Chapter 914:A Demon’s Path

Ling Feng out of the tower!

As Xia Yuhua also flew toward the black whirlpool, everyone on the field was shocked.

Ling Xiao and Murong Huatian have hatred, he is desperate to kill Murong Huatian is the most normal, but the matter has developed to this stage, it is not as simple as Ling Xiao and Murong Huatian's personal grievances.

Murong Huatian’s ambition is destined to be unpopular, and defeating Murong Huatian has become a must for all ethnic groups in the whole heavenly continent.

After Ling Xiao fell, in the desperate situation of the crowd, the masters of the other four major families remained silent, but still only the people around Ling Xiao stood up one by one.

Ling Xiao’s courage without fear and the courage to break the boat can not make everyone move.

"Ling Wei is really a personal talent..." Yan Beifei couldn't help but sigh: "Daughter, this son-in-law is really not easy. It can make people around him pay for him. For him to fight to the end, I think few people in this world can Do it."

Yan Hanyu lowered his head and apparently had not recovered from the blow of Ling Xiao’s defeat.

Although she used to look at this kid who used her rhetoric to deceive her daughter, she was extremely unhappy, but the kid did a good job and changed her impression of him.

But at this time, he fell down.

At this moment, in addition to Yan Hanyu, everyone's eyes are staring at the firm figure of Xia Yuhua.

"Haha, another one is looking for death." Murong Huatian did not put Xia Yuhua in his eyes. Except for Ling Xiao, he naturally did not look at him.

"The devil snakes, look at you." Xia Yuhua's pair of silver-gray eyes stared straight at the center of the vortex, one hand up, and the stone statue from the tower of the Wraith suddenly flew out.


The stone statue with silver-gray light suddenly moved in the process of flying to the black whirlpool and became a living thing.

The goddess of the upper body and the lower body of the snake rushed to the sky and slammed into the center of the black whirlpool.

"Bang", the demon snake and the black vortex had a fierce impact, and the sky immediately violently shakes and shakes, just like the sky is falling at any time.

The dazzling silver-gray radiance and the black light swayed together, and the smog disappeared.

The dark clouds above the sky gradually dissipated, and the black vortex was finally completely broken.

At the same time that the stone statue became the demon of the demon, the summer rain flower once again changed back to the body of the silver wing demon snake, falling from above the sky.

Ling Shiyu and Xiao Linzi flew high at the same time and picked up Xia Yuhua.

In Ling Shiyu's arms, the silver-winged magic snake's eyes flashed with faint light, shook his head helplessly, and closed his eyes.

Xia Yuhua is too tired, she wants to take a good rest, now I can't help myself, and finally I can rest assured.

"The big demon sister..." Ling Shiyu looked at the summer rain flower that was hit back to the original shape, and his heart was full of complicated thoughts.

The stone statue of the demon snake statue exploded, and Xia Yuhua is likely to never recover from the human body, making such a big sacrifice, what is she for?

Others can be so brave, why can they just hide behind everyone and dare not go forward and face it bravely.

Xiao Linzi seems to have realized the mood of Ling Shiyu. He quickly communicated with Ling Shiyu with his mental strength. He comforted: "Ling sister, it’s okay, you have worked hard, even if you dare to deal with Murong Huatian, I will not let you go up. I promised that Lao Lingzi should protect your safety. I have to do it when I say it."

Lao Lingzi, this is another name for Xiao Linzi.

Ling Shiyu barely squeezed his smile and said: "Well, I know, you said, Ling Xiao, he will definitely wake up, is it?"

In addition to Ling Shiyu, the attention of others is above Murong Huatian and the sky.

Seeing Murong Huatian’s “whirlpool melting furnace” was blown away by Xia Yuhua’s last blow, and everyone on the field cheered in unison.

They feel that Murong Huatian has been broken by such powerful attacks. At the very least, he has to rest for a long time.

During this time, so many of us have launched the source of the soul attack at the same time, can't you destroy him?

Holding the same idea, the All Saints, the Yaozu and the Terran Warriors are ready to join forces to launch the original soul attack and kill Murong Huatian.

However, Murong Huatian once again let them fall into despair.

"Haha, I want to deal with me, poor little ants, despair in front of your powerful master, tremble, haha..." Murong Huatian hands freely spread out his hands, and the clear sky was once again clouded and dark.

The crowd looked at the sky with a stunned look, with a slightly open mouth and an unspeakable surprise and despair on his face.

Above the sky, another giant vortex was created.

Previously, Li Yuanchong, Long Yuxi, Longzhen, Aji, and Xia Yuhua combined to destroy a giant vortex. This time, who else can have the courage to face this giant vortex.

