Chapter 916:A Demon’s Path

Lord of the Tower (the finale)

In the basement of the Tower of the Devil, Ling Xiao once again came to the stone statue of Murong Jing, and bowed his head to the stone statue: "Mother, I am not filial."

"Children, don't have to worry about this matter. This kind of result is good for everyone. You really think so in your heart. It just keeps me back to support him for so many years of obsession. I want to give up by himself. It is impossible."

Murong calmed down and his voice choked: "So, he chose to stop him."

After the end of the game, Ling Xiao slowly stood up and walked over to his mother stone statue, staring at his mother.

Ling Xiao wanted to imprint his mother's face in his mind, fearing that even if he gaze less for a second, he would forget his mother's appearance.

"Oh, child, don't need to say this, all the results are good for me and you. When he leaves, I naturally want to follow him." Murong Jing's voice is warm and peaceful, just like ordinary The mother caressed the hands of her own children's head, so that Ling Xiao's heart slowly calmed down.

"Children, do what you should do." Murong Jing urged: "It will be more uncomfortable to stay here for a long time."

"Yeah." Ling Xiao turned and went to resist, did not let his mother "see" his tears, and did not go back to the basement exit.

At this moment, Ling Xiao seemed to feel that his mother looked at herself with a smile behind her and nodded to herself.

Ling Xiao returned to the edge of the altar on the first floor of the Tower of the Devil, looking at the three heavenly treasures on the altar, and took a deep breath: "Mother, goodbye..."

At the bottom of the altar, those night magic star monsters have already awakened, and all of them are screaming at the fangs, constantly bombarding the seal of the altar to them.

After the destruction of Murong Huatian and Ling Feng, the seal here became very fragile. If Ling Xiao didn't shoot again, it would take a month for the monsters to break out.

At that time, the soul world will be a catastrophe.

There are too many monsters. Once they are released, even if they are all destroyed, it is estimated that the soul world has to finish.

The soul of the soul that has just passed through the battle with Murong Huatian has no such power. It is impossible to eliminate it alone.

"Go." Ling Xiao left his hand to the front five fingers, three heavens and treasures flew out one after another, and automatically fell into the groove.


Between the time, the entire tower of the demon is full of holy golden light.

Then, a golden ** of the demon tower flies out of its body, ascends to the sky, and shines its holy light on the entire heavenly continent.

Bathed under the holy golden light, the ground that has been destroyed and dried up because of the war is repairing itself at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the earth is again rich and rich.

Numerous grievances that died because of the war were integrated into the golden light, enjoying the rare peace, and flew back to the reincarnation mirror on the altar of the demon tower, and reincarnation.

The red-stained sky was also dyed by the golden light, expelling the filthy blood.

The sky, once again appeared clear.

In the basement of the Devil's Tower, Murong Jing's stone image melted rapidly and turned into countless tiny light particles. After the sound of the bells sounded, the light particles disappeared with the wind and quickly merged into the golden light.

Suspended in the sky above the tower of the demon, Ling Xiao looked up into the distance, in the golden light, he seemed to see his father and mother.

The handsome and handsome father and the beautiful and generous mother holding hands, full of happy smiles, walked to the unknown distant distance of the golden sun.

Before the two men were about to disappear from Ling Xiao’s line of sight, they suddenly turned around and nodded toward Ling Xiaoman’s smile, and then turned and left.

"Hey, mother-in-law..."

Ling Xiao whispered, tears rolling down his cheeks.

He personally killed his own aunt, he is an abomination.

Even if he saw his parents' happiness and left, he still could not escape his inner condemnation.

God knows if this is a illusion that he appears to comfort himself, but he really does not want it to be a illusion.

"Hey, mother, go all the way..."

The gods and sorcerers, who were provoked by Murong Huatian, represented by the soul of the soul world, fought against the demon souls.

After that, Ling Xiao entered the tower of the Lord God and changed the name of the Tower of the Devil to the Holy Tower.

Since then, there has been no dispute between the three realms.

Whether it is a soul sorcerer or a demon sorcerer, as long as it does not violate the law of the Santa, it enjoys equal treatment.

Moreover, the Yao and the demons, which had always been despised by the Terran, have received the same treatment. As long as they do not invade the Terran, no one can violate them.

Within the Three Realms, the real fulfillment of Tang Yingying’s expectations, the peaceful coexistence of all ethnic groups.

On the top of the hill where Lingfeng Mountain Ling had previously cultivated, a figure stood alone and looked into the distance, letting the wild wind blow away her long hair.

"Maple..." The woman around the white fox scarf whispered softly, like who was telling something.

Behind her, there was a shadow of Ling Xiao.

"Snow, you have to leave." Ling Xiao asked with some surprise.

Nalan Hanxue turned and smiled at Ling Xiaowei: "Yes, boy, I believe that Feng Ge is still alive, so I am going to find him. I think that if you see you, you will be left. In the case of right hug, I will not mind if I am bothering them. Her son can do anything wrong, let her husband and me more."

It’s said by Nalan Hanxue that it’s hard to see the face with a very thick face: “Snow, this...”

"Oh, kid, don't bother to care about you." Nalan Han Xue smiled and walked in the direction of going down the mountain.

The two passed by, until the figure of Nalan Hanxue disappeared on the Devil's Mountain. Ling Xiao turned around and said to himself: "Snow, I wish you all the best..."

Below the mountain peak, Luo Huixin looked up at the foothills and suddenly said: "I want to travel around, I need a partner and bodyguard. Would you like to go with me?"

Huang Jianfeng solemnly nodded: "I am willing, even if it is the end of the earth, I will follow you all the way."

