Chapter 341:A Tale of Strategies For the Throne

Chapter 341:

Although he didn't promise to act himself, Gallan was still very interested in today's sacrificial activities. It was just the extent of the crowd of people near the altar, stepping on the feet side by side. The flow of people was so terrifying that Gargal flinched.

So he stepped back and chose the viewing platform with the best view.

The top floor of the building has always been booked by dignitaries and nobles, and ordinary people cannot enter.

Of course, in order to avoid being ridiculed by the people, and to show their love for the people and to have fun with the people, they just let the guards guard the highest level, and also allow the people to enter the other floors of the observation tower.

So the next few layers can be accessed by paying an expensive fee.

Garlan sat on the side of the second floor, looking at the sacrificial ceremony from afar, and after seeing it finish successfully, he nodded.

Heimus beside him was drinking water quietly, suddenly raised his head and looked up.

Hearing can be described as perverted, he was slightly absorbed, and clearly heard the noise of the girl from the upper floor.

After listening to a few words, Heimus slightly picked the corner of his eyes, then he leaned over and slammed into Garland's ear.

Of course Garland could not hear the noise above, and when he saw that Huimos was leaving, he didn't care about changing his head and got up and went downstairs with Huimos.

However, as soon as he exited the gate, Garland saw Huimus frown and suddenly sprinted forward two steps.

Then he saw Huimus stretched out his hand and caught the fat man who fell from the top.

All of a sudden, Garland was taken aback.

Next, seeing Hymos throwing the girl to the ground with obvious disgust, Garland shook his head helplessly.

He walked up and hugged the fat girl who was crying on the ground and covering her face.

...So heavy.

Even if Tal was reincarnated as a girl, the weight is as unbearable as ever.

Although he unexpectedly met Tal, this occasion was not suitable for more talk, so Gallan just smiled and touched Tal's head, intending to leave quickly.

But before he had time to leave, the fat man threw himself over and hugged him, shouting that he would marry him, so that Garland could not cry for a while.

Really... too heavy!

Almost a hundred pounds!

Hanged on the body by chubby meatballs, Gallan was crushed

When the fat girl was holding Gallan's waist happily, her body suddenly lightened, and the whole person was picked up from behind.

She unconsciously waved her hands and struggled hard, her fleshy body swaying in the air as she struggled.

But the man who picked her up was very energetic, and she was struggling hard, holding her hand still.

The fat and round body was suspended in the air, and the short limbs were arbitrarily paddling in the air, and the fat face was even flushed.

Garlan felt as if he saw a meat ball and bounced in the air.

When this clumsy meat ball bounced out of breath and collapsed, it became a sway in the air...

......What to do is funny.

But if he laughed, Tal might cry out of grievance.


No, I can't help it-ha ha ha ha ha.

Fortunately, Avril patronized and tried to break away from holding her devil's claws, but didn't notice that his embarrassed appearance made Gallan laugh.

Otherwise, her buttocks, gasping and grievances will definitely cry out immediately.

She had just taken a breath, and when she tried to work harder, suddenly the whole person took off again.

She made an arc in the air, and then her ** hit the slate ground again.

After being hit twice in succession, no thick meat could hold it up, and Ai Weier's tears burst into tears.

She just opened her mouth to cry, and a large group of people suddenly came out of the gate of the Observation Building.

The city host surrounded by guards hurried over and took Avril into Huaizheng

Touching his fat daughter and confirming that he had not broken his hands, the lord was relieved.

Avril turned her head to find her prince, but turned her head, dumbfounded, her prince was gone--

"What about the two young men who saved Avril? I want to thank them."

Although the city owner hugged her daughter, she still had a lingering fear, but she calmed down and immediately thought of thanking the person who saved Avril.

He could only vaguely see two figures on the platform, and no one could see clearly.

The chief of the side guard hurriedly bowed.

"Sorry, sir, they left too fast, and our people have lost their traces before they can catch up."


