Chapter 913:A Demon’s Path

People following the crowd

Even as a light pole commander, Murong Huatian is still full of prestige, overlooking the sentient beings: "Ling Wei is dead, the old man is now the hegemon of the Three Realms, everyone listens, bows to the court, or die."

Murong Huatian’s voice echoed in the ears of everyone, and their eardrums creaked.

In order to match the momentum of his own speech, Murong Huatian also deliberately released a powerful pressure, oppressing everyone to pay homage to him.

"Surrender, or die." Many people kept coming back and forth in these two minds. They had a moment of embarrassment and they chose to surrender.

However, when they saw the end of those who surrendered to Murong Huatian, they all woke up again.

Murong Huatian never treats his men as *people, even worse than the pets he raises.

The pets of human beings are dead, the master will be sad and tears, and Murong Huatian, a tower of the demon tower, has died cleanly. Murong Huatian is like a few hairs on his body, not hurting. itch.

Treating his own people with such ignorance, will he treat them well with those who have resisted him?

If they want them to live like pigs and dogs, what is the meaning of living.

"I would rather stand dead than live."

"Not free, I would rather die." (Forgive Nirvana for shamelessly stealing these sentences, Buddha forgives :)

A loud voice echoed each other, and it continued to rise and fall.

The expression on everyone's face is calm, just like doing something very ordinary.

At this moment, all of them are in the minds of those who have died in the past few years in order to resist Murong Huatian, especially the comrades who died in these fourteen days. Their voices are everywhere, as if they have never left.

"Since you want to die like this, the old man will fulfill you." Murong Huatian put his hands on his chest and placed a black vortex between his hands.

"Dead, you guys who are humble and ignorant, let my vortex melter refine all of you."

As Murong Huatian's hands twitched, the black vortex immediately flew out of his hands, and it suddenly became bigger during the flight.

In an instant, the black vortex covered all the sky above the head, making the world between dark and dark.

Above the sky, the rotating black whirlpool even carries countless mad thunders filled with ruin.

The wind is bursting, and the sky is dim.

"Haha, all of them give death to the old man." Murong Huatian glared with big green eyes and excited face, like a green big frog filled with stomach.

In the face of this ruinous atmosphere, everyone’s face is a decisive color.

This vortex has been generated, but it is still in the stage of power storage. If it is not destroyed, everyone will be sucked into it, and the body will be broken and the soul will fly.

However, it is necessary to confront the whirlpool that Murong Huatian is fully exerting. Everyone just gives up and completely gives up.

At this time, Murong Huatian could not even fight Ling Xiao, and they went to the stone as well.

Of course, not everyone has given up.

"And Murong old thief fight." Long Yuxi handed Ling Xiao to the hands of Xia Yuhua, a flash of madness in his eyes.

Long Yuxi has not yet started, Li Yuanchong has already jumped up and flew directly below the black vortex, and the long gun pointed to the center of the black vortex.

"Call." A straight sacred flame column rises into the sky, with a flaming fire, straight into the center of the black vortex.

This holy pillar of fire not only brightens the darkness of the sun, but also lights up people's hearts and drives away the darkness in their hearts.


The flame column hit the center of the black vortex, and the flame was swept over by the vortex, making the entire surface of the sky seem to be burning.

The spread of the flame in the whirlpool completely illuminates the entire sky.

Hey, Li Yuanchong was lightly swayed by the whirlpool while he was lighting the sky. His body fell straight like a cannonball.

"Ling Wei, you have never let us down, I have done everything, and the rest are watching yourself..."

Li Yuanchong closed his eyes, his body was smashed into the ground, and the ground was pulled out of a deep bottomless pit, life and death.

"Ling Wei, Yuxi will fight with you to the end of life."

The second one that rushed out was Long Yuxi. She did not hesitate to release the dragon scorpion and put all her power into it, going straight to the sky.

Hey, the dragon smashed and punched a punch, accompanied by the sound of the dragon and the sound that resounded through the heavens and the earth, and a sacred dragon shadow with the power of pure sacred fire slammed into the center of the black vortex.


The Holy Fire Dragon Shadow and the Whirlpool Center hit a place, and the whole sky rang like the sound of the sky being broken. It was not known how many people lost their hearing directly on the spot.


The dragon flames and whirlpools are desperately entangled, making the vortex very weak at some time.

