Chapter 1:A Tale of Strategies For the Throne


The heavy rain poured, a sharp blade of lightning ripped through the dark clouds in the sky, and the huge rain like a gravel smashed down from the sky, hitting him on the body, and it hurt my life.

The tall city walls were washed more and more clean by the pouring rain, and the light of lightning was refracted in the gloomy rain curtain. I don’t know how many years the majestic white wall has been standing for an inexplicable feeling.

A teenager knelt on one knee in front of the snow-white stone wall and hung his head. Bean-sized rain poured like a splash down on him, and his pale blonde short hair was wet on his cheeks, so that touch The blood from the forehead oozed out red, and the blood flowing down the cheeks was more shocking.

He gasped violently, and the breath from his bloodless lips turned into white mist in the cold rain. He knelt on one knee and grabbed a sharp sword pierced into the ground with one hand to barely let himself Do not fall down to the ground by the rain.

Even if it was washed by heavy rain, it couldn't match the speed of the blood flowing on his forehead. The blood stained his light gold hair, and the delicate and precious golden ornaments on his forehead, across his cheeks, along the water blue of his ears. Drop-shaped gemstone earrings dripped on his shoulders in white clothes. His clothing was supposed to be very gorgeous, but it was soaked in rain at the moment, crumpled against his body, and stained with blood and mud, making him look very embarrassed.

The teenager gasped violently for a while, his fingers clenched the hilt firmly on the ground, to the point where his knuckles were already pale. Then he looked up hard.

The rain was so heavy that the scenery ten meters away seemed to be covered with a curtain of water, and it was hazy to see clearly. He closed his eyes halfway, because there was blood in it and it hurt.

Not far away, he saw a familiar figure approaching him from the overlapping rain curtains.

A silver snake-like lightning struck, and the silver-white armor reflected the dazzling luster in the rain. The figure walked along the edge of the lotus pond. The delicate blue lotus had been slapped down by the heavy rain in the water, the petals withered, and tremblingly hidden among the more green lotus leaves, in the lotus pond Water has overflowed from the side of the pool.

The dark boots stepped on the edge of the lotus pond, and every time it fell heavily, the water splashed.

The teenager knelt on the ground, gasped low, watching the long figure slowly walk, standing in front of him.

His blurred vision could only see the sharp tip of the long sword, which was pointed down to the ground, flashing cold light.

"stand up."

He heard the man's deep voice pierce from above and through the heavy rain curtain.

The teenager closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Then he gritted his teeth hard.

The hand clenching the hilt was desperately hard, so hard that his arms were trembling. He gritted his teeth, struggling for the last breath, and dragged his body that he had not listened to to his feet.

He stood, panting heavily, grasping the hilt with his weak hands, and struggling to lift it in front of him, posing in a confrontational position, even if he knew clearly that this behavior was only in vain--

That was his last stubbornness.

Even if he died, he didn't want to be looked down upon by the man in front of him.

Countless messy footsteps came from behind, as if many people ran into this back garden, and then stopped abruptly. These people stopped in the distance, no one tried to get close, no one made a sound, they were quietly waiting for the final result.

Because this is a battle that no one is eligible to participate in except for those two.

This is a battle for the supreme throne under the witness of the gods.

The battle ended in less than a second. Keng's crisp sound, that is the sound made when the blade hit, a ** sword with a sword handle in the rain curtain swirled out and slammed heavily on the ground.

The teenager with the only weapon left in his hand was staggered back, hitting his back against the white stone wall.

Then, the next second, just before he could breathe out in one breath--

The silver-white sword broke the rain curtain.

Cold iron ran through his chest.

The long sword nailed his whole man fiercely on the white stone wall, and the terrible energy left the part of the long sword exposed outside his body trembling slightly with a slight buzz.

The pupils swelled sharply, and the teenager opened his mouth, but could not make a sound. In the gloomy black cloud, suddenly a huge lightning struck.

