Chapter 915:A Demon’s Path

Battle of father and son

"It’s all thanks to the old man." Murong Huatian suddenly remembered the situation when he took many priests to chase the Lingfeng couple a long time ago.

At that time, Ling Xiao was only five or six years old, but he was killed by his own hard life.

In order to resurrect Ling Xiao, Ling Feng and his wife began a crazy action, and finally led their daughter Murong Jing into a stone statue.

Then, in order to restore Murong Jing to his personal body, Ling Feng began a more crazy move...

It seems that all this is really caused by oneself, but why do you do this yourself.

When I used to inherit one of the fathers of the gods, the ideal at that time was to let the whole three circles live a peaceful life without any disputes. Why did they become like this, even daughters, sons-in-laws and nephews would not let go. .

It’s all because of that person, the guy named Ling Tiantian.

Ling annihilation slashed the love, took away his beloved woman, and let his favorite woman die in his own hands, he Murong Huatian hate.

Therefore, everything that is related to Ling Tiantian, his Murong Huatian will be destroyed and destroyed.

This guy snatched away his beloved woman, and his son took away his beloved daughter, both father and son are their own enemies, and the chop.

Murong Huatian’s brain began to be chaotic. In his long life, he did not know how many wonderful things were all omitted by him. The rest was only the hatred of the Ling family.

All of this, in the final analysis, is the fault of that annihilation.

"Ling out the sky, you get out of the old man, the old man wants to kill you," Murong Huatian screamed, his body burst open, turned into countless blood red and green powder, dissipated with the wind.

Murong Huatian was previously attacked by Ling Feng with absolute strength, and his body was damaged. With the last strength and Ling Feng, these things were not supported and turned into dust.

Murong Huatian completely disappeared in this world, and he did not see the culprits that he thought he was dying.

On the mountain of Devil's Soul, the white-haired Ling Tiantian looked at the direction of the tower of the demon, holding a glass of wine in his hand, and snorted two laughs: "Old rival, you still lose, this glass of wine, respect you, Also respect my grandson, your grandson, Ling Xiao."

After all, Ling Tiantian sprinkled this glass of wine on the ground and said to himself: "Mu Ronghuatian solved it, but the next thing, how can your father and son solve it?"

Seeing that Murong Huatian died, everyone was relieved.

However, their mood is not easy, the conversation between Murong Huatian and Ling Feng, let them know the truth of many things.

Ling Feng’s means is not weaker than Murong Huatian, but it is even worse.

However, he is so hot, what is the matter.

Everyone has buried a thorn in Lingfeng. They know that things are not ending like this.

"Maple brother..." Looked at Ling Feng, who was still hanging above the sky, and refused to fall. Nalan Han Xue was full of pleading, and pity: "Let's let go, Maple..."

Ling Feng's hair was scattered, moving with the wind, and covering his cold eyes from time to time: "Cold snow, you know me, so you don't have to say this."

"Why, why is this?" Nalan Han Xueyu is ashamed: "In your heart, there will be no place in my place."

Ling Feng was looking at the Nalan Han Xue underneath, and only spit out a word in his mouth: "Yes."

"Well..." Nalan Han Xue showed a bleak smile, slowly raised the sword and placed it on his neck: "In fact, on the day when the gods and evils alliance disappeared, I have no qualification to live in the world." It is."

Nalan Hanxue hopes that Ling Feng can open her eyes to persuade her, but he does not.

Nalan Han Xue closed her eyes desperately, and two tears ran down her beautiful face.

"Maple brother, I hope we will see you again, don't become like this now..." Nalan Han Xue clenched the hilt and tried to force it.

"Oh." A strong and powerful palm pressed the hand of Nalan Hanxue tightly. Then, the voice of Ling Xiao’s boy rang in her ear: "Snow, why are you suffering?"

With a bang, the sword in the hands of Nalan Han Xue fell to the ground, and the whole figure lost its soul and sat down on the ground.

"Ling Wei, can you tell me, I still have a meaning to live." Nalan Han Xue looked at Ling Xiao with a dull look, and there was a pleading in the eyes of despair.

She is begging, Ling Xiao can give her a reason to live.

Ling Xiaowei smiled and said: "Snow, there is love in my heart, why bother to die, even if the person is not around you, or does not love you, that love is still yours, no one can take it, you can treasure it all your life. It slowly tastes the ups and downs of it, so it’s so dead, it’s not worth it.”

"There is love in my heart, why should I die..." Nalan Hanxue repeatedly pondered the meaning of Ling Xiao's sentence and fell into deep thought.