Even with this courage and strength, who knows the extent to which Murong Huatian’s strength has reached, even if they break the second whirlpool of Murong Huatian, what if he launches the third time again.

No one wants to imagine, can only stand in silence, the brain is like being taken out, stupidly standing, do not know how to be good.

"Dead." Seeing that no one has ever ruined his own whirlpool, Murong Huatian screamed and instantly increased the power of the whirlpool.

Rumble, as the vortex intensifies the rotation, the suction is quickly generated, and all the people standing on the ground feel the strong suction at the same time. The people, the sacred or the demon who are close to the vortex are even sucked by the suction. Go to heaven and fly toward the center of the whirlpool in the sky.




Above the entire sky, the shadows of the holy beasts, the demon and the human races and the screams of screams are everywhere.

"If no one else shoots, they will die." Looking at the situation in front of him, Lei Xiaohua and Lao Yu are so eager.

However, they exhausted all the power in the previous war of attrition, even though they want to help now, they have more than enough strength.

"Come on, hurry up..." Nalan Han Xue was a black blood, and she had never noticed her beloved white fox scarf.

Her eyes were fixed on the direction of the tower of the demon, and she kept her eyes on it. She believed that that person would definitely appear.

The most calm is Yan Beifei. From the beginning to the end, he has never been nervous: "It is time..."


Just as Murong Huatian was in the midst of great power, the tower of the demon behind him suddenly suddenly vibrated, and even the space around him collapsed.

In this case, the tower of the towering gods and gods is going to fall.

"Not good, how is this possible." Murong Huatian's face changed wildly, just want to make an emergency decision, a white figure suddenly flew out from the bottom of the tower of the gods like a meteor.

Before Murong Huatian’s thoughts had not been put into action, he flew past Murong Huatian.

That speed, I don’t know how many times faster than the human consciousness.


As the figure passed, countless white knife-shaped lights cut through the body of Murong Huatian in a second, and issued a series of knives to slash the sound of the body.

Above the sky, the black vortex with powerful suction stopped its rotation, and the various warriors who were about to be inhaled quickly lifted the threat of death and fell back to the ground.

"Who saved us." The warriors of all ethnic groups were shocked, but they still looked at the sky very curiously.

There are only two people above the sky, one is Murong Huatian, and the other is recognized by everyone on the field.

He is naturally Ling Feng, who was suppressed by Murong Huatian for 20 years.

"Maple brother..." saw Ling Feng again, Nalan Han Xue's pale face finally had a hint of ruddy, but when she saw that Ling Feng's handsome face was lifeless, she suddenly felt a strange strangeness in her heart. .

This sulky person is still the gentle and considerate Feng Ge he once knew.

"How do you... do it..." Murong Huatian said with difficulty, looking at Ling Feng in front of him with a look of pain.

Murong Huatian’s body looks intact, and no one knows. If he suffers multiple injuries, he will not even be able to say anything.

"Since you know that Ling Xiao was created by me, how can I not understand that the improvement of his strength is the improvement of my strength."

Ling Feng said calmly: "The strength of Ling Xiao has reached the strongest. My strength is naturally multiplied. My current strength is the sum of you and him. Do you think that you will be my opponent? ""

"How do you... escape from the tower..." Although it is very painful, Murong Huatian still asks this question that has been plaguing himself since now.

"The sky is dead in my hand, and the tower of the soul is now under my control. Do you think that the tower of the soul is trapped me?" Ling Feng faintly stunned Murong Huatian and said: "Even if you I think that the tower of the soul that is under your control is now under my control."

"Haha...haha..." Murong Huatian laughed a few times, and the blood of green and red kept spewing out from his various positions. The situation was extremely strange.

"Ling Feng, you have already controlled the Tower of the Soul, you deliberately let me suppress, just to let your son save you in twenty years."

Murong Huatian laughed loudly, how could the laughter stop, and the eyes were filled with tears and blood: "Poor Nalan Hanxue, she is just a tool you use, you already know her." Betrayed you, but still left her with you, just to put the gods and magic alliances into order, in order to make you play more realistic, you even took the whole magical alliance."

Murong Huatian seems to be not vomiting, Ling Feng does not disturb his words, let him casually say: "All said that I am Murong Huatian, no one is sexual, where is your Ling Feng's humanity, to put yourself in order to achieve The one-handed gods and devils alliance is also ruined, and even counts their sons and daddy. I am not as good as my own, and you are not ashamed."

After Murong Huatian finished these words, the blood and red and green blood spewed out a lot, making him look like a dry skinny.

"I once promised to put down the hatred and live a family of three, but you still haven't let us go, killing them, if it's not for me, I will die in your hands, things will become now. So what?"

"All of this, not by your gift, my father-in-law." Ling Feng's eyes suddenly sharp, the air around it seems to solidify together.

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