Chapter 345:A Tale of Strategies For the Throne

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I don't know how long the time has passed. Anyway, it is extremely long to him.

For as long as a century, I can never see the end, and I can't end it.

And in this long time, he has no idea how many times he died.

The thin spring water flowed down from the stone wall and fell into the water pool with a clear splash of water.

Occasionally a little splash fell on his cheeks and shoulders, cool and silky, just barely lowering the heat a little bit.

The warm pond water stained the cold bluestones on both sides warmly, and the juvenile white cheeks were flushed, and the water marks that were not clear whether it was water droplets or sweat slipped from the side cheeks full of red clouds.

Drops of water are intertwined with the blotchy tears.

His golden eyes were enveloped by a layer of water mist, and his eyes seemed to be lost and dim.

The corners of the eyes are a little reddish, like a charm-deceptive goblin, disturbing.

Liujin's hair is already soaked, and a strand of hair is attached to the face, and a strand of wet blond hair is tightly attached to the corner of the eye.

Rough brown fingers stretched out and gently pushed the strand of wet hair behind the reddish ears.

Huimus' lips fell down and kissed gently the tears oozing from the corner of the teenager's eyes.

The trembling hand of the teenager seemed to want to push the other side away, but after all his fingers could only tremble on the brown arm.

Then, the hand fell softly on the smooth blue stone surface.

He sobbed.

Because the crying was too strong and too long, the throat could hardly make a sound, and could only barely ooze a bit like a whimper.

However, this pitiful chatter-pharyngeal did not get the mercy of the bully behind him.

The exhausted limbs were unable to struggle at all, and could only whisper and snuggle in the arms of Huimus, letting them do whatever they wanted, Gallan felt his consciousness gradually becoming blurred again.

This was the first time he lost consciousness, and he could not remember.

...He felt like he was going to die.

The brain was so muddled that it was impossible to think at all.

He had really thought that the other party could have a taste.

It wasn't until he learned the painful lessons in person that he finally realized that once the beast preyed on its prey, it would never stop without swallowing its flesh and bones cleanly.

However, this awakening is too late.

Every time he thought it was over, it was actually just the beginning.

He was once killed four times by Huimos.

For this reason, he had been cherishing for a long time, and therefore rejected Huimos several times.

But now, he felt that this time, Huimos was more ruthless than the few times he killed him, and that he would make him even more collapsed.

At first he tried to be coquettish.

Later, he begged and coaxed.

Then he began to lose his temper and make trouble, trying to struggle.

Unfortunately, it has no effect.

Later, he couldn't help crying.

When he cried to the back, when his mind began to blur, he was already whining-begging

As soon as he cried, Huimus coaxed him softly.

The voice that coaxed him was extremely gentle, like a murmur in his ear.

However, the gentler he coaxed his words, the more cruel Nao did the opposite of the gentleness of coaxing words.

At the back, he could not cry.

There was almost no voice in the throat, only a faint cry.

Sleeping in a trance, waking up in a trance again.

Consciousness moves up and down, ups and downs in a hazy world.

...He seemed to have died countless times, and was dragged back into the world by force...



When it was fully awake, it seemed to be the evening.

The glow of the fiery red sunset shone through the open window, and it was a little dazzling. Gallan blinked several times before he managed to adapt.

He is now in the hotel room, thinking that when he was in a coma, Huimus took him from the mountain and took him back to the hotel Zheng

Gallan wanted to get up, but as soon as he moved, a severe soreness came from all over his body, making his eyes twitch uncontrollably.

His body was so weak that he couldn't exert any strength, and even the pain in his bones was soaking.

The recovery of his body's perception, he suddenly felt like his body was crushed by the carriage, almost fragmented.

It's as if this body has been tortured, it's dilapidated

Thinking of the tragic encounter in the past few days, the teenager immediately gritted his teeth.

That bird-beast!

I already knew—it might as well let the guy continue to be a bird-beast!

