Chapter 344:A Tale of Strategies For the Throne

Chapter 344:

Anti|Theft|System|The system has been activated. If you purchase less than half of the v chapters, please wait three times before reading. The king of Aaron Landis sat on the high platform, one foot curled up, one foot fell from the edge of the high platform, and stepped on the ground. He wore a simple and neat dress like the first sight, except for the brown leather wristband with gold lines embedded on his wrists, there were no other accessories around him.

He propped his cheeks in one hand and tilted his head to look at the younger brother sitting cross-legged beside him. His eyes were raised slightly, and his expression looked extremely pleasant.

His brother Wang’s attention was not on him, but on the brown hair ** rolling in front of him, looking down at him.

The paws held a half-raised piece of meat in two paws, struggling to bite on it, but, although it worked hard, but its teeth were not sharp enough to hold the piece of meat, and struggling to bite It took a while to bite off a piece.

From Gallan's point of view, he thought he saw this milk lion rolling around holding a ball of meat.


After a while, he stared at the lion softly.

King Camos, who was watching him and the lion, raised his mouth.

"Really, this is the name you gave it." He asked, "decided?"


"Nega, the patron saint of destruction and war..." Camos smiled. "It seems that you have high expectations for this guy."

"Because... its father is so powerful, it should also..."

Garland answered vaguely.

He thought, after all, it was the frightening lion on the battlefield that followed your brother Wang's southward expedition to the North Battle, how could he have a majestic name.

Otherwise, when you need the big lion to play on the battlefield later, Brother Camos you shouted in front of everyone-

‘Mimi, rush! ’

‘Mimi, bit him! ’

‘Mimi, come with me! ’



Suddenly he had an urge to call the hairball Mimi.

Shaking his head, throwing away the spoof in his mind, Gallan looked down at the hair ball in front of him who was still struggling with the flesh, how could it feel so wasteful?

Thinking about it this way, he couldn't help but stick his finger to poke the fluffy head. The milk lion poked over the head put down the piece of meat that was struggling to nibble, raised his head to look at him, and then tossed the piece of meat aside, rolled it up, faced up, limbs up, and exposed towards Gallan The round belly, eyes gazed at Galland radiantly, and then whimpered with milk.

Rub me, rub me~~

Garland: "........."

I think you are still called Mimi...

Camos naturally didn't know what Garland was thinking in his mind at this moment. If he knew it, the nerves were as big as him, and it was estimated that he would have to twitch the corners of his mouth twice, and then deprive a child of the naming rights.

Footsteps sounded from the outside, coming from far and near.

The priest of Shamash holding the scepter walked over the steps and into the hall, standing under the platform, bowing slightly and bowing his head to salute King Camos above.

"King Camos, the will will be released to all parts of the country tomorrow." He looked calm, "Please stamp the Royal Seal."

After finishing, Xie Muer stepped forward, holding a rectangular cyan stone plate in his hands, which contained white and delicate white mud. The surface of the white mud was sunken lines, which were neat rows and rows. Text.

The language of the text is beautiful and gorgeous, the main idea is that King Camos chose a younger brother, and now tells the whole country about the matter.

The white clay in the bluestone plate is still moist and soft at the moment. Camos read the text on the white clay from beginning to end to confirm that it was correct, and then took off the gold ring on the middle finger. The ring face was carved in green malachite A royal seal with exquisite lines and special characters.

Camos pressed it against the soft clay, leaving a clear pattern on the clay.

The original plan was to establish two younger brothers.

However, King Camos, after watching the life of Heimus, decided not to establish Heimus, only to establish Gallan as the younger brother.

Because Huimos' grandmother had a direct royal bloodline, Huimos naturally inherited this bloodline.

That is, if King Camos does not have Ligalan, Huimus, who has the direct blood of the royal family, already has the most recent throne succession.

And Gallan’s bloodline, even the so-called royal bloodline of the sideline, is already very thin, which is basically a dozen generations away. Without the name of the younger brother, he simply could not have the right to inherit the throne.

Therefore, King Camos only established Gallan as a younger brother, in order to ensure that Gallan's throne inheritance power is higher than Huimus.

