Chapter 343:A Tale of Strategies For the Throne

Chapter 343:


In the late summer of that year, the sun was hot and it burned like skin on fire.

Among the snow-white king's tomb, the newly-built emperor's mausoleum stands side by side with a clever white mausoleum.

In a flash, more than thirty years have passed.

Things are wrong.

The white priest with white temples walked slowly from his side and walked outside.

The white palace mausoleum in front of him reflected the blazing sunlight, causing pain to his eyes and burning his heart.

Everything around was so bright that it turned into an empty piece with nothing left.


If there is a groaning sigh that is inaudible, the unexported sentence is annihilated in the empty air.


In the silent night, the moonlight was like water, pouring down from the treetops.

The white deer, like an elf transformed into a moonlight, supported a blond teenager, and the snow hoof came lightly on the moon.

The night is so beautiful.

Under the night sky, the white deer bowed his head and kissed the boy tenderly.

The children at the bottom of the crack hanged their heads, opened their eyes wide, and held their breath.

Even if they are so spoiled by the petty, they do not know why they dare not speak out at this moment, fearing to break the beautiful scene in this silent night.

The teenager who was rubbed intimately by the white deer raised his head. He and the white deer's clear eyes looked at each other, and he stroked the white deer's head with his right hand, as if expressing gratitude to him.

Then he looked down.

He looked at the bear children under the pit with gray faces and awkward faces and looked at him with wide eyes, he smiled softly.

It seems to be suffering, but no one seems to have been seriously injured.


After being taught this time, I won’t be as chaotic as before.

The teenager smiled, making the stars blinking in the eyes of the children who stared at him without blinking.

Children who are still young do not know how to describe and describe, anyway, they just think that they are really beautiful and look good.

King Gallan is really the same as the legend, it looks good~~ it looks good~~ amazing~~~

Gallan's eyes swept around the bottom of the pit and landed on the fat girl who looked the most embarrassed in the mud.

The fat man tilted his head hard and looked at him blankly.

Compared with the other children who are full of stars, she seemed dull and a little dazed.

Her complexion looked dazed.

Gallan jumped forward and fell to the bottom of the crack.

He looked at Avril.

Avril looked at him staring blankly.

Garland leaned over and knelt on the ground on one knee.

He opened his hands to Avril, his eyes soft.

He smiled at the fat man who looked at him stupefiedly, trying to lean back somehow but hesitantly, standing motionlessly.

"Sorry, I'll pick you up now."

The teenager smiled softly at her.



He, [waited long].

Avril suddenly cried out with a wow.

Originally staring at Garlan dumbly, she rushed forward and hugged Garlan's neck.

She held her tightly, as if she was afraid that the person in front of her would disappear in a second.

Why doesn't she understand?


Obviously it was such a simple sentence, but it made her feel aggrieved, and made her cry so loudly.

Her chubby hands grabbed the teenager's clothes, and refused to let go.

She opened her mouth and cried.

She was crying like a mess, as if to confess all the grievances in front of this person.

Obviously sad, uncomfortable, but also very happy.

I don't know why, she always feels that she seems to wait for this sentence...wait for this person, wait for a long time for a long time...



'I miss you. ’

That was the second half of a long, long time ago.

‘I miss you very much. ’



A large group of adults who were desperately searching in the mountains were already in a hurry, and their eyes were all bright. One night was about to pass, but no trace of the children was found.

A few young children spent a whole night in the deep mountain wild forest, without any traces, it is likely to have been fierce.

You know, they all ran into the wolves when they were looking for it. Fortunately, the wolves voluntarily retreated after watching them crowded.

In this way, the children may have been devoured by hungry beasts.

Up to now, several adults are in a state of depression, and the leader of the city is even more red eyes.

The thought of his cute and lovely daughter ended in a dead body, he felt like a knife.

At the moment, they have been exhausted after searching all night. After all, they are used to maintaining their esteem. If they are not really worried about their children, they can't bear this sin at all.

Although still holding a little hope, he continued to work hard in the mountains, but looking at their ugly face, they knew that they had made the worst plan.

The color is still very dark, when the sun is not bright, the sun has not reached the horizon, and the light can not shine into the mountains

The place where they are still very dark, so that every raven looks more and more gloomy.

As the gloomy atmosphere lingered around everyone, suddenly, a deep rustling sound came from the rugged forest road ahead.

Everyone instinctively increased their vigilance, for fear of what kind of beast.

There was rustle, rustle, the messy shrubs on the side of the road shook wildly, and in the stunned eyes, a group of dusty children got out from there.

Seeing the stunned adults not far away, the children's eyes lit up and rushed towards the adults.

"Master Father!"


"Master Uncle--"

They rushed past with joy and joy, and everyone was also pleasantly surprised. They hugged their own children and sighed.

Everyone thought that after this terrible night, the children must have been terrified. It should be a languorous look, and the elderly should cry and make noises.

But the reality that made everyone stunned is that these children are jumping around one by one. Although they are a little embarrassed, they are all very good in spirit. None of them cry, but they are all excited.

In that way, it doesn't seem to be in danger in the mountains at all, but more like a good thing that makes them very happy.

What even surprised the adults was that the stubborn children who had been so infamously apologized to them all apologized to them and admitted that they were willing to accept the punishment, and they promised to be kind. I won't do such a bad thing next time.

For a time, many adults looked at each other, a little puzzled.

" fell into a cave pit, how did you come out?"

Someone couldn't help asking.

Immediately, a child replied loudly: "We are the king who saved us!"


"Yes! King Yin Ming rescued us!"

"Hanying-Huanying-there is a big white big beautiful beautiful deer~~~"

"King Galland really looks good~~and really gentle~~"

A girl holding her face happily.

Another boy's interface continued: "The knight who followed him is also very powerful~~~ We throw all of us away with one hand!"

