Chapter 88:A Demon’s Path

Plot on the cliff

Liu Yue’s mood was very bad. He didn’t expect Ling Xiao to ask him such an embarrassing request.

Wanting a comfortable depression, he walked out of the room and went to the beach with the moonlight to distract.

Here is still within the scope of the soul enchantment, with Liu Yue's cultivation, not afraid of any demon who broke into here.

"This is clearly a kind of excuse, I don't want to let me just say it, I am not rare!" Liu Yue hated and screamed, kicking the stone on the beach to the side, slamming, in A small wave of waves was stirred up on the calm sea.

Inadvertently, Liu Yue saw a sneaky figure flashing from a corner of the beach and slamming towards the cliffs of the sea.

"Fast and fast!" Liu Yue secretly became suspicious, this person can move freely here, certainly the people inside Longhaicheng.

At this time, this person is slipping in the direction of the remote seaside cliff, and certainly there is nothing good.

There was a sulking in the heart, which made Liu Yue feel a little impulsive: "Damn, go see who it is!"

Quietly behind the figure, Liu Yue also climbed the cliff on the beach.

There is no one in the cliff where there is no one to go. The low-level demon can't go up at all, and the higher-level demon can't get in, so Liu Xinyi didn't send people to defend there.

Liu Yuegang is going to climb up to sneak a peek at who it is. Someone on the cliff suddenly whispers: "You are punctual."

"The voice of this person..." Liu Yue changed his face: "Shen Xuan! Who is he seeing?"

At this time, another man’s voice came: "There is no such thing as the Lord of the Valley of the Winds, how can I not appreciate the face of the Wan Yao Island?"

"The demon!" Liu Yue's heart was deeply shocked!

This Shen Xuan, even colluded with the Yaozu!

Liu Yue suddenly burned in anger and wanted to rush to ask why.

At this time, a sea breeze blew, and Liu Yue was awakened in time.

What are you doing now? Looking for death?

"Or listen to what they are talking about." Liu Yue controls his breathing and tries not to let the two discover it.

I only listened to Shen Xuan and smiled: "The four little demons will be very daring, and they will force their strength down to the first level. I am really flattered by this son! It’s rare that Mr. Yu believes in the next. ,Ha ha."

I am not in a hurry and say: "Don't you say that you want to kill Ling Xiao? I believe that you are the despicable villain who kills his own people by the hands of the enemy, haha!"

Shen Xuan ignored the thorns in his discourse and still smiled: "I also believe that if Mr. Qi can't kill Ling Xiao, there will be a lot of trouble..."

"You have a spy in our Wan Yao Island?" He suddenly said coldly.

Shen Xuan asked: "What do you say? Or how do you send the message to you?"

Shouted: "Well, what are your plans, come and listen."

Shen Xuan no longer cares if there is anyone in the end who is eavesdropping. He still uses the voice that Liu Yue can hear: "It is like this..."

Every word, every word, Liu Yue can hear clearly, and the more I listen, the more chilling.

The plans of these two people are simply devastating and devastating to Liu Yue!

"Shen Xuan is a bastard!" The anger of Liu Yue’s heart is hard to describe in words: "I want to go back and tell you!"

Liu Yuegang wanted to leave, and suddenly he heard Shen Xuan say loudly: "I have been eavesdropping for so long, I said, Liu Yue brother, should you also come out?"

Liu Yue’s heart sinks: “No, it’s discovered!”

Just want to flash people, flashing a big hand behind the back of his clothes, throw him to the top of the cliff.

With a splash, Liu Yue was thrown on the ground in front of Shen Xuan.

He struggled to stand up, and as a result, his feet were kicked "lightly" and smashed.

A strong shame in the heart of Liu Yue's heart is mad, and in front of that person, he did not even have room to fight back!

Even more so that Liu Yue was ashamed, he did not even see the other person's figure!

鳌 has disappeared, Shen Xuan stood alone in front of Liu Yue, smiling with a smile: "Liu Yue brother, if it is not an accident, I am now your brother-in- law. So even if you know my Secret, I still don't kill you."

Liu Yue hated: "If you do this, even if the owner knows it, he will not spare you!"

Shen Xuan shook his head: "No, no, I don't know. He will at most swear by me, saying that I am defeated, and then nothing is gone, haha!"

"You are not afraid of me saying go out?" Liu Yue looked at Shen Xuan with a sullen look, and he was wondering why Shen Xuan did not kill him.

Shen Xuan looked at Liu Yue seriously, and smiled like a smile: "You will not say, you are a guy who is obsessed with his sister."

Liu Yuefu is as gray as he is, he never thought that the darkest place in his heart was completely exposed to Shen Xuan!

Shen Xuan seems to have caught Liu Yue’s neck and smiled extremely madly: “To tell the truth, peek at me and your sister going to bed, how does it feel?”

"You..." Liu Yue found out that he was so weak now that he even spoke.

Shen Xuan didn't want to hear what Liu Yue said. He just wanted Liu Yue to listen to his words: "Boy, if I didn't marry your sister, how can you have the opportunity to take care of her every day? Don't think I don't know you and There are any agreements between Ling Xiao, these little means are useless to me."

Liu Yue was full of bitterness, and he found that his own bitterness seemed to be forced out by Shen Xuan.

Seeing that Liu Yue was almost tossed by himself, Shen Xuan left the front of Liu Yue with a big sway: "Continue to be your little city owner, your sister's business, I will compensate you Liu in the future."

Liu Yue did not know how long he stayed on the top of this cliff. When he stood up again, he found that his whole heart was empty.

Among the Wanxuan Islands, there is a blue island like a whale.

At this time, the elders are lying on a bed in the small island and gnashing their teeth: "Impossible... This is impossible! The ** moon is the secret of my seven devils. Only a few people in the whole school are good at this. Array, how could Ling Xiao’s prophet not be prepared, and prepared in advance?”

The piano looked at the young elder with a pitiful look. Under the mask of the green face, it is probably a face that is both depressed and angry.

"Is it thirsty? You have said this for dozens of times." Qin took a glass of water and placed it next to the elders: "There are so many things in the world that I can't think of."

"Impossible... really impossible!" The elders seemed to be going crazy and crazy. Suddenly, he was quiet all at once, and even the piano felt a little weird.

"Haha... hahaha... it must be like this, it must be like this!"

When the elders said that a lot of pianos couldn’t understand, the piano shook his head helplessly: "Insane, really crazy."

The elders said extremely calmly: "We teach the Lord, it is a personal talent, a good means!"

Qin Bai Qing Qing elders look: Your teacher, the seven devils and old ghosts have long since died, and what good means? If it wasn't for him, then it was me crazy!

Ling Xiao is hiding in his room and desperately cultivating the soul stone of Hua Tuo.

Eight days, eight days.

After eight days, this soul stone is in hand, and it is estimated that the average young master has to shun himself.

Ling Xiao feels weak, so he needs tools and many tools to protect himself.

"Call!" A blue light flew in from outside the room, slammed and hit the wall of the room.

Ling Xiao did not rush out immediately. He knew that he could not see who was throwing it when he rushed out.

It is a blue light, not an orange or red light.

This is a flying knife with paper. The force used in this is very precise, just enough to make the flying knife nailed to the wall, and Ling Xiao pulled the flying knife without any effort.

Ling Xiao spread out the paper and read it, the number is written on it: Don't save Shen Xuan tomorrow.

Ling Xiao looked at the window curiously, and fell into meditation: This kind- hearted boss, do a good job and leave a name?

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