The city sighed regretfully, and suddenly felt the daughter in her arms tug at herself.

"Prince Galland! It was the prince who saved me—"

The fat man danced in his arms, excited and excited.

"I want to marry the prince! I want to marry him!"

Seeing the excited look of his daughter who had just died, the city master could not help crying.

He naturally didn't believe his daughter, but only thought that the hallucinations of the daughter who worshiped King Garland before he died overlapped with the young man who saved her, so he touched Avril's head in a perfunctory manner.

"Well, I'll let someone go to your prince and get him back to marry you, OK?"

He coaxed her following her words.

"Avril, let's go back and wait, okay?"

Although Avril was still looking for Gallan left and right, she was unwilling, but after all, she was still a beloved city owner, and was held back by the city owner to the castle of the ruling hall, pressed to let the doctor carefully check from beginning to end. Once again, to confirm that she had no problems, just leave.

Well, except for the bruises that came out of the buttocks.

Soon, the evening arrived.

Citizens and tourists continued to participate in the evening activities of the celebrations in the outside square, while the officials, nobles and noble women of Trouville City came to the banquet hall of the ruling hall castle in gorgeous clothes to participate in the city host. Dinner.

The banquet hall is lively and lively, and the upstairs on the other side looks much deserted.

Because of the disaster in the day and the fear of any physical hazards, Avril was ordered by the city owner to stay in the hospitality room on the other side.

With her, there are five more children than her, from six years old to seven or eight years old

It was the group of children who were on the platform with her during the day, because the parents were going to attend the dinner, and the children were too inconvenient to take with them.

The city owner coaxed Avril and asked her to greet the guests on her own.

Now, Avril is angry, very angry.

She realized that what her father helped her to find the prince was just perfunctory, and her father did not believe her.

"I really met Prince Garland! Really!"

She angrily shouted at a group of partners around her.

"That group of adults are so stupid that they don't believe me! Do you believe it?"

The children are not as serious as adults, but they are really surrounded by Avril, their eyes are shining with stars, and they ask questions curiously.


"What does the prince look like?"

They talked verbally.

"It's useless to hear the prince this time, almost fell off the car."

The last sentence made Avril instantly dark.

"Shut up! The one on the float is fake!"


"Yes, it really came to my rescue, the one on the float is of course fake!"

"Ah? Sister Avril seems to be right..."

The obedient nodded in agreement.

"Good, Avril can see the real prince, and I really want to see it."

"According to being rescued by the prince, it is necessary to agree with him. Are you going to marry the prince, Avril?"

At the mention of this, Avril was very upset.

"I think too, but if my father doesn't believe me, I won't help me find a prince, and I can't help it."

With two chubby hands supporting his chin, Avril replied with a depressed look.

A seven-year-old girl blinked and happily: "Sister Avril, my maid told me a story. It was a long time ago, when someone celebrated, someone ran to the waterfall in Mount Twirl Pray, according to, if that person is sincere enough, Prince Garland will appear, help him~~"


"Hey, I have heard this story~~"

"I seem to have heard my sister tell me this story too!"

For so many years, the people of Twilo City have compiled various stories based on the biography, which are widely circulated, and it is impossible to tell the truth.

There are many fairy tales like children before going to bed.

Listening to the friends chatting happily, Aiweier's eyes turned around, and he immediately had a good idea.

She first pretended to be losing her temper, and drove out the maids who took care of them on the grounds of not wanting to see adults.

When there were only a few children left in the room, she waved.

Several heads were sneaking together.

"Let's secretly go to the Great Falls of Mount Twirl to find Prince Garland?"

Avril's suggestion made the children's eyes light up.

It sounds very interesting.

They have long been troubled in this room.

"But, Sister Avril, the maids are outside the door."

"Stupid, we can sneak up the window to the corridor over there."

"But, Avril, there are guards on the stairs. We can't go down the corridor. This is the third floor. Can't we jump down?"

