Chapter 89:A Demon’s Path


After a quiet day, the Yaozu began to act again.

This time, the leader was still embarrassed, but it was only the time to attack Longhaicheng.

It used to be attacked when the sky was not bright. This time, the light and the earth launched an attack in the daytime.

After a day of adjustment, the Spiritual Masters have given them the medicine to supplement their souls, and their mental state has fully recovered.

When I remembered that my companion had been turned into a living corpse two days ago, these spirits could not help but grieve and make the shots become more crazy.

When the two sides just started to fight, they began to experience a large number of casualties, most of which were the same.

There are some more crazy gods who hold the heart of death and rush into the group of demon, self-destructing the soul stone.

A group of orange and red light blasted from the demon group, detonating a pile of blood.

"How are they so crazy today?" Not to mention Liu Yue, even Liu Xinyu looked at it.

Usually the demon people are desperate, how come today?

Ling Xiaoyan looked at the fierce battle on the beach with no expression. Instead, Shen Xuan, who has always been low-key, was very excited: "Kill it well! Kill it!"

Ling Xiao looked at Shen Xuan like a monkey: "Since it is so happy, why don't you rush?"

"Ha ha!" Shen Xuan shouted: "Since Ling elders think so, I should go ahead and rush!"

Before Ling Xiao had not had time to say the next sentence, Shen Xuan jumped off the city and went to fight in person.

Ling Xiao sneer: Install, continue to install!

I have to say that the addition of Shen Xuan made the spirits and souls more excited. They surrounded Shen Xuan and ran to the demon group like a bulldozer.

The Yaozu lost and retreated and had to return to the beach.

Shen Xuan was born and killed, and killed the past: "Brothers, kill all the demon who killed our brothers here!"

Li Yuanchong looked at these guys rushing up irrationally, apparently leaving the protection of the enchantment, and his brow wrinkled.

If this time they are prevented from killing, they will not have this appeal.

Shen Xuan has been killed, how can other people refuse to go out?

"Don't rush out!" Liu Xinyi screamed, but he was shocked to discover that the gods could not hear their shouts!

Ling Xiao was very quiet and was not surprised at all: "They were taken medicine."

Liu Yue was sweating and sweating, and he said: "How come?"

Ling Xiao sneered: "No wonder today, the Yaozu is attacking at this time. It turned out that people on our side are taking medicine in the breakfast of these gods."

Liu Xinxuan’s face changed wildly: “What kind of medicine is that?”

"It is a kind of stimulant powder used to stimulate the nerves of the human body. As long as the power of the soul is used, people can lose their senses and only know ** them." Ling Xiao looked at Liu Xinyi and his son coldly: "Can poison the food." People, except your father and son, should not have anyone else."

Liu Xinyu was a glimpse first, and then there was a burst of anger: "Ling elders, you don't want to spurt people. How can we make such a devastating thing to our children?"

Ling Xiao sneered two times: "Is there anyone who has done it, and that is only clear to you. I have to keep up now, or else, those of us will die."

Ling Xiao jumped and rushed behind everyone.

On the sea, thousands of souls and feet are stepping on their own soul chain, killing the demon who fled the rout.

The soul chain also has a function, which is enlarged and can also be used as a flying tool, but it consumes more soul power than a simple flying tool.

The angry cockroaches were not willing to fail, and they entangled in the sea for a while. When Ling Xiao stepped on the broom, it continued to retreat.

Ling Xiao mouth glimmered a sneer: It’s really accurate, it seems that I am going to kill me... then I will cooperate with you!

Ling Xiao also pretended to be very excited and yelled: "Brothers, kill!"

"Ling elders finally took the shots themselves!" The soul sorcerers were even more excited, and they didn't know each other.

Shen Xuan’s hanging heart finally fell, and my heart smiled: Hey, so many people are coming, I don’t think you are keeping up!

The sound of shouting is above the surface of the sea, and the blood stains the sea with a red.

Seeing these demon people are about to be wiped out, Shen Xuan shouted again: "Brothers, victory is in front of you, rush!"

