Chapter 912:A Demon’s Path

The soul chain burst!

"The power of the stars, lock." Seeing Xin Luoting was almost consumed by his own group, Tang Yuchen's hands with starry handprints, a chain of stars chained by countless stars quickly entangled Xin Luoting's nephew double pliers.

Xin Luoting is waving his own powerful tail, ready to kill Tang Yuchen, but was stopped by Li Yuanchong.

Li Yuanchong shot through the tail of the scorpion and nailed the tail of Xin Luoting's scorpion firmly to the ground.

"Call." The flame passed through the tip of the gun, and the tail of Xin Luoting's scorpion was burned to ashes.

"Ah," was screamed by the holy fire, and Xin Luoting screamed in tears and his eyes became green: "I want to kill you, I want to kill you,"


Xin Luo Ting's body exploded into a green oily mucus, swaying to Li Yuanchong and Tang Yuchen.

The green oily mucus burned quickly in the air, braving black smoke, which showed its venom.

Li Yuanchong and Tang Yuchen are very close to Xin Luoting, and the woman also deliberately exerted the power of space blockade before her death, which hindered the space teleport of the two.

If they swallowed these mucus, they would have no bones left.

Li Yuanchong was fine. He used the power of the holy fire to cover the whole body. The green mucus was not close to him and he was burned with the holy fire.

Poorly, Tang Yuchen could only watch the terrible mucous skulls covering his face.

"Damn, isn't it true that Tang Yuchen, who is so popular with thousands of women, is going to die here?" Tang Yuchen was full of unwillingness and his teeth creaked.

Huh, a green figure flew over Tang Yuchen's sky and quickly became a huge body, covering Tang Yuchen.

All the green mucus fell on the huge body, and the burning sound of the singer heard that Tang Yuchen had scalp numbness.

He imagined that if these things burned on himself, it would be a terrible thing, but now it has burned on that huge body.

"Zhu girl..." Looking at Zhu Xiaolu, who turned back to the human form and whose back was burnt, the face of Tang Yuchen slammed a few.

He never thought about letting a woman save him, and he still paid such a big price.

"I'm fine." Zhu Xiaolu's face still has no expression: "These poisons just give me the power to improve my strength, you don't have to hang on your heart."

As soon as the voice fell, Zhu Xiaolu’s body was soft and immediately fell to the ground.

Although Zhu Xiaolu is not afraid of any toxins, the green mucus that Xin Luoting bursts can be not only poisonous but also highly corrosive.

Zhu Xiaolu did not die, but it was a great fortune in misfortune.

"She is saving you for Ling Xiao." Li Yuanchong walked over and lifted Zhu Xiaolu horizontally and went to the rear camp: "If you are dead, Tang Yingying and Ling Xiao will have a hard time in peace."

Tang Yuchen was full of smiles, it seems that this Yuezhang is really dragging down Ling Xiao.

"Hey, why are we looking at it here?" Yan Han, who was in the red dress, looked at Tang Yuchen and almost died. She couldn't help but ask Yanbei.

Yan Beifei’s face hangs his unchanging smile: “Child, your strength is too weak, you can’t change the battle alone, you have to be tired of Yuchen, so you don’t want to take risks. As for me, I am still Waiting for the last moment."

"The last moment." Yan Hanyu was confused and confused: "What do you mean."

Yan Beifei looked up at the battle between Ling Xiao and Murong Huatian, and whispered in a low voice: "Come on..."

Among the space outside the sky, Ling Xiao and Murong Huatian have smashed the 18-year-old smashing skills, and they are so sweaty that they are even more black and green.

"How can this little ** have such a strong and powerful soul force." Murong Huatian couldn't figure out how to do it. If he had mastered the taboo power, he would really be killed by Ling Xiao within a few seconds.

However, looking at the current Ling Xiao such as this, it is estimated that it is also the end of the strong.

Murong Huatian secretly sneered: "Hey, no soul power, you probably can't think of it, the terrible thing about taboo power, as long as I can't beat me in a short time, my strength will only recover faster and faster."

"Brush." ​​Ling Xiao could not think about what Murong Huatian was thinking, and after he continued to display the seven-in-one technique that was enough to destroy the entire heavenly continent, he began a close combat with Murong Huatian.

Ling Xiao lifted the ** of the gods and slashed it according to the head of Murong Huatian. Murong Huatian immediately took out the re-cast sword of prayer and did not hesitate to block it.


Ling Xiao's knife speed is fast, in the eyes of the onlookers, it is like countless whole gods are spinning around Murong Huatian.

The speed of Murong Huatian’s sword is naturally not slow, and he is covered in the shadow of the sword, without any flaws.

The sword confronted, and a sound of jingle sounded, and the space that stirred up again and again violently vibrated continuously. It looked like the figure of Ling Xiao and Murong Huatian was shaking.

"The power of time and space." Ling Xiao next knife, the speed suddenly slowed down a lot.

At the same time, Murong Huatian's upward movement of the sword is also much slower, so that the onlookers can see clearly.

Ling Xiao wants to exert the power of time and space on the same level of Murong Huatian, and he himself has to be limited by the same.