In the gleaming lightning, when his consciousness disappeared in the last second, he only had time to raise his eyes and watched the man who had penetrated his heart with a sword for the last time.

In the depressing and vague rain curtain, he only saw the pair of golden-red pupils, like the brutal eyes of the beast lurking in the dark jungle.

The shadowy and violent, a glance makes people feel terrified from the bottom of my heart.



Right, again.

He was killed again, ah!

It was a roar from the soul of a teenager who was killed time and time again.

Huimus! You bastard! Wait for me!

I will definitely be back--------

That's not a negative word, but the truth, he really can go back.

Because he has one life left.

He can do it again.

The boundless space is shrouded in white mist, with no end in sight, or perhaps no end at all. A small piece of land was suspended in it, surrounded by a transparent film. It is like a huge crystal ball wrapped in white mist. Ups and downs in the mist. Among the crystal balls, there is a gray continent.

Numerous broken stone monuments were erected on it. Although they were extremely huge, they all collapsed or broke in half, or were erected obliquely. At first glance, they looked like ruins.

The giant stone monuments like the obelisk are magnificent and give a great sense of oppression. They have obviously gone through a very long time, and the spider webs usually have tiny cracks all over it, revealing a vicissitudes and ancient charm. There are countless mysterious characters on the obelisk, but many places have been weathered, making people unclear. Although the carved patterns are rough, it is inexplicable to give a rough beauty.

Surrounded by countless ancient obelisks, is a broken altar. I don't know what the stone is made of, it's off-white, and there are cracks on it. Three of them are particularly conspicuous.

This place was originally like time is still, there is no sound.

Suddenly, with a click, the altar, which was already full of cracks, cracked again. This rift was larger than any previous rift. From the upper left corner down diagonally, it was almost necessary to split the altar into two halves, leaving only one end barely connected.

"It hurts so much!!!"

A scream suddenly broke the silence of this place.

Just one second after the altar cracked the crack, a young man's figure suddenly appeared on the altar out of thin air.

The teenager looked no more than sixteen or seven years old. He was kneeling on the cracked altar at the moment, and his hands were covering his heart with a fierce wailing.

It hurts, it hurts, it really hurts.

Gallan, who turned over from the altar, covered his heart and jumped to his feet in pain. The grin of the teeth was completely gone, and the proud gesture of dying in front of the man and the crowd was not a long time ago.

After all, no one else was watching here, what he was pretending to be strong, and pretentious.

Huimus! You win if you win. Is it necessary to play such a ruthless hand?

A sword through heart! Nail me all on the wall—

It hurts me!

After a while, the pain remaining in the heart finally slowly dissipated, and Gallan was relieved. He let out a long breath and scratched his head, his slightly messy pale blonde hair scattered around the corners of his eyes with the play of his fingers.

He sat down on the cracked stone steps of the altar, frowning and sighing.

Failed again.


Every time, every time, he was killed by the guy of Huimos, is he really the so-called son of destiny?

Isn't the Son of Destiny supposed to return, can he easily ascend to the throne?

Why did he die in that man's hand every time and be snatched from the throne by that man?

Garland felt tired.

Not long ago, he was just a student who was busy preparing for the final exam. His grades were neither good nor bad, so he was still trying to hug his feet before the exam. Then, in the middle of the night when he was busy reading the book, he was inexplicably brought to the ruin of the altar with the obelisk.

Then he heard a voice.

The great Son of Heaven, under the testimony of the gods, please be on the path of your destiny

Holding a pen in his hand, he still kept the teenager who was writing in a state of coercion.

The voice that seemed to have only one voice and no emotion reverberated throughout the world. It stands to reason that this kind of scene, in this magnificent and magnificent ruin of the altar, and the light shining down should give people a very sacred and solemn feeling.

Just like accepting the edict of God, it makes people bloody.

However, although the meaning of the words spoken was quite solemn and epic, the voice of the speech did not express the shocking chanting effect at all. When Gallan heard the voice, he felt like someone Speaking lines without expression, the tone didn't even fluctuate.