"I have a way! You just follow me!"

So, under the leadership of Avril, the group of children first rolled out of the room through the window, and then smoked along the quiet corridor to the attic in the corner opposite.

Avril slapped the ornament on the wall, only to hear a slight snap, a lower part of a statue actually opened a hole.

With a wow, the children widened their eyes in amazement and looked at Avril admiringly, with a ‘wow oh so great’ expression.

Avril raised her head proudly, smirking proudly.

This is when she once played hide-and-seek with her servant, secretly following the secret path discovered by her city owner's father.

She is very good at eavesdropping or seeing no secrets~~

After inserting a waist for a while and enjoying the admiration of the partners, Avril suddenly responded to his purpose, and hurriedly greeted everyone into the secret way.

In this way, a group of bear children, led by their bear boss Avril Lavigne, embarrassedly began their night adventure on Mount Teverill-

No matter how much turmoil they will cause after leaving.



This night, Garland returned to the hotel early.

After all, what to watch for the celebration should have been dangling in the first few. They are about to leave, so it is better to come back early to prepare.

After washing, a refreshing Garland sat cross-legged on the bed.

He couldn't help laughing when he remembered how Tal was shaking in the air by Heimus during the day.

"I have a little regret before. After all, everyone has memories, but Tal has no memories."

In his previous life, Tal was also one of four people who grew up with him.

And now, among the four, Taal alone will not have the memory of the previous life.

auzw.comThinking this, Gallan feels a little sorry.

But this is also something that cannot be done.

According to Heimus's law, he entered the underworld and traded with the underworld goddess at the moment when he slept in a fake death.

At that time, in the hands of the goddess of the underworld, only Kehos and other Rao souls who died one step earlier than Heimus, so Heimus could only trade to their Sanrao memory.

And Tal died after Heimus slept, and naturally it is impossible to trade

The teenager, sitting cross-legged, pressed his hands to his ankles, smiled and smiled.

"Now it seems that this is a kind of luck."

At this point, Gallan couldn't help laughing.

"Otherwise, once the memory of that life is restored, it turns out that if you are a girl now..."

Gallan can imagine how far Taal will die.

He remembers clearly that Tal had ten wives and concubines in his lifetime.

Um... so, if Tal restores his memory, will he or she find a male lover in this life, or will he continue to find a female lover?

Just when Gallan began to let his own thoughts go, his big brown hand fell and stroked his head.

He looked up and his eyes were golden and red.

The man who looked at him tenderly leaned over, first kissed his forehead and kissed his lips again.

Garland opened his eyes slightly.

He saw scratches in the corners of Huimus' eyes, which were too close, and showed a bit of a trace.

But the male rao kiss is contrary to that scary scar, unusually gentle.

Gentle as soft as holding a fragile crystal ball.

It can even be gentle to the heart.

Garland raised his hand, trying to hug the man in front of him.

He wanted to take the initiative to kiss the scar on the corner of Huimus's eye.

But just when Gallan raised his hand, Huimus's face had receded and he stood up.

His hand stroked Garland's head again.


He smiled at Galland, and the rough thumb of his right hand gently rubbed Gallan's eyes with reluctance.

When he was finished, he turned and wanted to leave.

Every night after a good night kiss, he would leave the room and wait for Gallan to fall asleep before returning.

But this time, as soon as he turned around, he was stopped.


A teenager kneeling on the bed,

"After Ming leaves Twirlour City, shall we return to the King City, shall we?"

Huimus turned back, a little surprised.

"So fast?"

Galland had been before he came out and would never go back for at least half a year.

"That... I am, I, I worry about your body, and I am not in a hurry to travel, so, so..."

The young man's eyes dodged subconsciously, and his words stuttered.

"Go back first and let the doctor check your body."

"My body is fine."

Taking a deep breath and giving yourself a boost, Gallan's heart straightened out.

"I know that if something goes wrong, no, no, it will not come out! But if there is no cure, it will never be better!"