Avril, who was hugged tightly by the city owner, nodded.

She seriously told the city master: "My father, King Galland, followed us. We did something wrong. We must apologize to you when we return."

Because it was the request of the wise king they worshipped, they all did it honestly.

The children's eloquent speech made the lord of the city and other adults foolish.

If there is only one child, they can be treated as that child too afraid of hallucinations.

But if all children are the same now, it is impossible for all children to have the same illusion?

Also welcome...what white deer?

When the crowd was confused by the children, the head of the bodyguard standing next to the city master and looking around all of a sudden suddenly made a noise.

"Your Mightiness!"

He hurriedly raised his finger upwards.

"Look! White deer--"

The chief guard shouted, and everyone looked up subconsciously.

On a high ** ahead, a beautiful white deer stands there.

The bright moonlight fell on it, and the long horns that branched like branches on its head exuded a jade-like luster in the night.

The limbs are slender and slender, stretching the most beautiful lines.

It is like an incarnation of moonlight, and like a night elf in the mountains.

It's as beautiful as if it doesn't really exist on earth.

The white deer stood high on the hillside, far away, as if watching everyone.

Then, it turned around.

The four hoofs lightly stepped out and jumped out a beautiful arc in the night sky.

The white deer leaped lightly on the rocks in mountain forest disease.

Subconsciously, everyone chased after them and wanted to see what happened.

However, not far behind, there was a cliff ahead.

Slender running water rushed down from the cliff.

The white deer was still running very fast. After a few leaps, he stepped on the edge of the rock protruding from the cliff.

Under the white hoof, the water splashed up.

It stepped on the rock under the flowing water, and made a very soft, popping sound, like the sound of flying in the air.

The people who could not catch up at all could only stand at the same place with regret, looking up at the white deer jumping on the cliff of the flowing water.

From this point of view, the pupils of Zhongrao suddenly enlarged because of surprise.

The direction of the white deer leaping away, there was someone standing there at the top of the cliff.

The white deer leapt to the top of the cliff and came to the Rao.

Seeing that figure, it seems to be a teenager.

Too far away, so that everyone could not see his appearance.

Overnight, it was lit.

The rising sun emerged from the horizon, and the light fell on Mount Twirl.

The blond hair of the teenager standing on the high cliff was dotted with the sunrise in the dawn, shining with a fine golden brilliance.

In the glory of dawn, the white deer leaping up the cliff of the water intimately leaned over to the blond boy and lingered with it.

The crowd under the cliff watched the incredible scene, and at this moment no one made a sound.

A gust of wind blew and the thick jungle shook.

At this instant, the beautiful white deer and blonde teenager suddenly disappeared.

The people rubbed their eyes subconsciously and looked up again.

The stream was still flowing down the cliff, but it was empty above the cliff, as if no one had ever existed.

"White Deer..."

"Can it be..."

"No, impossible."

"But the white deer is really, really glowing."

"... white... holy beast?"

"Is it really..."


After a night, the missing children returned home to Zheng

Secondly, rumors about the heroes of the wise king appearing in Mount Twirl quickly spread throughout the city.

As a proof, no one has seen it for thousands of years, and the white holy beast known only from the biography has appeared.

Some people believe, some don't believe, and others doubt it.

However, in any case, this rumor caused a huge sensation, and quickly spread out in all directions.

For a time, the rumor that "the spirit of the wise king appeared on the celebration night of Twirlor City" triggered a heated discussion throughout the empire.

This rumor was also passed on and reported to Tapti.

Then, it was naturally reported to Camos by Tapti with a smile.

His Majesty the Emperor was very unhappy to hear the news.

Yeah, I didn't take him to play with.

As for the other effects caused by the incident, such as the fact that the number of visitors to Twilo City’s celebration four times later has doubled than before, it is a matter of course.



Watching the white deer disappear into the depths of the dense jungle, Garland turned back.

Watching the group of children go home smoothly, he finally felt relieved.

With a sigh, Gallan raised his hand and rubbed his sore neck, and he was still crying and laughing.

Ah, he eventually played himself.

From another sense.

"Only this time."

Suddenly, the voice of Huimos came from the side.


Garran turned back inexplicably.

With his arms folded across his chest, Huimus leaned slightly against a large tree next to him, staring at Gallan.

He: "The following is not an example."

Garlan was stunned for a moment, watching Huimus with a displeased look on his lips, and suddenly reacted.

He suddenly laughed.

"Me, Tal is only nine years old now."

He walked in front of Huimus and tapped his chest with his fingers.

...Um, really strong.

Garland: "There must be a limit to narrow-mindedness."

The golden-red eyes narrowed, picking out unpleasant narrow arcs.

"The queen girl who was going to give you a baby was only ten years old."

Garland: "........."

It seems impossible to refute.

Heimus continued: "You hugged him for sixteen minutes and thirty-two seconds."

Garland: "..............."

It's still a second.

He couldn't help laughing again.

He smiled and reached out to hug his lover.

"Then I will hold you for half a hour now? Hmm~~ Plus three minutes and four seconds, okay?"

He held Huimus and smiled with his head raised.

Garlan put his arms around Heimus's waist and raised his head. His chin was just resting on Heimus' chest, blond hair scattered from his white cheeks.

No one can resist that bright and bright smile.

Heimus was almost instinctively hugging the teenager in his arms.

Garland grinned: "Relax, I don't like what I am, I like to be much older and much older than me."


"I have confessed to you this way, are you still happy?"

"...I'm so old?"

The teenager blinked gently, his smile curved.

"Yeah, more than two thousand years older than me, aren't you old?"

He pointedly, "old, not good."


Heimus simply lowered his head and blocked the lip of his heart in his arms so that he could no longer make a sound.

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