Garlan thought so bitterly, struggling to sit up hard with his hands.

The body is clean and refreshing, obviously has been washed.

Opening his mouth, he found that his throat was so dumb that he apparently lost his voice due to overuse. He could hardly make a sound at this moment.

At this moment, the door was pushed open and Huimus walked in with a bowl of porridge.

The porridge was steaming, apparently always warm.

The tip of the nose smelled the fragrance of rice porridge, and suddenly pulled back the hunger that Gallan ignored because of his sore body.

Garland couldn't help but swallow.

But when his eyes moved to the man carrying the rice porridge, his face flushed instantly, and the shameful feeling brought by the revived memory in his brain made him feel that his cheeks were hot.

He squeezed his lips tightly, glaring at Huimus with an angry look, his face angry and silent.

This guy has ever lied to him and never lied to him.

He really believed.

As a result, those words that gently coaxed him ‘soon soon’, ‘last time’ and so on deceived him to death.

But, angry is angry.

When the fragrant rice porridge was delivered to his mouth, Garland felt that it was not cost-effective to lose his temper when he was angry with Huimos.

So he glanced at Huimus, still silent, opened his mouth and let the other party feed the porridge into his mouth.

After seeing the grumpy Garland who didn't talk to himself, Heimus opened his mouth to drink porridge, and his heart softened into a ball.

The soft eyelashes hang down, as soft as a spot on the mouth, and the young man's cheeks are like white-tender litchis that have just been peeled off the shell, and water will drip from a light touch.

His eyes fell, and he looked down the spoon. The pink lips that had swallowed porridge were moistened and shimmered, like pearls.

The golden-red pupil suddenly deepened again.

After taking a light breath, Huimus stabilized his mind, and then he pressed down the ripples from the bottom of his heart.

If he does something now... I'm afraid Gallan really has to turn his face.

He tossed Galland so much that Heimos knew that he was justified, so at this time, he was very clever and even kind enough to serve Galland properly.

After drinking the porridge, Garland was still angry, watching Huimus turn around, and suddenly kicked him.

Of course it didn't kick.

After all, he can't move with his usual strength, let alone the soft power now, it is like tickling the other side.

Not only did he not hurt Heimus, but because he pulled the body too hard, his muscles sore and he wrinkled all over his face.


Garland looked at Heimus with grievances.

It sounded like a complaint and a temper tantrum, but the thin voice sounded more like a cat coquettish.

"All sour."

Heimos leaned over and coaxed his cat with his paws.

"I help you click and it won't be sour."

Garland hesitated.

He was a little worried that this guy was pressing and couldn't control the chaos, but then thought about it, if this guy should still have a count, it's impossible to really provoke himself.

Therefore, he simply lay down on the bed, waiting for someone to wait.

Squinting comfortably enjoying the service of a certain emperor, confused, the days of fatigue made him fall asleep unconsciously in the other party's just massage.

Garland thought well.

Knowing that I was talking too much about Huimus is really afraid to mess up again.

He just held Galland upside down after Galland fell asleep, covered him with a blanket, then lowered his head and gently kissed the pink lips like the first blooming buds.

He looked at the sleeping boy with a deep sea like a deep sea

Rather than wrapping up the figure reflected in his eyes exclusively, what is reflected in his eyes is the world he sees.

He stroked Garland's hair, and the golden hair slipped from his brown fingers.

Huimus' thin lips curled up, and the sharp corners turned into a soft arc with deep love.


The name that penetrates the heart is sweeter than anything.



Waking up again, it was almost noon, when the sun had risen to midair, and the hot sun was pouring over the earth.

Under someone's meticulous care and attention, Gallan, who was finally relieved after eating and drinking, looked at him.

"Um... I promised to meet Tal three and then I went to see him, then it will be clear."

Hearing Garland's words, Huimus coughed softly.

He: "Actually, when you woke up yesterday, it was the third evening."

Garland's eyes widened.


