Chapter 9:A Demon’s Path

Seven Magical

Ling Xiao began to sit still. If Cheng Gantai saw it, at most, he would think that Ling Xiao was closing his eyes on the skills of Dan Fang and Alchemy.

Only Ling Xiao knows that he is using spiritual power to cultivate the various magical powers in the Seven Devils.

The first of the seven scorpions, Tian Chong, mainly cultivates the space power of the people.

There is only one array in the Heavenly Spirit Stone in the Seven Dragons Chain, called the Ghost Wall. This array will make people lose their direction and is a necessary means to abduct women and children.

The second one among the seven scorpions is the spiritual power of the person.

In addition to refining, mental power is also used for direct mental shock.

The red spirits left in the spirits of the Seven Devils are called konjac, which can create a variety of fear illusions. The people in the middle of the stroke are ashamed, and the spirit is chaotic and becomes a madman.

Of course, the limitation of this method of practice is that it can only be used against the soul of the Chih. Even if it is upgraded to the orange level after Ling Xiao, this kind of practice can't have an effect on the orange chain soul teacher.

The third 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 主 主 主 主 主 主 主 主 主 主In the spirits of the Seven Devils, the five-line technique is called WISP.

This kind of wildfire technique burns the human soul and is very vicious.

And this kind of WISP can also be improved as the user level increases, no matter what level can be used.

The seventh 魄 魄 魄 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , The Beibei Shenquan that Ling Xiao learned is the power of the gods.

The force-stricken method in the Seven-Yellow Magic Chain is a set of boxing methods called crazy magic boxing.

Beibei Shenquan requires the human body to be the most natural, not to damage the body as the bottom line.

The mad magic boxing is to maximize the potential of the squeeze itself, and some tricks are to kill one thousand, and damage one thousand five.

Except for madmen, it is estimated that no one will make this boxing.

The fifth 魄 魄 魄 魄 魄 , 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修 修

The red-haired old man that Ling Xiao saw that day was transformed into a dragon. It is estimated that he swallowed the soul of the dragon.

And now in Lingxiao's seven-story magic chain, what can make Ling Xiao swallow is the soul of a red-level Warcraft fangs dog.

"Rely! Incarnate into a big dog that can bite people?" Ling Xiao asked himself that he did not have the courage and "power", and immediately gave up the idea of ​​engulfing this big dog soul, and then went to study the sixth man-- fine.

It is the two realms of fineness and perfection.

The sophisticated attack method is special, it is mainly to let people attack or defend with the symbol of their own blood.

Ling Xiao’s name, who used to see the old man, was a perfect person.

Among the seven skeletons, there are two kinds of red characters in the fine soul stone: turtle speed and poison.

Don't think about it, just look at the names of these two characters and you know what they are used for.

The last one is called English, and the method of attack is summoning. Summon the spirit or the demon to fight.

Yesterday, the purple "old woman" was called by the owner of the door, the sword "bird man" is a kind of soul.

The magical soul that Ling Xiao can call now is just a slashing knife that is so thin that he doesn't even have skin.

"There are quite a lot of exercises, oh, come slowly!" Ling Xiao converges on the mind, sitting quietly on the ground of the medicinal materials library, and cultivating other magical creatures other than the powerful mad magic boxing in the Seven Miles.

The seven soul stones on the seven-ring magic chain flashed in the chest of Ling Xiao because of the power of the konjac. The dark red magic light shrouded Ling Xiao, making his still pretty face look very strange.

That is a kind of surprise because of disproportion and inconsistency.

Soon, the gray token in the space of the Seven Miles quickly absorbed the dark red light on the soul stone, sucking all the dark colors into the black spot on the token.

Suddenly, the black light shines, and the ink field near it also emits a strange black light.

After the absorption of this black light spot, the red color of the seven- story magic chain on the chest of Ling Xiao became red and bright, even brighter and more sacred than the red color emitted by the soul teacher.

The sun quickly moved from the east to the west until the moon rises, day after day, and Ling Xiao is still in a meditation state...

"He is sitting like this every day, except for occasional meals, so he has been sitting for a month?" After Li Yuanhuan's report, Cheng Gantai had to revisit his new apprentice.

For other disciples, as long as they don’t go out for a few days, they are uncomfortable.

And this new apprentice has been away from home for a month.

Ling Xiao’s heart and perseverance, Beibei sent Li Yuanhuan, who else can compare with him?

Now, in addition to Cheng Gantai and Li Yuanhuan, others have long forgotten that they had one more person in Beibei one month ago.