However, Heimus, who has direct blood, will be allowed to live in the royal palace, and will also let everyone call him a prince and have all the privileges of being a prince.

Only under the premise that both Camos and Garland died, Huimus was qualified to inherit the throne.

After King Camos put the imperial seal on it, Xie Muer gave the blue stone slab to the subordinates who followed him. His servants bowed and retreated. They will send this blue stone plate to the firing place. After baking, the white clay will become hard and become extremely smooth porcelain, and the words and patterns on it will also be It is completely fixed and cannot be changed. The original version left in the king city will also infiltrate the gold thread in the lines of the characters.

In this way, there is no need to worry that the will of the king will be altered by someone with ulterior motives.

At the same time, using this form of imperial decree can also make the purpose of the king more unique and sacred.

"there's one more thing."

The subordinates escorted away with their will, and Xiemuer was still standing in the same place, still the usual expressionless expression, speaking.

"Please appoint the teachers of the two princes as soon as possible."

Prince Garland.

Prince Huimus.

These two princes, a younger brother of King Camos, and a direct bloodline of the royal family, initially had temporary succession to the throne.

However, this is only temporary, they need to grow up as soon as possible in the absence of Queen Camos.

Camos touched the stubble chin.

"You count one." He thought without thinking, "How, Xie Muer, which one do you want to teach?"

"It's up to you, King Camos."

"What if I let you choose?"

"........." The priest of Samash was silent for a moment, and then calmly replied, he, "I will choose to teach Prince Huimus."

The tone of his answer was very smooth, without any slight ups and downs, even if another prince he did not choose was there, his answer was still decisive.

The blond-haired child rubbed the milk lion's soft belly for a second, and then continued to knead it, only to make it a bit heavier, and let his limbs squint at Negha who was lying on the ground.

Gallan and the big beans looked at each other for a moment, reached out, picked up the milk lion, put it in his arms, and stroked the fluffy head at once.

Although I had already guessed the ending, the chest was still uncontrollably cold for a moment when Xie Muer said that sentence.

Fortunately, this warm and fluffy guy eased the chill in his chest.

It turns out so.

he thinks.

From the beginning, Xie Muer wanted to choose Huimus.

It turned out that from the beginning, this person did not willingly teach him.

Well, no wonder, no wonder this person can abandon him after more than eight years, after all, that was originally the choice of Xiemuer in the beginning.


It has nothing to do with me.

Garland stroked the lion in his arms. Niega was lying on his arm, tilting his head and rubbing his left and right on his chest.

he thinks.

This so-called younger brother, this so-called prince of Aaron Landis, he can't do it for long. He is very stubborn and stubborn, and since he has already made a decision, he will go all the way.

He doesn't want the throne, just doesn't.

Therefore, Xie Muer chooses whoever he chooses, he does not care.

King Camos looked down at him and looked back calmly at his priest of Samash, then glanced at Gallan who was playing with the lion and seemed to have never heard the words of Xie Muer, his lips. Raised gently.

"Gallan, you should go to nap for a while." He touched Gallan's head with a smile. "The child doesn't sleep much, and he will not grow taller in the future~"

After finishing this, he waved his hand and motioned for someone to let the guard take the younger brother to the side bedroom next to him.

The child looked up, and the big golden pupil glanced at him. It was nothing. He put down the lion in his arms obediently, re-inserted the piece of meat that had been gnawed into the lion's paw, and then got up and followed the maid who served him and left.

After Gallan left, Camos raised his hand again and signaled that the maid, the guard, and the servants who were waiting for him were withdrawn. In this way, only he and Xiemuer were left in the room.

"You choose... Eh, who is that? Eh, it seems to be called, Heh, Heh... Heh?"

King Camos pondered for a while before remembering the name of the dark-haired boy.

"...Prince Huimus."

Xie Muer was choked and answered.

"Oh, got it."

Camos, waved his hand.

"Xie Muer, I appoint you to be Garland's instructor."

He, the final word.

After thinking about it, he added a few more words.