As long as Ling Xiao's speed will be a little faster than Murong Huatian, it is Ling Xiaosheng.

Like this level of battle, sometimes the victory and defeat is just a little bit of a little bit.

"Ling Wei, are you poor? You are nothing more than this." Seeing the power of time and space in the exhibition, Murong Huatian sneered again and again, shouting: "The power of prayer."

At this time, Murong Huatian had a very golden light shining in his body, and his whole body was green and oily.

This holiness and demon are combined in Murong Huatian, giving people a sense of contradiction that is extremely uncomfortable.

When this golden light surged, the forces of time and space between Ling Xiao and Murong Huatian disappeared at the same time.

In this way, the statue of Tu Tu in the hands of Ling Xiao suddenly lost his bondage. The speed did not know how many times he accelerated, and he slammed into the sword of prayer of Murong Huatian.


The sword collided again, and the sword of the gods and prayers broke down at the same time, quickly dissolving into countless black and white rays, and quickly sprang out from the outer space.

The ** of the gods, broken.

Nalan Hanxue’s face has no blood, but her gaze is still staring at Ling Xiao, who has no gods but still holds the hands of the god, and her face is incredible: “Impossible, impossible, butcher God can't break..."

"Haha, Ling Xiao, I see how you fight with me now." Murong Huatian screamed and laughed. His dependence on the sword of prayer was far less than the use of the ** of the gods.

The sword of prayer is nothing more than a tool used by Murong Huatian to deal with the gods, and the ** of death can almost be said to be the right arm of Ling Xiao, whose loss is even more obvious.

"There is no gods, I will kill you as well." The gods are broken, and countless resentful souls have all poured into Ling Xiao’s body.

Through the power of these resentments, Ling Xiao waved his fist and smashed the face according to the face of Murong Huatian.

This fist blasted out, and there was a ghost crying in the space outside the sky, and it was dark and dark.

"I'm afraid you can't make it." Murong Huatian took a shot and hit a big punch with Ling Wei.


In an instant, there was a fierce roar in the space, and it was awe-inspiring.

It’s like a nighttime lightning flash over the night sky, and the black and white light in the sky outside the sky is flashing alternately, and the people who stand on the side can barely open their eyes.

"Kid, let's die." Murong Huatian's cry was just screaming in the ears of everyone. Above the sky, the battle between him and Ling Xiao has already been separated.

The two have already opened a distance of several hundred meters, and it is estimated that they just shook each other when the fist was handed over.

At this time, the soul chain of Murong Huatian flew out from his neck and became a huge turning wheel in the air.

Numerous green origins of the soul and Murong Huatian's own purple soul force attached to the wheel, with the momentum of crushing all things, rolling toward Ling Xiao.

"Go." Ling Xiao immediately sacrificed his own soul chain, and Murong Huatian's soul chain hit a piece of evil.

Hey, just a confrontation, the soul chain of Ling Xiao was immediately blasted by the soul chain of Murong Huatian, and turned into countless light particles scattered around.

The soul chain of Ling Xiao is broken.


Until Ling Xiao’s body flew out of the sky and straight down from the height of more than 10,000 meters, all the people watching the battle were sure that they were not mistaken.

With the explosion of Ling Ling's soul chain, the hearts of people on the ground will also be broken.

The battle on the ground is over, and the Soul Alliance has won the final victory. If Ling Xiao defeats Murong Huatian, it will be the perfect ending.

At this time, Ling Xiao actually lost.

Even the soul chain is bursting, and Ling Xiao can still die.

This kind of ending is really unacceptable to everyone: "Impossible, how can Ling Xiao lose."

Seeing Ling Xiao defeated, Nalan Han Xue couldn't hold it anymore, and a black blood couldn't help but spray it out.

That is because of the fire and the heart.

Long Yuxi and Xia Yuhua both shot at the same time, and Ling Xiao’s body was taken back from the sky.

The two of them held the raft on the ground. Although they stabilized their footsteps, the grounds within tens of thousands of meters of their circumference were broken into powder.

Because of their strength, this is the case. If you switch to another person and pick it up, I am afraid that it will be smashed into a meat sauce along with Ling Xiao’s body.

"He is dead." Xia Yuhua's heart suddenly became very heavy, just like there are countless messy things stuck in her heart, so that she has a feeling of breathlessness.

"Impossible, how can he die." Xia Yuhua stared at the squinting eyes like a sleeping eye with sharp eyes. The teeth creaked: "Not saying, I want to wash your clothes for Xia Yuhua, you Wang Ba How can you die like this?"

In addition to Xia Yuhua, at this moment, the hearts of Long Yuxi, Ling Shiyu, Zou Wei and Luo Huixin were broken together with the soul chain of Ling Xiao.

Even Zhu Xiaolu, who has no human emotions, even slipped two drops of tears like the morning dew.

"Haha, Ling Xiao, you are dead, and you die very well." Above the sky, Murong Huatian laughed and smiled extremely exaggerated.

Everyone except him couldn’t laugh and was silent.

In the air, there is an extremely gloomy atmosphere everywhere, suppressing everyone to suffocate in general...

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