Chapter 911:A Demon’s Path


The battle between Murong Huatian and Ling Xiao on the sky is still fierce, and the battle scene on the ground is also extremely hot.

The monsters created by Murong Huatian are really difficult to entangle, even if they are in the strength of the Loonian array, they are still dangerous on the battlefield.

The dragon arrayed its arms and gathered all the souls of the body on the lines of the arms. The faint blue streak of the original light suddenly made a big splash.

"Monsters, pick up." The dragon array whispered, his hands slammed on the ground, and the powerful force twisted the space around the dragon array so extremely, making the dragon array's figure blurred.


Two white lights are extended from the palm of the dragon's hand, and a number of white hexagonal stars are quickly outlined along the ground. These hexagonal stars are connected to each other and spread to the front of the dragon array within 10,000 meters.


Wherever the white hexagonal star is gone, all the monsters are immediately cut by the white array of light, and the body is misplaced and broken into countless segments.

"Good." Long array this tactical attack at least blasted the other tens of thousands of monsters, making the rear team morale, but also opened a broad road for the rear team.


The powerful attack of the Dragon Array was just finished, and a group of gray-winged, pointed-nosed monsters flew immediately over the sky, opening their mouths and slamming into the dragon.

A row of dense green needles with a sharp wind breaking sound, facing the face of the dragon squad.

If the usual dragon array does not care about the attack of this group of monsters, the situation is different at this time.

The Dragon Array has just performed a brute force attack, and the soul force has not been adjusted yet. Although he has already reacted, the soul force can't be mobilized for a while, so that he can only watch the dense green needle rain toward himself. There is nothing to do with it.

"Do not worry, there is me." The figure behind the dragon rushed forward, waving the double hammer in his hand, and immediately placed a powerful soul shield around the dragon array.

Needless to say, the figure is naturally Huang Ya.

Uh... those green needles rained on the shield that Huang Ya used to display, and the layer of purple shield shook violently, suddenly and suddenly.

Fortunately, the pin-up rain attacks of these strange birds are not very strong. This round of attack is blocked by Huang Ya Tie Long.

"Dead." The rear Aph was pulling up the bow and arrow, and the slamming sound struck the bowstring. There were no physical arrows on his bowstring, but the arrow formed by countless souls hit the group in the next moment. Strange bird.

"Oh..." The strange bird was shot by a bow and arrow, and it made a series of strange noises. In the middle of the air, the body exploded and turned into a dismal red-green mixed liquid on the beach.

While the Dragon array is still adjusting the soul force, Huang Ya suddenly shouted: "Be careful."

Bang, without warning, a huge stone suddenly landed straight from the sky, and squatted in the place where the Dragon and Huang Ya were.

The ground was smashed by the boulder, and the people at the back could not see how the Dragon and Huang Ya were in the end. The heart could not help but mention: the dragon array has not recovered yet, and Huang Ya has just used the soul protection. In such a situation, the two men must have been fierce.

When the dust was scattered a little, and everyone could look at the situation faintly, they suddenly stopped.

I saw that Huang Ya’s feet were buried in the ground, the flesh and blood were blurred, and the blood stained the surrounding ground.

Even so, his hands were still holding the pair of big hammers, and he withstood the huge stone, propping up a sky for the dragons that fell to the ground.

"Damn." The dragon array, which finally recovered its strength, quickly stood up and took out the broken axe. An axe split the big rock into two halves.

With a bang, the big stone that broke into two halves burst open, and there were countless strange corpses and colorful nausea liquids scattered around the ground.

"Hey, you are fine." The Dragon Array quickly helped to drop Huang Ya and asked nervously.

"Hey..." Huang Ya smiled at the dragon screaming: "My feet are gone, I will take you back, haha..."

After all, Huang Ya’s head stunned and fainted in the arms of the Dragon Array.

The front is now opened by Aji, and the rear large forces have already rushed forward, protecting the Longzhen and Huangya.

Although the Dragon Array is worried about Huang Ya's injury, but now is not his time to worry, after quickly using the space teleport to transfer Huang Ya to the rear of a group of Huang Jiazhi, the Dragon Array once again rushed to the battlefield.

Nalanjie looked at the crowd who was in front of the crowd, his face full of grievances: "Wife, you can't let me go to the battlefield, I am also a good man."

Nalanjie’s wife, Huang Yanqiu, gave him a sneak sneak peek: “Oh, it’s still your logistics staff. If you can be as strong as my Huangya sister, then you should go.”

Nalanjie looked at Huang Ya, who was unconscious, and secretly snickered in her heart: Dragon Array, this time you can’t blame Huang Ya, haha.

Of course, this time is an extraordinary period of war. If Nalanjie doesn't want to flatten it, he dare not let this out.

Others are desperate in front. He thinks about these boring things in the back. If they are known, they will not be tied to the oil pan by the five horses.