"Gallan will hand it over to you, take care of him for me, no scolding, no fight, ah, no reprimand, in short, no bullying."

Xie Muer: "............"

Since it was your forced appointment, what was the point of letting me choose Rao?

Moreover, no scolding, no rebuke, how can I teach?

Although he thought with dissatisfaction here, he was still calm in his face, bowing his head slightly to salute.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

He calmly accepted the appointment of King Camos.

King Camos, who was sitting on the high platform, looked down at him and pressed one hand on the knee of his left leg, with a playful smile in his eyes.

"Are you scolding me in your heart?"


‘Yes’ is disrespect to the king.

"No" is a lie to Wang, and it is also disrespectful.

So Xie Muer chose to be silent.

Camos laughed hahaha.

"Do you think my strongman is in trouble?"

Xie Muer pondered for a moment and then answered.

"Prince Garland is weak."

He was very straightforward, his words were sharp, without any euphemism and concealment.

"He cannot afford Aaron Landis' future."

Camos was still laughing.

"Xie Muer, don't you think this sentence is familiar?"


"'Prince Camos! Like you now, how can you bear the future of Aaron Landis!'... This sentence." Has become the king of Aaron Landis, and is loved by the people of the world. The weird emphasis imitated Xie Muer's voice, "From the beginning, I heard this sentence from you no less than ten times. You always think that I am not a qualified prince."

He, "What now?"

He smiled faintly, "Do you think I am a qualified king?"

Xie Muer leaned over and knelt down, holding the scepter in one hand and laying it on the ground, with one hand covering his heart.

"You are a well-deserved king of Aaron Landis."

He is decisive and heartfelt.

"Yeah, I think so. No one can do better than me."

Camos, in a natural tone.

He didn't need humility, he saved Aaron Landis, that was his responsibility, and also his pride.

"So, Xiemuer, don't rush to a conclusion."

So he suddenly changed the subject and pointed to the milk lion who was still struggling with the meat with unsharp teeth.

The lion Nega, holding the meat, rolled around, how to see how stupid and cute.

Camos looked straight.

"Look, how is this guy? Does it look silly?"

Xie Muer: "?"

He looked at the milk lion before the full moon in doubt, wondering why King Camos suddenly mentioned it.

"Look, is it cute? Like my brother Wang, they are so cute, right?"

King Camos held out his hand on one side, grabbed Nega with a big hand, and squeezed it in his hand.

The milk lion who was nibbling at the meat was suddenly caught, and it was the person he hated the most. It was suddenly angry, and his mouth was open, and his fangs were exposed, and he was tearing at his fingers. Bite it down.

Camos smiled and let it bite, his fingers were full of cocoons, and the skin was thick and thick, Nega's fangs did not nibble at his fingers, but only gave his fingers a layer of saliva. .

"Cute is cute, but it looks weak, right?"

The man narrowed his eyes slightly, forming a thin gap. He suddenly exuded a terrible pressure around his body. His hand was pinched tightly.

"Look, it's so weak, so, I can squeeze it to death with a little effort."

Xie Muer stood silently watching below, he just watched, nothing.

The milk lion was squeezed and squeezed, obviously it was squeezed and felt uncomfortable, but it just so whined, it continued to bite the finger that was holding it fiercely, even with a bite, fierce very much.

That's it as a beast... No, yeah, that's the fierceness inherent in its future king of beasts, and pride.

King Camos smiled, released his hand, and let go of Nega.

The laid-down Mao Tuaner rolled over and stood up with a roll, not escaping nor fearing, just standing there and roaring fiercely at Camos.

"Those who can only be pets when they are born. As soon as they see me, they will be scared to turn around and run away. Once they get close to me, they will be scared to tremble..."

Camos, "But this guy, even if caught by me, will bite me fiercely."

"Even if it looks like a weak guy now, it will become a frightening lion in the future."

"Indeed, the child does look very weak now. To us, he is so weak that we can pinch to death with one hand."

King Camos smiled, his sitting posture looked lazy, but even if he just sat there quietly, it was like a brown lion lying lazily on the ground, with an invisible deterrent.

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