Chapter 342:A Tale of Strategies For the Throne

Chapter 342:

All the lights in the area where the ruling hall is located turned on, and the city that had been quiet since the night was getting deep again became noisy.

After a spate of detectives and interrogation of several maids responsible for caring for the children, the city guard found that the children had secretly left the ruling hall castle through secret passages.

When they traced the clues again, they found that the children were all the way to the Twirl Mountain Road.

There is a part of the foothills and the city connected to the Twirl Mountain, through which you can directly enter the mountain.

In order to prevent the wild beasts in the mountains from accidentally breaking into the city, there is a shield to separate the mountain road from the city. Due to the protective cover, the city guards will not be sent to guard here on weekdays, at most, they will come here to patrol around for a day.

However, what made the city master angry was that his daughter secretly stole the spare token he hid in the bedroom secret cabinet sometime-he really did not know that his daughter learned this skill without tutoring. .

As long as there is a city owner token, you can pass through the protective cover of Twirl City without hindrance.

A series of clues indicate that his daughter took a group of children into the Zhengwei Mountain

At this moment, the anxious city lord had no reason to continue to be angry.

Also worried with him were the parents of the bear children.

You know, there are countless beasts on the high mountains, deep forests, creeks and deep pits. Especially at night, the mountains are even more dangerous.

A group of children under the age of nine encounter any of these dangers and can only wait to die.

If you encounter a hungry beast, it may be a miserable ending with no bones.

A team of city guards quickly entered the mountain and began to search for the children's tracks in the mountain.

However, the mountains of Twirlor are very large, and with the hands and feet of the children, the traces left are too few and too light to be detected, and the difficulty of searching is doubled.

In this way, I found the missing children who had not been able to find the missing for most of the night.

Several ladies were already in tears, and their fathers, who were so anxious and angry, could no longer hold back, led by the city master, and a group of people went into the mountains to find people in person.


Most of the night has passed.

The Twirl Mountain is extremely large and majestic. Nearly a hundred people entered the mountain. To it, it was just a drop of the sea, and it was swallowed up silently.

The towering mountain was still quiet in the dark night, and no human voice was heard. Only the sound of streams and the sound of insects in the grass rang in the silent night.

The gentle night breeze swept through, gently shaking the dense branches and leaves.

On the mountainside, a cliff protruding outward, where Garland stood.

The fine starlight dotted his blond hair, illuminating his cheeks a bit.

He stood on the cliff and looked down at the foot of the mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, stars and dots were faintly visible.

But no matter how many torches, as long as they don't enter the mountain, when they look from a distance, they become slightly invisible spots.

It's like being swallowed by the mountains.

Mount Twirl is too big, it is not easy to climb up, and the search is more difficult.

To be honest, the reason why he and Huimos can climb up the mountain so quickly is that Huimos hugged him up. After all, his physical strength is really...

Garland looked at the foot of the mountain worriedly.

To be honest, he has no good solution, he can only hope that Heimus's hearing and tracking ability can find some movement as soon as possible.

After all, the children are very fragile. In case of real danger in the mountains, I am afraid that if you drag on for a long time...

After a quick sway, Huimus returned and shook his head at him.

Garland took a deep breath.

"Go, look elsewhere."

He walked quickly to Heymus, who looked at him and raised his hand to rub his hair.

"Don't worry too much, that guy's luck has always been very good."

He comforted Gallan.

You know, that fat man is the one with the longest life and the longest life in that life, and his luck has always been very good.

Presumably, it's not much worse now.

Heimos wanted to continue something, and suddenly his eyes flicked, dragging Galland behind him.

His soft eyes suddenly sharpened a second before, like the water instantly turned into a sharp blade of ice, and his whole body exuded a terrible pressure.

He felt a slight movement there suddenly.

Obviously, he didn't notice anything when he wobble around.

He was able to escape his search, and even closer to such a short distance made him unaware.

Thinking of this, Huimos became more vigilant.

He firmly guarded Garland behind him, gazing steadily at the jungle ahead.

The wind blew, and the thick trees rustled.

The bright moonlight illuminates the land.

The dense canopy swayed in the night breeze, and the shadow on the ground swayed.


Click, click.

It was extremely light, as if the snow fell to the ground, the sound of footsteps as if the water was melting.

Come wearing a starlight.

Come under the moonlight.

Time seems to return to the millennium before this moment.

That figure, from the silent night, from the light wind, once again came to the young prince.



The dark-painted mountain forest and dense canopy blocked most of the moonlight, leaving only a few sporadic glimmers.

The night in the mountains is cold.

The wind roared over the jungle, blowing the canopy and making a humming noise, especially in the silent night.

In the ears of the scared children, it was like howling of a beast, the call of the devil.

At the moment, they were huddled together, drawing on Peters' temperature, and using this to make themselves less afraid.

The faces are gray and dusty, the grass and dust on the face are all covered, and the original delicate clothes have become dirty and look extremely embarrassed.

Even the leading Aiweier did not have the vigorous spirit of the usual days, but compared to other children who had already shrunk in fear, she could barely support it.

She looks much more embarrassed than other children. Not only is she covered in mud, but she also has several scratches on her hands and feet.

This is the scraping caused by her failure to roll down from above when she tried to climb the rock wall several times just now.

Yes, their group of children didn't get lost on the way to the Great Falls. When the mountains were tumbling around, they suddenly heard howling wolves and were suddenly scared to run around.