Luo Huixin suddenly showed a bright smile, jumped into the war horse, and slammed the whip: "Don't lose it."

Huang Jianfeng was full of joy, jumped on another horse and quickly chased away from Luo Huixin: "Do not worry, I will follow you to life."

Outside the Santa.

"This, Huang Ya girl, I want to go back to Xihe City, you take care of yourself." Long array full face and sincerely bid farewell to Huang Ya: "Of course, I will come to visit you as a good friend."

Huang Ya, who has been cured by Ling Xiao, smiled: "Well, come home to accompany your wife, I am not the kind of person who grabs other men."

The dragon array can't help but swear in the heart. If you don't grab it, whoever tied it to me will come to the church.

"Well, you have to go and leave, I will not send it." Huang Ya sat on the flying beast that Tang Yingying gave her, and the singer Peng, manipulating the Peng bird quickly left the tower.

The Dragon Array only saw Huang Ya leave, and did not see Huang Yan’s smiling face with a few tears on his face.

"Dragon Array kid, you said, it is not because I am ugly, I don't want me, I want to say, I like you, it is my own business, you can't stop me..."

In front of Bai Ni’s tomb, Yao Wei personally put on a sacrifice and raised the glass: “Bai Ni, this glass of wine, respect you.”

Ling Xiao stood silently, waiting until Yao Yao worshipped.

"What are the plans?" Ling Xiao asked Yao Yao.

Yao Hao turned and hugged Ling Xiao, whispering in his ear: "Ling Wei, I will go back to accompany my mother, have time, remember to come see me."

"Will do."

Among the Xihe City in the Xuantian Continent, the Xihe City Mercenary Union is full of people, and it is very lively.

This mercenary union has been quiet for many years, this time reopened, and absorbed many mercenaries, the facade has grown a lot.

It is said that the Xihe City Mercenary Union not only opened a branch on the mainland, but also has a chain branch in other continents. The business is big enough.

Li Yuanchong’s family of three strolled leisurely outside the trade union. Although Li Hui had grown up, he was still excited to pull Li Yuanchong into a lively place like a child.

In Li Hui’s own words, let his father make up for his lost childhood.

Watching his son and husband happily together, Zhao Danyao's face is full of gratifying smiles.

It is worthwhile to wait and sacrifice these years.

"Hey, this is so lively, you said that the president did not come out to preside over the opening ceremony." Li Hui asked curiously.

Li Yuanchong looked into the interior of the mercenary trade union. If he said in a deep sense: "There are you who are uncles, and the president is estimated to be unable to come out for a while."

In the president's room of the trade union, the radiant Xia Yuhua smiled and looked at the opening ceremony of many families from all continents. He was very satisfied.

"I said Xia sister, just like this, you will be like this. You are really too small and smug in the mainland."

Ling Xiao did not sigh with anger: "Or, I will also give you a big gift."

Xia Yuhua’s eyes looked at Ling Xiao with a sigh of relief. He asked very seriously: “啥 Gift...唔...”

When the words were finished, they were forced to hold on to Ling Xiao and blocked their mouths with their own tongues.

Xia Yuhua's eyes widened and her face stunned with a stunned face until Ling Xiao released her. She said, "You...this is a gift."

Ling Xiao smiled and said: "Who made you take advantage of me without my consent that day, I just took it back, haha."

Xia Yuhua’s face is gloomy, like a volcanic eruption. He’s a low voice: “Gifts...oh...”

"This is a big gift." Ling Xiao rushed toward Xia Yuhua, grabbed Xia Yuhua, and slammed her mouth toward her mouth.

This time, Xia Yuhua closed her eyes, and her hands unconsciously caught Ling Xiao...

"Hey, this guy, running around all day, the Santa is not in charge."

On the top floor of the Xihe Chamber of Commerce, Maureen was very helpless and complained: "I went to the Xianxian Gate of the Chu and Chu, and I went back to the deep forest of Zhu Xiaolu. I really don't know if he will go again." where."

Long Yuxi and Cheng Yu sat leisurely in the chair, and looked cheerfully at Maureen as a grievance.

Cheng Yu said with a sigh: "Morlin, Dragon Sister, I am going to make a bet and bet on the place where Ling Xiao is now."

Long Yu thought about it with his head and said: "I guess he might go outside Xihe City and play with Ling Shiyu to seduce."

Maureen said: "I guess he is now accompanying Zou Wei in Zou's family, enjoying flowers and drinking, becoming a yoga, what do you think?"

Cheng Yu calmly smiled and said: "I think that he should now be in the top floor of the tower of the heavenly world, holding Tang Yingying to talk about life ideals."

"Oh my brother, our life ideals have come true."

In the sky above the Santa, Ling Xiao sits above a cloud, and Tang Yingying sits on the knees of Ling Xiao. The two look at the soul world and the countless souls of the world under the clouds.

Ling Xiao showed a relaxed smile: "Yes, the ideal of life has achieved most of it, but it is still a little bit worse..."

"It's still a little bit worse." Tang Yingying looked curiously at Ling Xiao, the beautiful eyes were full of doubts: "What is it."

Ling Xiao put his mouth in the ear of Tang Yingying and whispered: "You don't remember. When I was in Beibei, I said, I want to have a lot of children with you, and then let them go to the street with me. Begging to feed us, haha."

When Tang Yingying heard it, his face brushed up and became red, like a ripe apple.

"Hey, let's start giving birth now, haha..."

"You bad guy, ah,."

Ling Xiao pressed Tang Yingying under his body and waved it. The clouds on the sky were immediately wrapped together, and the two people were wrapped in them...

The wind is blowing slowly, quietly and peacefully.

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