Chapter 81:A Demon’s Path


Yang Chao, one of the top ten in the rookie contest, is also a member of the team.

Under the trick of Ling Xiao’s intrigue, Yang Chao regretted it for a long time. Later, I saw that even Li Yuanchong was defeated, and he realized that there was a real gap between himself and Ling Xiao.

This time he came out and practiced. He also had the idea of ​​tempering himself and trying to narrow the gap between it and Ling Xiao.

I have to say that his double whip is second only to Li Yuanchong in this battle.

With a group of orange force, the shadow of Yang Chao's double whip dance is like a rope wrapped around the neck of those monsters. As long as Yang Chao pulls, those monsters will scream with one.

"Open!" Yang Chao slammed, and the ground around him exploded, and a piece of blood was bursting from the monster around Yang Chao.

The hammer, the lucky boy, took a sixth place because of Ling Xiao’s sake, and his performance in this battle was not bad.

His single-handed hammer danced vigorously and quickly into a circle. The monsters near him were all blasted out by a hammer, and the bones were broken.

The last dazzling guy is naturally Zheng Hao, who is known as the "crazy mouse." His crazy style of play, even the monsters have to be afraid of three points.

Zheng Hao's weapon is a pair of gloves, facing the raging tide of the demon, he actually greeted him and rushed into the demon group!

Uh... A quick fist shadow flew, and the bodies of more than a dozen monsters flew out from Zheng Hao’s side.

Unexpectedly, Zheng Hao himself did not suffer any damage.

"The fierce people! They are all a group of fierce people!" Ling Xiao praised, but it was a little bit of want to shoot.

Anyway, they played lively, let them go to the trouble, they will not grab their limelight.

I am hurt and I am inconvenienced. Now I am willing to stand here. It is already a face, isn’t it?

Liu Xinyi was extremely appreciative and nodded again and again.

These newcomers this year are much better than last year.

In the past, it was my own team of gods and souls to help protect new disciples. This time it was completely reversed.

The group of spirits hired by Longhaicheng, driven by the high spirits of these new disciples, had a strong morale and a lot of fighting power. The group of demons lost their hearts and rolled back into the sea.

"Don't chase!" Liu Xinyi screamed in a hurry, and everyone was still trying to return to the city.

"The sea is not within the scope of the soul enchantment, it is too dangerous to run out." Liu Xinyu explained.

Everyone fully understands that they just feel that they are not too addictive.

"Well, clean up the bodies and bury these brothers." Liu Xinyu ordered an order, and the gods then jumped out of the city and began to clean up the body.

Looking at these bodies in a sly look, some curiously asked: "Liu Chengzhu, isn't that they are eating people? Why didn't they take the body away this time?"

"Oh." Liu Xin said: "Sometimes they are defeated, and they will not be able to take the body. It is completely normal."

"Is it?" Ling Xiao looked at the body that had moved back into the city. He always felt that something was wrong.

"Oh!..." The sound of the body explosion suddenly sounded on the beach, and then dozens of soul screams screamed and fell to the ground, and the body quickly began to be eroded and rotted by a blood red!

"I rub! There are blood corpses here!" Ling Xiao has this advantage. Anyone who can formulate antidote to the drug, he will prepare a lot for the occasional needs.

So when I saw the blood corpse poison in these spirits, Ling Xiao immediately rushed over and sprinkled the powder on the wounds of these gods: "Don't grab it with your hands, just a little while! Others don't touch those The body of the demon!"

Fortunately, Ling Xiao is on the side, otherwise there will be dozens more dead bodies killed by ** corpses.

Then, Ling Xiao carefully spread a large area of ​​the powder on the bodies of these monsters, and these corpses could not burst even if they wanted to explode.

Everyone just wants to understand, isn't Ling Xiao moved the medicine from Luofenggu, how do you spill the powder to avoid money?

Only Ling Xiao knows that it is very difficult to use up the spar and drugs left by the Seven Devils.

Liu Xinyi looked at Liu Yue thoughtfully: "The more you, the more you think, the long-term old man has a false name?"

Liu Yue was very embarrassed: "Ling Elder is right, the child takes the appearance of the person, really should not."

Liu Xinyi was slightly gratified and smiled slightly: "In the future, I will learn from Ling and elders."

"Call!" After cleaning up everything, Ling Xiao took a long breath and things finally came to an end.

However, Ling Xiao always felt that something was wrong. But in the end, there was a problem, and he didn't figure it out.

In the distance of the sea, the woman named Qin still has bare feet, standing on the little blue whale, looking at Ling Xiao, they packed it all.

On her side, a person floating in a blue mask was floating.

This person is a young elder of the Seven Devils!

"That kid is really a headache." The elder's laughter was full of faint elegance, completely inconsistent with his horrible cyan mask.

The piano stunned the young elders: "I said, how can he be embarrassed, still not seeing your plan?"

"That's not necessarily." Qing elder said with a smile: "Even Hua Yan's old and slick guy is dead in the guy's hand, I don't dare to have any thoughts that despise him. After all, Hua Tuo is like me. The famous star soul teacher!"

"The guy is insidious and shameless. The real skill is nothing more than mental strength. Only the idiot with simple limbs and simple mind will fight with the guy." Qin is very close to the colleague who was injured before. It is disdain.

"This guy is a horse, a dragon is a worm. It will naturally be seen after tonight." The piano slowly said: "I never thought that he would be the opponent of our demon."

The elders smiled and said: "The piano girl, there is nothing to look at here, let's go back to your Qinyun Pavilion."

Among the hidden luxury palaces on Wanxue Island, a costumed Tang Yingying was restless, pacing back and forth on the luxurious carpet of the palace, as if he was crying.

The woman in red is sitting leisurely on the chair in the middle of the palace, watching the ants on the Tang Ying image hot pot, sneer.

Finally, Tang Yingying couldn’t help but plead: "Mother, let me go to see my brother, let him leave there soon."

The red woman looked at Tang Yingying with a smile: "Oh, are you in a hurry? Will you come to me? Don't you run away this time?"

Tang Yingying's eyes are red, tears are like dew on the lotus leaf in the morning, and it is about to fall out: "Mother, I can't do it if I admit it wrong? I beg you, let me see you, my brother, I beg you. !"

The woman in red is still indifferent: "Xiao Ying, did you not see him yesterday? You didn't hear his answer too? He won't sacrifice his life for you. He is not the one you destined."

Tang Yingying burst into tears: "You don't know my brother, you don't understand... What is your brother's biggest ideal..."

"Don't talk to me about ideals, quit!" When the red woman heard the ideal, she suddenly came up with a sigh of relief: "That is just a means for men to use words to lie to women! You are also a few hundred years old demon, Why can't I even wear this trick!"

"Master, beg to see." A niece walked in with a small smashing step, and the walking posture was to let the men of the ordinary people see it, and they would definitely think and forget.

However, this is the territory of the woman in red. As long as she knows the identity of the woman in red, naturally no one dares to have any thoughts about her prostitute.

"Let him come in." The woman in red said slowly.

"Yes." The prostitute immediately retired. After a while, the muscular man who was stunned by Ling Xiao’s face went in and bowed respectfully toward the woman in red: "The subordinates see the demon Lord."

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