However, it didn't take long for the black whirlpool to regain its strength as the sacred dragon shadow was shredded by the vortex.

At the same time that the shadow of the holy fire was torn, the dragon's body was also turned into a powder.

The avatar was destroyed, and the dragon jade squirted a blood, and the body fell from the air.

The blood flower is accompanied by the white dress, and the dragon jade at this time is like an angel of wings.

"Jade sister."

Zou Wei manipulated the gods and leaped high, and took Long Yuxi in his hands.

The strength of the dragon and jade dragon was too strong, and even Zou Wei fell down together and fell to the ground.

Only heard a bang, the ground was killed and a deep pit, stone crushing, killing God was also smashed.



"Dragon sister."

The Dragon Array and Luo Huixin quickly rushed over, and Ling Shiyu also rushed to Long Yuxi and Zou Wei.

Fortunately, although they are in a coma, the soul is still normal.

The injury is heavy, but there is no danger to life.

"Hui Xin, you take care of them, I am going to fight with the old things."

The dragon leaps high and the right hand rises toward the vortex above the sky.


The imaginary axe flew out, and instantly became several times larger, with a strong force of broken voids, screaming at the center of the vortex.


The black whirlpool suddenly uttered a crisp sound and split into two halves.

It turned out that the black whirlpool had been seriously damaged by Li Yuanchong and Long Yuxi, but the surface still looks radiant.

Now it has been smashed by the dragon's broken axe, and naturally there is a crack.

However, the strike of the Dragon Array is not without cost.

He tried his best to open the black whirlpool, and the broken axe directly drained the soul of him.

Now he is like an ordinary person, without any support for his flying in the air, letting himself fall naturally from the height of several kilometers.

call out.

A boat-sized arrow shadow crossed the sky, just picking up the dragon array and bringing it back to the ground.

The person who saves the dragon array is naturally A disease.

Seeing the maelstrom was broken into two halves by the dragon's axe, revealing a sky with light, everyone cheered up as if they saw the hope of survival.

However, Murong Huatian once again broke their illusions.

"Haha, except for Ling Xiao, the efforts of your little bugs are useless." Murong Huatian hands up to the heavens to pray, and in an instant, the black vortex divided into two halves each formed into two black vortexes.

Although only half as large as the original one, the scent of destruction caused by these two black vortexes is not weaker than the original one.

"I don't believe that I can't destroy it." The brown hair of the fangs looked up at the sky, and the brown eyes were full of firm colors: "Ling, I hope you stand up early."

In the minds of Li Yuanchong, Longzheng, and Aji, Ling Xiao seems to have not fallen down at all. They believe that Ling Xiao is only accumulating strength and waiting for the final outbreak.

At present, it is up to them to pass through Ling Xiao.

"Yeah," A screamed, and the giant bow in his hand was full of strings, bows and bowstrings, almost perfect for a round shape.

Among the bows and bowstrings, countless purple souls rush into it, and no matter how much influx, those souls will not overflow from the circle.

In less than ten seconds, the soul of Aji was pumped clean and gathered into the purple circle.

"Open the sky."

As Abra pulls the arm of the bowstring loose, the purple circle immediately rises to the sky and goes straight to one of the black vortexes.

The purple circle exudes dazzling purple, like a moving purple sun in the darkness, with a purple flame, and a black vortex.


Just as the comet hit the planet, the purple sun was swept away by the black vortex, and the black vortex was blown apart.

"Sure enough..." Looking at the sky, there was a large bright light. A sick face with a satisfied smile, slammed and fell to the ground.

Xia Yuhua understood the meaning of Aji "surely" because she was so speculative.

Seeing the black whirlpool looks terrible. In fact, it has been bombarded by everyone. Now, with only a little power, this black vortex can be solved.

"You bastard, you just fell asleep, throwing these troubles to us." Looking at the slumbering sleep, Xia Yuhua’s face showed a smile, and the silver-gray eyes were shining. The tearful tears could not hold back and fell on Ling Xiao’s face.

"Well, in the end, your sister Xia Yuhua will solve the problem for you. I hope we can live and see you again."

Regardless of anyone's eyes, Xia Yuhua bowed her head and printed her lips on the cold lips of Ling Xiao. This stood up straight and smiled and said to herself: "Okay, let me give myself a confession. There is no regret in this life."

Later, Xia Yuhua looked up and looked at the last black whirlpool, and flew up and flew straight toward it.

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