cure their sister's illness?

When I thought that Ling Xiao was likely to be fooling myself, Liu was so angry that he was preparing to swear. He suddenly found that there was still a word on the back of the prescription, and he quickly turned over and looked at it.

This side is a prescription, and it is back to the gods.

"The two medicines together, the specimens can cure completely. The quack doctors on the mainland only know how to treat their heads and feet, and the medicines are not very good. Of course, they can't be cured."

Ling Xiao’s voice suddenly came down from the wellhead. Liu Yue realized that he had misunderstood Ling Xiao.

It’s just that Liu Yue doesn’t understand why Ling Xiao can take out a prescription at once.

In fact, Ling Xiao had already found this page of prescription from a medical book when he saw this woman.

Anyway, the medical book was left by Hua Tuo. He remembered it once again, and he didn’t feel bad when he tore it.

Even if Liu Yue does not ask for Ling Xiao, Ling Xiao will also save.

"Hey, how have I become so kind recently?" Ling Xiao shook his head helplessly: "This is not a good thing. Hey... so sleepy... go back to sleep!"

In his sleep, Ling Xiao saw the beautiful Tang Yingying.

After leaving for more than ten days, this little goblin has not changed, so it is still so fascinating.

"Hey brother, I miss you very much..." Tang Yingying tears her eyes, tears and pears.

Ling Xiao is also a distressed look: "Shadow, my brother also misses you..."

Ling Xiao is preparing to pounce on, a red figure is blocked between Ling Xiao and Tang Yingying.

"Kid, it’s not that easy to take my shadow." The woman in red was covered with fog and could not see her appearance.

However, Ling Xiao can imagine that this red woman must have a green face and a fangs.

"What do you want?" Ling Xiao said with a chest.

In front of Tang Yingying, Ling Xiao didn't want to marry his prestige. Although he was afraid of it, the woman would swallow herself.

The woman in red smiled coldly: "What kind of things do you want for your own kid, are you willing to turn your face for the shadows and the world? Are you willing to be desperate, even if it is life, protect the shadow?"

Ling Xiao was silent for a moment, and suddenly said: "I don't want to."

"Haha, hahaha..." The red woman laughed with impunity: "Shadow, have you heard that? The kid said he didn't want to."

There is not much disappointment on the face of Tang Yingying: "I know why, my brother has a lot of things to do, so he can't die."

The woman in red swears: "You stupid girl, you are really mad at you! Go, don't come to see this kid again!"

The red woman’s voice just fell, and she and Tang Yingying’s figure disappeared in front of Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao did not stop them, and silently recited in his mouth: "Thank you, shadow. Under the sun, you are the most understanding of your brother..."

In the dream, I don’t know why the tears of the things are crying for the first time.

"When...when...when..." the screaming ringing bell woke up Ling Xiao, he climbed up and shouted dissatisfiedly: "The sky is still not bright, it’s dying!"

"The Yaozu attacked and everyone was ready to defend!" There was a big voice from outside the door.

"Ah--" Ling Xiao made a long yawn, stretched out his hand, twisted his waist, and did all the preparations before moving out.

Outside the door, only Xue Lian waited: "Ling elders, they all set off to the wall, and Shen Gongzi asked me to wait for you here."

"Oh, these guys are running very fast." Ling Xiao slowly walked toward the wall like a walk, Xue Lian had to slowly follow him.

"Xue Lian, do you hate me?" Halfway, Ling Xiao suddenly asked.

Xue Lian’s eyes flashed in the cold and spit out a word: “Hate.”

Ling Xiao smiled and changed the question: "Why are you and Lan Xiuhua coming here? Are you afraid of dying here?"

Xue Lianmo did not say anything, and he said a long time: "Leave in the valley and die sooner or later..."

"So you plan to take the opportunity to escape with Lan Xiuhua?" Ling Xiao said with a smile.

Xue Lian screamed under his heart, brushing out the sword, and a sword swayed straight into the neck of Ling Xiao.

This sword seems to want to cut the head of Ling Xiao!

Ling Xiao’s foot was moving, and the man was already a few meters away. He still looked at Xue Lian with a smile: “Lan Xiuhua, you are coming out.”

A woman walked out at a light pace and stood beside Xue Lian, her face full of sorrow: "Xue Lian, even if we join hands, it is not the opponent of this demon..."

Xue Lian squinted his eyes and blocked Lan Xiuhua with his hands behind him. He gnawed his teeth: "Show flowers, you flee first, I fight this demon!"

Ling Xiao took out a chain of souls and threw it on the ground in front of the two: "There are some spar and medicinal herbs in it. You take it and run away."

The two did not expect that Ling Xiao would be so kind, and look at each other, they are all incomprehensible.

"Don't doubt anything, I want you to harm you, there is no need for any means." Ling Xiao said slowly: "I let you go, not because I feel sorry for you. You also know that your parents are not me."

"Why is that?" Xue Lian could not help but ask.

Ling Xiaozheng looked at Xue Lian: "There is only one reason, you are willing to use life to protect the woman behind you, I admire you. If you still want to escape, then hurry."

Xue Lian no longer hesitated, picking up the chain soul that Ling Xiao thrown on the ground, and said a few words from the throat: "Thank you... please take care."

Looking at the figure of the two people, Ling Xiao shook his head: "You should take care of you? Two little guys who have not been in the world, don't know what difficulties are waiting for you. Xue Lian, I hope you can always do this. Keep watching the people around you, keep watching..."

Ling Xiao said that the two were small guys. If someone saw this scene next to them, they thought that Ling Xiao was an old monster who would not be old.

Judging a person is not old, not in appearance, but in heart.

Only Ling Xiao himself understands that his heart is really old enough to be old.

Ling Xiao took a shot of the dust on his hand and said to himself: "Go, sneak up and upgrade!"

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