The soul-stricken teachers all beat the chicken blood, and they rushed forward, chasing the group of demons to a large island.

As they set foot on the land, they took up the soul chain and raised their weapons and slashed them again.

Li Yuanchong was deeply disturbed and was preparing to ask Ling Xiao’s opinion. He suddenly discovered that he did not know when Ling Xiao was missing.

"This guy escaped! Danger!" This is Li Yuanchong's first reaction.

For Ling Xiao this person, Li Yuanchong is considered to be semi-transparent.

The place where Ling Xiao is in is not necessarily safe, and the place where Ling Xiao is not coming, it must be dangerous!

Unfortunately, Li Yuanchong is still slower.

Plopping through the waves... A pile of sprays splashed, tens of thousands of celebrity crabs and scorpion shrimps came out from the seabed around the island, surrounded by Shen Xuan Li Yuanchong and others!

Liu Xinyu finally realized that this time he had caused a big disaster.

Ling Xiao said that the facts, if not taken medicine, these souls can not lose their senses, rushing out of Longhaicheng so far.

And can God not know the underground medicine, in addition to their Liu family and father, really no one else!

"Liu Yue, what is going on?" Liu Xinyu looked pale and asked for a bite.

Liu Yue knows that he can no longer hold his father, crying and sorrowful face: "Hey, don't blame me, I am forced too..."

"Well it! Our Liu family is completely finished this time!" Liu Xinyi said with a sullen face, "I don't ask why you are. In short, you will leave your sister with you and return to the family territory. The next thing, I will solve it!"


"Roll!" Liu Xinyi will want to give his own squatting Liu Yue to fly: "Have a good fight, don't give you a shame!"

Liu Yue’s eyes were full of tears and he cried and said: “The child is not filial... There is a day, and the child swears to avenge this hate!”

After all, Liu Yue left quickly and did not know where to go.

Liu Xin looked at the island and looked down and flew away.

Looking at the pale-soul gods, laughing and laughing: "I see where you are going to escape..."

Suddenly, the sly face has become as pale as those of the sorcerer, and roared into the sky: "What about Ling Xiao? How did Ling Xiao disappear?"

Shen Xuan looked around and was surprised to find that Ling Xiao really did not know where to go!

"Kill them!" The cruel face showed a trace of cruelty: "One does not stay!"

"Brothers, you are waiting here, I will go back to you to rescue the soldiers!" Shen Xuan saw the situation is not good, hurriedly released a shuttle, quickly jumped on the shuttle, escaped!

"Ah!?" Looking at the two of the leaders who escaped and disappeared, the spirits were blindfolded.

In the face of the raging demon, they have no war, only the people who slaughtered!


A scream of screams, the whole island became a ** island!

Li Yuanchong took Yang Chao and Yue Mingming to fight and killed a ** road: "Flee!"

The face is cold: "I want to escape? Not so easy!"

With a cry, the cockroach standing on the high ground leaped up and swooped down, and the body slammed like a shell to Li Yuanchong!

Li Yuanchong was being shackled by several demon people. He just opened them and suddenly found that a violent wave of volatility fell from the sky.

"Ah!" Li Yuanchong's face suddenly changed, Rao is his cultivation is already very strong in the orange level, but once he faces the opponent of the Qing class, he even has no time to dodge!

"I want to die here..." Li Yuanchong reluctantly closed his eyes and waited to die.

boom! Another strong wave of anger caused Li Yuanchong, Yang Chao and Yue Mingming to fly out.

Li Yuanchong immediately opened his eyes and saw that in the place where he had just stood, a deep pit with a diameter of several tens of meters suddenly formed.

Hundreds of demon corpses lie in the vicinity of the deep pit, apparently caused by the fluctuations.

The muscles of the muscles are cold and cold, standing on the hills 100 meters away and looking straight at this side.

In front of Li Yuanchong, Liu Xinxuan’s back was greeted with his eyes.

Li Yuanchong gave a slight glimpse, and there was some inexplicable complex emotion in his heart: "It turned out that Liu Chengzhu personally went out!"

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