Together with Zou Wei, Long Yuxi and Zou Wei directly blasted a candid road for the team in front of the battlefield.

"The dragon is in the world." Long Yuxi leaped high and danced with the dragon head in his hand. The light and heroic figure was deeply imprinted on the minds of all the survivors who participated in the battle.

Let them deeply remember, and the power of this dragon.


A huge sacred dragon shadow flew out of the dragon's dragonfly's faucet, with a sound of the dragon's voice shaking the world, whistling to the ground.


The shadow of the holy fire fell to the ground and immediately turned into countless holy fires, which spread rapidly in a semicircle.

Wherever the Holy Fire went, a monster became a phantom, as if the ice sculpture melted quickly and became dusty.

Zou Wei drove her mech, tightly guarded around the dragon jade, and prevented Long Yuzhen, who was adjusted for the state of mass destruction, from being attacked.

"The wife of the lord is mighty." Everyone knows that Long Yuxi is the wife of Ling Xiao, but this is the first time they have seen the mightyness of Long Yuxi. Whether it is the Terran or the Holy Orc, the Yaozu, all of them are happy. Inspired.

"Kill." There is a dragon jade to clear the way, they are even more fearless, rushing to the front.

On the other road, Ling Shiyu and Xiao Linzi also cooperated very well. Ling Shiyu had more than 100,000 baht left. They opened the road ahead, and she let go of the curse of all the cursed magic books. Naturally, God is blocking the gods and destroying the demons.

Xiao Linzi is also the task of serving as a flower ambassador. It follows the Ling Shiyu and does not leave half a meter.

The battle on the ground is developing in the direction that is beneficial to Ling Xiao.

"Death." Xia Yuhua's eyes flashed in the cold, and his right hand waved. The demons of the demons immediately came out and covered the priests who were trying to attack Huang Jianfeng.

"Good opportunity." Luo Huixin's eyes burst into two hexagram stars, and they were fiercely bombarded on the priest.

"If you want me to die, then pull back the mat." The priest's heart groaned and waved the golden gun while attacking Luo Huixin.

After a few sounds, the body of the priest was bursting open.

Luo Huixin thought that the priests would die, but they did not expect that a golden gun with great effort would fly toward him.

That speed is as fast as the fallen star.

That power is like a mountain of heavy weight.

Even though Luo Huixin's reaction speed is fast, he still can't escape the lock of this gun.


I do not know when, Huang Jianfeng blocked in front of Luo Huixin, using his sword in his hand to block the gun tip of the gun.

Hey, the golden gun’s Yu Wei is not diminished, and there is a dazzling spark on the Yuehua sword.

Huang Jianfeng even took the sword with this powerful force and pushed it to the rear. He pushed it out more than a thousand meters away.

Huang Jianfeng only used one hand to hold the sword, and his left hand, tightly put Luo Huixin behind him, until the golden gun slammed into the ground, Huang Jianfeng let go of Luo Huixin's hand.

"Hey,." Huang Jianfeng suddenly fell to the ground in front of him, and the tip of the sword stabbed on the ground to support his body, and a hot blood sprayed out.

The soul of Huang Jianfeng's whole body was shaken, and the internal organs were damaged to varying degrees. Even with the best medicinal herbs, it is estimated that there will be no restoration for hundreds of years.

The priest’s first strike before his death was so powerful.

If this attack hits Luo Huixin, it is estimated that Luo Huixin will have to scream on the spot. It is no exaggeration to say that Huang Jianfeng risked his life and pulled Luo Huixin back from the edge of death.

Even though Luo Huixin is a hard-hearted person, there is no way to express it at this moment, let alone she is not.

"Thank you." Luo Huixin said very seriously to Huang Jianfeng.

Huang Jianfeng saw that Luo Huixin’s face had no such indifference to himself on weekdays, and his heart was overjoyed. His face just fell out and smiled and fell to the ground.

Xia Yuhua looked at the guy who was infatuated and only knows how to use action. He sighed slightly: "Luo girl, you are so happy, just... cough."

Luo Hui’s heart did not say anything. He hugged Huang Jianfeng and sent him back to the rear camp of the Huang family.

"It was sent back again. It seems that the people of Huang Jia and the guys of Ling Xiao are not in a good relationship with their men."

Naranger snorted two times, and the ear was pulled away by a slender hand next to him. It hurt him to scream: "Oh, my wife and I are forgiving, I will never dare to talk nonsense."

"Let's help in the past." Luo Huixin returned to Xia Yuhua, calmly said.

Looking at Luo Huixin's direction in the direction of the war, Xia Yuhua's face showed a bitter smile: "Your heart is contradictory, and my heart is also contradictory."

In the other direction, Zhu Xiaolu, Li Yuanchong and Tang Yuchen and the three men joined forces with Xin Xinting, Xin Luoting, and they have reached the final stage.

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