Chapter 87:A Demon’s Path

Test Liu Yue

"Stone, have you seen it clearly? How did Ling Xiao put the fire?" Shen Xuan said with a sullen voice, saying in a very low voice: "With his red level repair, even if he is a seven-level repair The spirit is stronger and it is impossible to burn the flames in the broom throughout the city!"

The maskman who was called Shen Xuan’s stone replied with respect and respect: "The son, the three flames from Ling Xiao’s master Li Yuanhuan, the six flames should be the last time to refine the medicine, the five who helped the refining The level of anger is absorbed by the soul sorcerer..."

Shen Xuan said impatiently: "I know, let me focus!"

"Yes." The stone went on to say: "Ling Xiao used eighty-eighty-eight jadeites in the city's capital to arrange the eight most common protective arrays. These eighty arrays are intertwined, entangled, and extremely strong. Although I dare not say that I can hold the magical bloodmoon, at least 10 seconds is not a problem. And Ling Xiao seems to be accurate. As long as it can be used for ten seconds, the soul enchantment can play a role, and the danger will naturally be lifted. It is."

Shen Xuan is not angry, this guy is really taking the wrong name!

No, it should be said that the name is taken, and the head is like a stone.

How did he get angry, why did he talk about it?

However, fortunately, the stone quickly talked about how Ling Xiao set fire: "I saw him lining up the street after the completion of the battle. All the places where he could stand, all of them were sprinkled with powder. These powders have a The taste of medicine should be a dregs that is very easy to catch fire."

Shen Xuan wondered for a long time.

I thought that how Ling Xiao suddenly became a god, and it turned out to be a trick!

When I heard that Ling Xiao was not really strong, Shen Xuan’s mood suddenly became better: “Hey, let him be proud of it for a day or two, I want him to die!”

The stone looked at Shen Xuan’s hair and kept silent.

I don't know if he didn't see it clearly or what, he didn't even tell Shen Xuan about the soul stone plate.

Li Yuanchong can notice the existence of the soul stone plate. Liu Yue can naturally detect it, but he has never seen the soul stone plate, but he does not know it is a soul stone plate.

In Liu Xinxuan’s study, when Liu Yue attacked the ** moon, the red light was absorbed and told his father.

Liu Xin's brow squeezed into three vertical lines: "It should be a soul stone plate... The more children, don't tell Shen Xuan about this thing, I am afraid he will be unfavorable to the elders of Ling Xiao."

After this big storm, Liu Yue finally understood Ling Xiao.

On the surface, it is always so sloppy and unpretentious. In fact, it is planned to be long-term.

Such a meticulous mind can't help Liu Yue not secretly admire.

This time, if there is no such thing as a horrible result, he thinks it is chilling.

And what is the real leader Shen Xuan doing?

Staying with his father and releasing a magic weapon, on the surface is to save the people on the entire wall, in fact, just to save their own life.

Not to mention the fact that his sister has been stuck in his heart like a thorn.

For Shen Xuan, Liu Yue has nothing more than contempt and resentment.

"Oh, I understand." Liu Yue nodded. "I don't think the demon and the magic soul teacher will jointly deal with us. What do we do next?"

Liu Xinwei said: "I have already contacted the owner of the valley and the owner of the valley. Our unanimous opinion is to rebuild the city and set up a front position to fight the demon."

Liu Yue agreed: "There is no worries for protecting civilians. If you fight, you will feel more relieved!"

"Well, after three days, after a new batch of gods and souls arrived, the elders of Ling Xiao will leave." Liu Xinyi said with emotion: "Removing Shen Gongzi, this time they came to a hundred people, only two Eighteen, and one of them is abolished. If I didn't have them this time, I really didn't know what to do."

Liu Yue thought for a long time, and he stopped talking. Until Liu Xinyi found out that his son had a different appearance, Liu Yue said with courage: "Hey, can I go to the valley with the elders of Ling Xiao? I want to stay with him and learn from him. He The strategy and insights are the best I have ever seen among my peers."