In these few miles, his consciousness has been vague, and he can't remember the time at all, nor how many days and nights he alternated.

He just took it for granted that it should be like a night or two.

did not expect--

Garland kicked Hyimus again in anger.

Sure enough, let this bird-beast continue to be a bird-beast!

However, he did not have time to continue to be angry, thinking that this is already the fourth, he has already missed the appointment on the side of Tal, and cannot be delayed any longer.

Otherwise, the bear child of Tal is angry, and he may force the city owner to search for people.

Garlan thought about it, and said to Huimus: "Tonight, you will steal Tal."

Huimus: "..."


As time went by, the night fell quickly, and the meniscus hung on the black night sky.

It was late at night and the fat girl had not yet slept.

In a bad mood, she hurriedly rushed the maid who served her to the door of the room. She sat on the balcony and stared at the round crescent moon in a daze.

She is very good, so surprised that people who are familiar with her are amazed, thinking that she was frightened in the mountains before being honest.

In fact, otherwise, the reason why the fat girl became so honest is that she is waiting for her prince to meet her obediently.

Counting my fingers on the days, hoping for one after another, but yesterday the third passed, and promised to see her prince has not come yet.

Avril was very grumpy towards others, but for some reason, she couldn't be angry when she remembered how Gallan smiled at her, but she felt aggrieved.

Grievous Gallan does not keep her promise to her.

She sat on the balcony, kicking the stool under her feet depressed.

And she was still worried, thinking about whether the prince was in trouble? Would you like to tell your father, let him send someone to find a prince?

Thinking wildly, suddenly a shadow jumped onto the balcony, scaring her to open her mouth.

But the other party moved faster and covered her mouth as soon as she reached out.

Waving her chubby arms painfully, she raised her eyes and the moonlight shone on Lai Rao's cheeks. All the panic she had just born turned into joy.

Avril immediately stopped struggling, because her mouth was covered and unable to speak, she could only look at Huimus with her round eyes, looking forward.

Looking at that expression, I just wish to follow Heimus immediately.

As everyone knows, her appearance helped her.

I was thinking that the child would be upset, so I was going to stun him and take it away, but at the moment, Huimus looked at the fat man's face eager to try to take the initiative to walk with himself, and regrettably withdrew his preparation to cleave to Avril's back neck Hand.

"Don't move, I will take you to see him."

Avril nodded in a hurry, afraid that the man wouldn't take himself away a little later.

She suddenly remembered that her room was on the fifth floor. The maid was guarding the door and the guard was patrolling. How could this man take himself out?

By the way... how did this man appear on the balcony on the fifth floor?

Before Aiweier could use his round head to figure out, Huimus had already picked her up and jumped directly from the high balcony.

Avril almost screamed and shoved her hand to cover her mouth desperately.

In order to see the prince--

Carrying the ghost in one hand, Huimus flicked the other hand, and threw a rope with a hook, which was swayed by the tall tree not far away.

When Avril stood on the ground again, her face was pale and her fat legs were trembling.

No... not afraid... I'm not afraid!

It's all in the story.

The warriors have to pass the test, toss through the thorns and thorns, and they can only see the princess after all the hardships.

She, she she she wants to see the prince... This difficulty is nothing at all!

She is not afraid at all!

With trembling legs, Avril screamed for herself in her heart, and looked up at the dark-haired man carrying him.

...Woo, this person is really scary...

Fortunately, there was no more terrible test for her next. She successfully saw the prince she was missing in the nearby woods.

Heimus put her down and Avril immediately rushed towards Galland.

She opened her mouth and kept talking, talking about how long she had waited, how hard she had waited, and she always hoped that the prince would come to find her.

Garland didn't interrupt her.

He squatted on the ground, letting the other person hug himself, and patted the fat man's back gently with a smile.

After Ai Weier was talking for a while, finally stopped, he said: "Okay to meet you, now, I'm leaving."

Avril stayed a while.

"Can't... stay here?"