"You can rest assured! Check the body, we will keep it secret! No one will know, so you—"

Gallan's words came out in one go, and suddenly a shadow shrouded in.

Heimus, who walked back in front of him, suddenly leaned over and put his arms into his arms


A familiar voice rang in my ears.

Heimus's voice was deep, but at this moment, it was a few degrees lower than usual.

"You do not understand."

The calm voice was inexplicably dangerous, and Garland suddenly dared not move or speak again.

"It's not impossible... but not dare."

Heimus whispered, his right hand pressed Galland's head tightly to his arms

He lowered his head, and his thin lips, which were closed together, were stuck in the bright blond hair.

The shadows of the lacquered black hair covering him concealed his eye sockets, making it difficult for him to see the look of his eyes at the moment, and he could only vaguely see the sharp corners of the eyes protruding from the hair tips.

He buried half of his face in the soft hair of the teenager in his arms and spoke softly.

He: "I dare not."

"You don't know what you mean to me."

The man's extremely light but extremely low voice sounded like a sigh.

"I waited for you...too long...too long..."

"It's almost going to drive me crazy..."

If he did not force himself into a deep sleep, Huimus could not even guarantee that he would become a lunatic.

Time is like an invisible prison.

During the time when he was awake and sat on the throne, every minute, every second, every breath, it seemed to him like suffering from torture.

The years are so long that people cannot see the end.

He also felt exhausted.

He had also thought, if he could forget...

In order to get rid of this endless pain, so simply forget the man, the feelings of love, everything-


But I can’t forget it.

Don't want to forget.

Don't want to forget.

Because it is the most painful person imprinted on the bottom of my heart.

Because it is a person who loves deeply.


Therefore, he finally waited.

In that terrible long time, in the torrent of time that was so long that it almost crashed and went crazy.

He waited for a long time.

He looked forward to it for a long time.

Finally, he put the treasure he missed into his hands and embraced it

It is a very precious thing, more important than all his existence.

Every time you touch, you must be heart-wrenching.

This man, all his hands, even a slight strand of hair, is an incomparable treasure to him.

"Gallan, you won't understand how important you are to me."

After a long time of thousands of years, he finally whispered again the man who was holding his beloved into his arms, and his voice was like a sigh.

"I can not."

"You don't even know, my thirst for you-how terrible is the intensity."

It was so strong that he was afraid of himself.

"As I am now, I can barely control myself."

"But... I don't know where I am going to lose control."

Slowly, gently rubbing the soft blond hair of the teenager in his arms, Huimos said softly.

"I do not want to hurt you."

"Even if it's a bit, I can't bear it."


From surprise at first, to confusion, to daze, to the final calm.

Garland snuggled in Heimus' arms so obediently, listening quietly to Heimus' low voice.

His cheek leaned against his chest, his eyes wide open, and occasionally, his light-colored eyelashes flicked lightly.

Look calm.

I don't know what he is thinking at the moment.

It wasn't until Huimos stopped talking. After a while, Gallan looked up and looked at Huimos.

He opened his lips and seemed to want something.

But at this moment, there was a loud noise outside.

Heimos got up, walked quickly to the window, and pushed the window open.

The street outside was very bright and brightly lit, and a team of city guards was hurrying across the street, as if looking for something.

It can be seen from a distance that an officer is giving orders.

Heimus listened for a moment, suddenly raised his eyebrows, closed the window, and walked back.

"What happened?"

Garland asked.

Heimus glanced at him.

"Tal is missing, in the mountains of Twirl."


"I also went missing with a group of children."


"It was sneaked up by myself."



The city owner's daughter, with a group of officials and noble children, slipped up the mountain, and then disappeared.


No wonder the chickens and dogs in the city jumped into a mess in the middle of the night.

Garlan thought.

Okay, it's really Tal.

No matter in that lifetime or now, the skill points of making trouble and making trouble are full.

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