"Oh, bored." Ling Feng snorted and looked straight at Ling Xiao: "The kid is your own, or I will finish the sacrifice for you."

Ling Xiao did not escape his father's gaze, calmly and calmly smiled: "Hey, I chose to beat you."

Almost everyone on the field was blinded. They simply didn't understand what the father and son were saying, but it seems that they obviously want to play one game.

Yan Beifei, who only understands the truth of the matter, has a constant smile on his face: "Good boy, have the courage to face his old man, this is my granddaughter of Yanbeifei, haha."

"You have always hidden strength, even if several of your women are seriously injured, you are not shooting, just to deal with me, I really cultivated a good son." Ling Feng face full of mocking smile, that smile The coldness, almost everyone can see it.

Ling Xiao ignored the father's mockery and said: "Oh, no way, if you don't guard against you, I have already swallowed up with you and I don't have any bones left."

"Xunzi." Ling Feng suddenly shouted: "I have been planning to save your mother for so long, you did not cooperate with me to save your mother, you become a son."

"Yes." Ling Xiao smiled, the smile was very natural: "Hey, if it was before, when I was alone, you would have my life to save my mother, then I will not regret this life." However, nowadays so many people are fighting with me, as well as my own wife and children. If I say something selfish, I don’t want to die."

Hearing the conversation between Ling Xiao and his father Ling Feng, everyone understood more or less.

It turned out that Ling Feng wanted to sacrifice his son to save his wife. This kind of thoughts and practices are really crazy.

The people were immersed in contemplation. They were thinking about the same problem at the same time. What would they do if they changed themselves to the position of Ling Xiao?

Perhaps they may think that Ling Xiao is not filial, accusing Ling Xiao of being selfish, but they will not deny Ling Xiao’s words.

He has his own wife and children, his friends, and he does not want to die.

Besides, there is such a father who wants to kill himself all day. If he has been mad for another person, he can still calm down like Ling Xiao.

"Oh, if you save the mother, the tower of the soul and the tower of the soul will be destroyed." Ling Xiao continued to talk: "What is under the tower of the demon, you should be clear about this terrible consequence, I also don't want my relatives and friends, and those who have been with me to fight to the present, to die."

"So, I can only be sorry for my mother." Ling Xiao straightened his body and looked at Ling Feng: "I believe that the mother will agree with my choice."

"What, Ling Feng actually wants to destroy the tower of the Three Realms," the people of this time are thoroughly understood, what is the plan of the crazy Ling Feng.

If it is only the battle between their fathers, they may falsely accuse Ling Xiaorui, not filial piety, but it is related to their life and death, they will not be able to take care of whether Ling Xiao is rebellious or not, and they are shaking in their hearts. The banner of "Dayi and the Pro-Family" unconditionally supports Ling Xiao.

"Ha ha..." Ling Feng laughed at the sky, and the momentum of the whole body rose to the extreme: "Come on, my son, let you see and see, how strong is his son who can fight with the gods." ”

Ling Xiao’s footsteps moved forward, and the figure below was still in front of everyone’s eyes. The body had already flown high above the sky, and Ling Feng stood up.

Without the soul chain, Ling Xiao’s strength is even more powerful than before.

Everyone looked at this scene with a stunned look. The mood could not be calm for a long time. In the legend, only the ancient gods could achieve this kind of cultivation without the soul chain. The strength of Ling Xiao was enough to become a god.

"Hey, I won't be merciful." In the face of Ling Feng, Ling Xiao did not have the slightest curtain, slowly raised his hands.

Ling Feng’s eyes flashed in the cold: "Hey, I want to realize your wishes as soon as possible, then walk over my body."

Ling Feng’s voice was still swirling in the air, and his figure had already been incarnate and stalked Ling Xiao, and quickly attacked Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao’s figure did not move, he danced his hands in the same place, and instantly solved the numerous attacks of Ling Feng...

The battle between the father and the son can be called earth-shattering, and the sun and the moon are eclipsed, and the heavens and the earth are dull.

For the whole thirty days, the father and son still did not win the game.

No one can see clearly what the situation of the two of them confronted. They can only see that there are countless white and gray figures left on the sky. They can't be dispersed for a long time.

These figures are connected together to form an image of the time when the father and the son played against each other, and their true body did not know where they had flown...

Later generations recorded that the Tower of the Devil (later renamed the Holy Tower) the Lord's battle with his father, until the end no one knows who won.

They only knew that it was another 30 days. With a violent explosion over the tower of the Devil's Tower, the Holy Lord returned to the ground alone, looking up at the sky and making a long scream: "father,."

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