Chapter 79:A Demon’s Path

A burst of fire outside the Longhai City shouted.

Fortunately, this city has a micro-array method. Even if it is killed outside, it will be louder and louder.

Therefore, as long as the residents of Longhaicheng do not go outside the sea, they will never know what kind of danger they are in.

I don't know, they can live in the city with peace of mind. Moreover, I don’t know how many years have passed, the city is still standing, and ordinary people have long diminished the fear of the city.

Of course, they won't be looking for anything, and they will run to the beach to find death.

The city commander ordered the wall of that side to be guarded, blocking the outside demon, and preventing people inside from going outside.

When Ling Xiao came to the head of the city wall, the bottom has already begun to be brutally killed.

Those who came from the valley of the wind quietly stood at the head of the city and watched the fierce battle of this party seriously.

The demon of this attack is a monster called a human crab.

They look different from other places on the outside, and they are no different from people. Their only pair of hands, the same as the big clamp of the crab.

Not the same, it should be said that it was originally a large clamp for crabs.

At this time, thousands of crabs waved with double tongs and swarmed toward the souls of Longhaicheng.

Under the training of Liu Xinyi, Longhaicheng’s gods are facing thousands of Yaozu, and they are still able to face the battle without changing their colors.

The attack method of the human crab is actually very simple. Use one big pliers to clamp the weapon of the Soulmaster, and the other big pliers to go to the head of the Soulmaster, or to the neck of the Soulmaster.

Although the spirits have combat skills, many one-on-one skills can't be used in such battles.

Ling Xiao saw that there was a ** soul teacher who had just escaped the attack of a crab in front of him. He immediately had a pair of big pliers and his body was cut into two pieces!

Another soul teacher just used a sword to stab a person's crab, and his sword was caught by the other party before his death. At the moment of his sword- drawing, the back of the brain was hit by a blast that didn't know where it came from, and slammed and smashed and died.

Those new disciples in Luofeng Valley looked at the scene of being alive, and they were still deeply shocked.

After all, they grew up in the greenhouse. The first time they saw this barbarism, there was no war to be heard. Some people couldn’t help but vomit.

This time it is a living textbook, and there is still a certain difference from the last time I saw only the bodies on the battlefield.

It hasn't been long before the casualties on both sides have reached thousands.

Ling Xiao felt that there was a problem with this type of fighting and there was a big problem.

Since the other party is attacking, we have kept it, why bother to rush out and fight hard?

"Liu Chengzhu, do we have no Shoucheng War machine?" Ling Xiao frowned and asked: "For example, 弩 arrow and the like."

Liu Xinyi looked at Ling Xiao with deep thought: "We have thought about these. But we use the arrow, the demon are not stupid, they have shields. Once they attack the wall with a shield, we can't have this wall. Half an hour will be hollowed out by them. Among those monsters, there are many masters who dig the corners."

Ling Xiao smiled bitterly, it seems that it is really only used to stop people.

Seeing these ** spirits playing hard, Ling Xiao grabbed a hand, grabbed a lot of accelerators, and sprinkled them toward the souls.

Those spirits suddenly felt that their hands and feet became much lighter. In this moment, many of the souls who were almost killed were escaped a fatal blow.

At the same time, Ling Xiao’s hands cursed and displayed his own skills to blend the spirits of the gods and the devils.

In an instant, hundreds of thick red lightning bolts on the field smashed and smashed, and those people were screaming and screaming.

As the sea breeze blows, the air suddenly comes with the aroma of roast cooked crab meat.

With the help of Ling Xiao, the spirit of the spirits who are fighting is greatly improved. Through these people, the crabs are half-dead and the opportunity to live, the life of these monsters is quickly harvested.

"呜~~~" The sea came up with a horn of conch sounds. Those people fled and fled, and after dropping dozens of bodies, they retreated.

This embarrassment seems to be a little easier than before.

Two thousand spirits rushed out and returned to the city in more than 1,400. There is no triumph of joy on their faces, and some are just the sorrow of their companions and the exhaustion of their faces.

However, they are still very curious, which one was just helping out.

When they knew that Ling Xiao helped them, they had a weird look on their faces, but they came over and said very reverently to Ling Xiao: "Thank you."

There are no two hands of Ling Xiao, they must at least kill hundreds of people.

Ling Xiao pondered for a moment, and said only half a mile: "Since we can't install these defensive devices, we can go to other holy places to invite some soul sorcerers who can attack remotely! Go to the sacred place Jinghai Pavilion, please don't do it?" ”

It may be that this is a little easier. Liu Xinyi’s mood is quite good. He smiled and said: “We have discussed with the owner of the valley, but the owner did not agree. He said that this would ruin the reputation of our valley.”

Ling Xiao looked at Shen Xuan, who was full of smiles and smiles. Suddenly he understood a little: not, but not.

Shen Nanfeng only wants the disciples who belong directly to Luofeng Valley to defend the city. Each one is above the level of Huang, and I am afraid that this city is not good! ?

The reason why Shen Nanfeng asked Liu Xinyi to keep the city himself is only responsible for the cost of spar every year. Most of them use this as a training base for the disciples of Luofenggu!

I figured this out, and Ling Xiao suddenly felt sad for Liu Xinyi and the gods who had just worked hard outside.

These little people are always just the playthings of the giants who are tall.

So that is, Ling Xiao thought of himself. I am just a tool for the revenge of the Seven Devils.

However, Ling Xiao thought of the Beibei School, thought of his master, thought of Tang Yingying, and his father.

They are all cherished by Ling Xiao.

One day, one day, yes, Ling Xiao is more determined at this moment that he is determined to become a superior and a strong.

Being a good person is not because you want to conquer others, but you don't want to be conquered by others and become a plaything for others!

On the far side of the sea, there is a drifting green space, the size is only ten square meters.

Above the green space, a young man with a naked upper body held a huge conch in his hand, and the group of crabs fled and the face was cold.

The man's strong muscles are prominent, and the pieces are very striking and separate, and each of the upper body is faintly visible.

Undoubtedly, the strength of this man definitely does not allow anyone in Longhai City to take a nap.

“This year’s Falling Valley seems to have some people who are different!” The man’s mouth sneered with a sneer: “It seems that our Yaozu have to play with them! Today’s first encounter is like Warm up and exercise! Hey!"

In the distance, one person came by the wind and waved: "Hey, what are you doing?"

The delicate voice was a bit stern, questioning the man named 鳌.

He turned and looked at it. A woman dressed in a light silk coat was barefooted and stepped on the little blue whale. She was looking at herself with apricot.

He sneered at his face: "Piano, what are you doing with this little blue whale? You know, war is a game for men."

Seeing the bohemian look and the scornful disdain on his face, the piano is angry.

"The demon Lord said that war is war, not that you are dead or that I am dead, can not be used as a game." Qin angered: "You do this again, I must go back and report to the demon Lord, you should explain it to the demon!"

After all, the piano has a long sleeve and walks away.

Lying on the floating green land, the corner of the mouth is holding a conch shell about ten centimeters long, looking up at the sky: "It’s better to fight with the sky than to fight with the earth. Fight with people, it’s fun, haha. !"

The rough laughter was so loud that it was passed on to the wall of Longhaicheng.

"How is the laughter of that person so ugly?" The crowd frowned.

Liu Xinxuan’s face changed and he hurriedly said: “Hurry up and put your ears on, that’s the screaming sea of ​​the Yaozu!”

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