The emotionless voice continued to read.

You are the destiny, you are the son of the destiny, and are protected and loved by the gods. When you were born, the gods of the whole heaven murmured your name

Garland: "???

He grabbed the pen and said with a face, "Speak human."

The voice seemed to be choked by him, then paused for a moment before he spoke again. Then, instead of using that kind of nagging religious singing, I began to explain the cause and effect in a very indifferent tone.

Then, Garland spent a little time figuring out the purpose of the voice pulling him to this strange place.

It turned out that he was actually a reincarnation of a big man.

According to that voice, his predecessors and predecessors were very powerful. They were the sons of destiny in that era. They should have been on the throne to achieve a great cause of generations.

However, somehow there was an accident. He was killed by his dead enemy before he became an adult, and his throne should have been taken away. The man on the throne changed people, and the trajectory of fate changed. This made the gods who should have protected the dynasty angry, cast a curse, and finally destroyed the dynasty in the flames of war.

Therefore, as the reincarnation of the destiny son who died midway, he has the responsibility and obligation to correct the twisted fate trajectory, win the villain who killed him to usurp the throne, lift the curse of the gods, and complete the previous and previous lives. Great work that can be done.

In a word, as the son of destiny, he must recapture his throne.

After learning about the cause and effect, Garland thought about it seriously and then refused.

"I rarely play games, especially strategy ones, but I haven’t played, so I think it’s more reliable for you to find other reincarnations. Let me go back and I have to continue to prepare for the final exam."

The emotionless voice sounded again.

"Yes." It said, "Due to the curse of the gods, reincarnation, you will die all your life, and after you die at the age of eighteen, I will go find your reincarnation."


Garland felt that he was a bad person.

"Wait! Didn't you say that I am the blessed Son of God? What the ** is the curse? I can't live eighteen?"

"The Son of Destiny who has not completed his mission will be cursed by the gods."

The voice answered coldly.

Garland: ""

"Ready, I will send you back now"

"Okay, Lord Angel! I do, Lord Angel! Take the throne, right? Please give it to me!"

The teenager who could not live long after learning that he went back interrupted the voice decisively, his face fearless.

Then, his eyes rolled and his words turned.

"As the so-called Son of Destiny, what golden finger do I have, should I have any special privileges compared to ordinary people? After all, you know that this task is difficult for me who knows nothing now."

"You have five chances to come back."

The voice answered coldly.

"Once you are killed by the man who changed your life, time will go back in time and everything will start again."

Garland was relieved.

This is equivalent to rebirth.

This kind of feeling is like playing a game that can't be archived. Once you die, you have to try again. Perhaps the first time is difficult, but you know the plot in advance and know what your opponent will do, then the second time is much simpler.


He thought, as if playing a holographic virtual game, as long as he defeated the big boss and took the throne, he could go back and continue to prepare for the final exam. Moreover, he still has five lives in this game, and he should be able to clear the game easily.

Then Gallan, holding this idea, was killed four times by the mortal enemies, his mortal enemy, Huimos.

Every time, he was killed by Huimos.

Garland: ""

Are the gods wrong?

The Son of Destiny is really me, not the guy of Huimos? Whatever he thinks, he thinks that guy is the protagonist.

Just thinking about it, not long ago, when the guy was nailed to the stone wall with a sword, Garlan felt his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys pained. The heart is particularly painful, like the sword is still inserted in the heart.

He covered his chest and couldn’t help thinking of the first time he was burnt to death by that man in the flames

Recalling the second time, he was pushed down by the man from the sky and fell to pieces

Remembering the third time, he was poisoned by the man himself

And the fourth time just now

I thought it was a throne raider note for a son of destiny who hung on the four sides of the world, and turned into a fancy note for the guy who was said to be, seems, should, and might be the son of destiny.

At this moment, the Son of Destiny with only the last life left is sad.

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