The mountains were so dark that they couldn't see clearly. They ran away, one by one, from one rift in the mountain after another.

Fortunately, the ground beneath the rift was covered with thick mud and grass and vines, and the children who fell off were at least a little scratched.

But the problem is that the gap is a bit deep and still very steep, and the child can't climb up at all.

Avril did not believe in evil, and tried to climb several times, rolling down every time, except for a few more scars.

In the end she could only give up helplessly.

This is a deep mountain wild forest. There is no one other than their children.

The children cried for help for a long time, but did not respond at all. Later, they were tired one by one, their voices were dumb, and they heard the howling of wolves vaguely.

The night was very cold, the children snuggled together to keep warm, and the sobbing sound that could be heard from time to time.

The pride of the expedition has long disappeared without a trace, and the faces are full of panic and uneasiness.

So dark.

It's so cold.

So hungry.

I really want to go home.

"Avril, do we... can't get out?"

A boy asked while crying.

"Nothing! No such disappointment! I didn't cry, why are you a boy crying?"

Avril Angrily.

"But, I'm so scared."

The boy sobbed.

He looked around in fear.

The dense branches and leaves are like heavy shadows in the dark night, and the layers are pressed against each other, and the wind blows and shakes, just like the monster in his nightmare, he will pounce on him at any time.

He was really scared.

The boy was so one, and the other children who had been holding on could no longer hold back, and then wept with tears and cried in a whimper.

The age also called mother.

Avril looked at her crying partner staring blankly. She opened her mouth and wanted to order something, but eventually she didn't export anything.

In the final analysis, it was she who brought them out to take risks and put all of them in danger.

No matter how unreasonable, she still knew guilt.

Suddenly, Avril, who was pretending to be fearless before, seemed like a deflated ball. She was nothing more and sat down unhappily.

Sitting against the rock wall with his knees, the stone under the buttocks is cold and very curious.

She was in a daze, looking at the front.

The rift is actually large and deep. The place where they fell is already the shallowest.

In fact, they can still walk down the trench and go deeper.

But they dare not.

There can barely be seen a little moonlight here, but walking inside is a deep hole that leads into the interior of the mountain. It looks gloomy, and from time to time cold wind blows out.

The spooky hole looked like a big mouth opened by the monster in the eyes of the children. They didn't dare to get close, let alone walk in.

In the night, Avril sits blankly, with a trance.

Not knowing why, she suddenly remembered her dream.

The dream she occasionally had when she was very young.

The dream is fragmented, and I can't remember it when I wake up.

Can only vaguely remember that she chased behind a rao.

The man walked fast, and she had to work very hard to keep up with that.

However, she was still very happy even after a hard time chasing after her.



After crying for a while, the children who knew that crying was useless stopped.

It was cold, hungry, and scared, but he couldn't do anything. He could only sit so blankly.

The surroundings were terribly quiet, and the night was so long, it seemed that I would never be able to get through it.

I don't know how long it has passed, and suddenly a child opened his mouth.

"Isn't this a celebration day?" He timidly, with a little anticipation, "You guys, if we pray together, will the wise king come to save us?"

"Yeah... Even if it's not a big waterfall, it's in the mountains."

"Du Xianming Wang loves his people very much. If we pray, maybe he will come to save us."

With a faint hope, the children couldn't help whispering.

"Avril, we..."

"He won't come."

Avril sat on her knees, expressionless.

"what the hell."

"Obviously it was Avril you could find him in the mountains--"

"May not come~~"

"He won't come!"

Avril couldn't help but loudly, her voice pressed all of them down at once.

The other children looked at Avril, who suddenly lost his temper in a daze, dare not dare to do more.

Avril snorted heavily, turned his head, curled up his round body, and hugged his knees tightly.

She was suddenly sad.

She didn't know why this happened.

She didn't know why she suddenly felt wronged.

The wind blew through the trees and the leaves rustled, making her conscious.



...The man left him...he clearly chased behind the rao so hard, but the man left him...



"Ai, Ai, Avril!"

"Don't be noisy."

"Avril! Wow! Look, look!"


Suddenly awakened from the trance by the child's scream, Avril looked up angrily and stood up.

"Avril, look at it—"


Click, click.

The sound seemed very distant, but it seemed to be near my ear again.

In the children's exclamation, the very light grounding sound can be clearly introduced into the ears, which makes it unreasonable for everyone to hear clearly.

Avril turned around subconsciously and looked up.

The night wind blew through, making the canopy shake again.

The bright moonlight shines through the tree crown blown away by the wind like a mercury laxity, and falls on the earth.

Click, click.

The voice passed again.

Somehow, the children suddenly fell silent, even holding their breath instinctively.

They stared at the incredible scene before them.

Accompanied by the extremely light footsteps, the snow-white Bailushu spread its slender limbs, and its four hoofs lightly stepped on the rock.

Like the incarnation of a mountain elf, it leaps over the earth.

It jumped lightly and fell on a high mountain rift.

The blond boy jumped from it, and the golden hair rising in the night was dotted with the falling stars.

The huge white deer, who was almost taller than the head of the teenager, stood quietly, turned his head and stared at the teenager beside him with clear eyes.

His eyes are as gentle as water.

Snowy head lowered slightly and leaned in.

The gesture seemed to kiss the teenager's blond hair studded with stars intimately and tenderly.

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