"Good guy! It is a bitter cultivation alchemy, it is such a painstaking method!" Cheng Gantai's face is full of approval: "Yuan Huan, as soon as this kid comes out, you immediately ask him to come to me... well, No, you come over and let me know."

"Master, Ling Xiao... Ling Xiao, he came out." While talking, a disciple ran into the hall and reported to Cheng Gantai.

"There must be a small success!" Cheng Gantai's heart was happy, and hurriedly rushed to the medicine library together with Li Yuanhuan.

Seeing Ling Xiao again, Cheng Gantai feels that this Ling Xiao and Ling Xiao, a month ago, are two completely different people.

Although it was dusty, the feeling of Ling Xiao at this time was very clean, especially his bright eyes, which looked so clear as water.

When I saw Cheng Gantai, Ling Xiao was a little shy and smiled: "Master, you are here."

If Cheng Gantai knows that Ling Xiao’s shame at this time is because he has not been obsessed with alchemy at this time, he feels embarrassed, he will definitely die.

However, Cheng Gantai didn't know. He looked at Ling Xiao's dusty clothes and smelled the smell of his medicinal herbs. He almost didn't drop his tears.

He opened the bow to the left and right, patted the arms of Ling Xiao, and asked affectionately: "Good, tired?"

Ling Xiao is very suitable to say: "It is worthwhile to practice the alchemy for the door.

Looking at the enthusiasm of Cheng Gan Tai, Ling Xiao thought very well: "Master, I don't want to lie to you. To tell the truth is not good for everyone. If you say hi, I am good, everyone is happy. Not very good?"

Cheng Gantai knows that Ling Xiao’s heart is small and ninety-nine. Ling Xiao said that he is even more happy: “Today your alchemy is small, and at night we have a good meal for the whole martial art to celebrate for you!”

When Ling Xiaoyi heard that he had eaten, his stomach screamed.

He didn't eat much in this month. He used to get used to a meal, but time is not so long. He is really hungry.

"Master, can you... change to noon?" Ling Xiao put on a pitiful look and looked forward to Cheng Gantai.

Cheng Gantai: "........."

After a big meal, Ling Xiao returned to his small broken house.

The big meal just made Ling Xiao see a little doorway. The Beibei School has a fascinating appearance, but it is actually not comparable to the wealthy people in Beibei City.

Just because the Beibei School is a mysterious chain of soul sects for mortals, the wealthy people near Beibei City sent their children here to learn.

A large part of the income of the Beibei School relies on the “tuition fees” provided by these wealthy people.

More wealthy people, they will send their children to a better martial art, so the paid disciples that the Beibei school can receive are very limited, and only now have just been hundreds.

Other sects have their own industries in the secular world, and they can charge huge protection fees to their protected jurisdictions to protect them from being killed by the Demon Soul.

The Beibei School is a small sect. Without its own industry, the protection fee that can be received is only within a few hundred miles of Beijiao City, and it is necessary to hand over part of it to Luofeng Valley.

In this case, it is strange to not be stretched.

Ling Xiao was still amazed at why the Beibei School looked magnificent and the disciples had to sleep in this bed similar to their kennel bed.

However, Cheng Gantai said that as long as he is good at alchemy, he will sell those medicinal herbs in half, and the days of Beibei will soon be better.

Cheng Gantai said very straightforwardly to Ling Xiao, and he was very direct. He was the source of money after the Beibei School. If he could make progress, he would have to look at his own.

Moreover, Cheng Gantai greatly praised Ling Xiao in front of the brothers. He said that he has perseverance, can hold on to it, and is willing to send his thoughts to the door, causing his face to be very thick and blushing in the eyes of the brothers and sisters.

Thinking of the scene just now, Ling Xiao smiled and said: "Master, Master, make money, you don't need to say, I like it... Are you saying it, my iron broom?"

Ling Xiao said to the black broom, while holding it in his hand, gently stroked.

For Ling Xiao, I know that the material of the broom is what metal, and after that, it is also a revenue.

For Ling Xiao, who loves money, this broom is his own son.

Although Ling Xiao is very rich now, he knows that others don't know.

"Well? There is a word on it!" When Ling Xiao touched a place above the broom handle, a little bit of roughness could not escape the sharp feeling of Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao quickly lifted the broom and carefully observed the vertical characters on the handle.

It’s eight small words like the words: “Sweep the floor every day, sweep the world.”

Ling Xiaoyi said: "What is this?"

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