Liu Xinyu smiled slightly and smiled: "These things can't be learned. I really don't know how the elder Ling Xiao used to be a child. I have such a thoughtful mind. The more you, the more you have, the better you will communicate with him in these three days. Let's go."

Liu Yue nodded and retired from his father's study.

For different purposes, neither the stone nor Liu Xinyi told Shen Xuan that Ling Xiao had the secret of the soul stone plate.

In the demon palace on Wanxue Island, a woman dressed in white and bright silk was standing on the pavilion, reporting to the demon Lord what happened in Longhaicheng last night.

After listening to the report, the demon listened lazily: "He, is the seven demon young elders seriously injured?"

This tall, slender woman is the crane that the demon Lord sent out to monitor the elders.

If such a figure appears in the world, it will surely be regarded as a goddess by those men of the world.

However, this goddess is the goddess with claws.

The crane's nails are long and strong, and at first glance, they know that it is a kind of weapon that can catch thorns, which makes people daunting.

"Yes, I saw his power in disorder and his mind was unclear. The piano took him back to his own blue whale island and healed it." The crane lowered his head and said: "The demon Lord... ”

"What's the matter, let's talk."

The crane drum has enough courage: "The subordinates think that Qin and the elders are too close..."

The demon Lord’s eyes are cold: "I have said that your four little demon will only do their own thing, and my subordinates will take care of myself!"

The crane hurried down: "Yes, the demon Lord, the subordinates are wrong!"

"Hey!" The demon master stood up from the seat: "Don't think that I don't know what these four attacks are for you. What I want is the loyal four demons who rely on strength, not on small means. No waste! Ok, let's go back!"

When the crane got up, he didn't even dare to look up and watch the demon Lord: "Yes, the subordinates retire."

The demon Lord smiles like a smile, and it seems to say to himself: "Ling Wei, it seems that you are still a little bit resistant. If you really have the ability to step on my body, I don't mind if you take my shadow. Shadow, haha!"

The big stone that was hiding in the shadow of Tang Yingying in the porch room finally fell a little. At the very least, my brother lived yesterday.

Tang Yingying did not have much demand for Ling Xiao, as long as he was alive, he would be alive.

"It's so quiet today!" Ling Xiao felt sleepy and it was going to be dark. Then he yawned and walked out. When he went out, he saw Liu Yue.

Ling Xiao looked at Liu Yue curiously: "Are you waiting for me here?"

Liu Yue nodded. "Yes, I want Ling Long to talk to my father and let me go with you."

Experience? Your sister, you rich children are full of food!

Ling Xiao secretly stunned Liu Yue in his heart.

If he wants to have Liu Yue’s life experience, the thing he should do now is to hold the right and hold, and to eat and drink.

Yes, one of Ling Xiao’s ideals of life, after doing all the things, eat and drink gambling every day.

Of course, Ling Xiao said with a smile: "Want to mix with me? Go ahead, first worship the older brother."

Liu Yueyi: Worship Big Brother? Isn't this the first thing that the little punks in the world have to do when they are in the class?

Let yourself be like a little punk, bow to Ling Xiaotou?

Liu Yue’s face was flushed and he was half-speaking.

Ling Xiao cold: "How? If you can't put your face on it, what are you talking about?"

Like a fierce struggle in the heart, Liu Yue's look is unusually wonderful, a burst of purple.

After hesitating for a long time, Liu Yue finally settled his heart and slowly said to Ling Xiao: "Ling elders, it is difficult for Liu Yue to be killed."

Ling Xiao smiled and said: "Yes, just like now, you are your little city owner, I am my elder, how good."

Liu Yue didn't think that Ling Xiao's face changed faster than flipping the book. He was so embarrassed that he had to give a tribute to Ling Xiao: "Liu Yue will go back first."

"Yeah." Ling Xiao looked at Liu Yue's departure and sighed slightly.

Liu Yue is a man who is less reliable than his father, Liu Xinyu. He and his agreement...

Ling Xiao slammed his head a few times and made himself awake.

Relying on others is not a character of Ling Xiao, what things, others just help, and ultimately have to rely on themselves.

I will leave here in two days. Shen Xuan, should I be in action in these two days?

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