Her chubby face wrinkled, she asked in aggrieved voice.

If it is replaced with other people, she will definitely be unreasonable and sloppy to let the other party listen to her.

But to her prince, she can only obediently obey.

"No school"

Garland touched her head.

He blinked at Avril, "You forgot? I am a prince, of course I want to stay in the palace, don't I?"

Avril thought about it and thought Galland was right.

The prince of course has to stay in the majestic and magnificent palace, with a beautiful golden crown, sitting on the golden throne.

It is too wrong to let the prince stay in this city with no palace and no crown.

This is not school

She could not see that her prince was wronged.

Aiweier turned his eyes and asked, "Then I grow up, will I go to the palace to find you?"

As she asked, she praised herself in the bottom of her heart, feeling that she was too smart.

Garland smiled.


He smiled, "But only the best people are allowed in the palace, so if you want to enter the palace, you must first become a very talented school. It is better than your city's father and better."

"Only in this way will you be eligible to enter the royal palace, will you be qualified to see me, and even protect me in the future."

"I must become very powerful!"

The fat man, full of self-confidence, swears vigorously patting the meat- breast-breast.

"I will grow into the best person, then go to the palace to find you and protect you!"

Garran stretched out his hand and took that fleshy hand.

He: "Okay, I'm waiting for you."

The teenager smiled.

He held the hand in his palm and made an oath with the child in front of him.

I will wait for you and come back to me.



The celebration of the city of Twirl has passed, and Galland, who has stayed here for a short time, is about to depart, leaving the familiar city left

Just when he was wondering where to go next, that evening, he went to some raodang again.

Unresolved self-determination awakened the scumbag's deceitful quotations of Huimos, "I will hug and do nothing", "I will kiss and not continue"... "I will be right", "Last time" Like a lie, he ate him clean again.

Sleepless overnight.

Being tortured for a whole night, half dead, and crying again, the teenager who was able to escape again looked at the man who knew the food, and the apparently unsatisfied look in his eyes, the sense of crisis and the nature of survival can make him fight. .

He didn’t think he could go on like this, he had to find a way to control this hungry wolf


"The direction of this suspended car... going back to Wangcheng?"

When he got into the car, he found out that he was in the wrong direction and asked suspiciously.

"Yeah, it's about to arrive in a month, Xiemuer's, you have to go back at least once a month, otherwise you will be arrested."


"No matter what, I am also the crown prince. It is impossible to return to the palace once a year."

He must be right and upright, but in fact he has another plan in his heart.

He felt that when the two returned to the palace, there was Brother Camos, and Xiemuerkehuostupti staring at them.

With them there, Huimos should be a little bit daunted, don't dare to mess up easily.

He thought well, but he didn't know that he was the only one who was afraid of the fierce beast around him.

The chain of this fierce beast has always been in a hand

For others, even Camos, Huimos is never afraid.

Therefore, Galland's self-righteous idea... is totally unreliable.

After returning to the palace, what awaits him will be a chaotic and chaotic situation that makes him regretless.



The wind blew, blowing across the vast ground of Aaron Landis.

In a place in a certain city, the people standing in the mess of manuscript paper in the room are wailing.

"Ah! It's gone again--"

"Did that man slip away again?"

"Yeah, every time before the deadline, I don't know if he is very popular? I wonder if everyone is looking forward to follow-up?!"

"Hahaha, after all, the person who originally wanted to be a poetry raider turned out to be more popular."

"Eh, I always call myself a poet, but look at the messy poems he wrote... can't he honestly admit that he doesn't have the point of writing poetry at all?"

"No way, he always thought he was a poet, just a sideline making money."

"Alas... I can't help him. I left a note this time. I heard rumors of the wise king's spirit in Twirlor City. I'm going there to find inspiration to write what is famous in the ancient poems. of……"

"Get up, the reference archetype of the protagonist he wrote seems to be the wise king?"

"Yes, so this time it doesn't matter. I don't expect any poems that are so ancient, I just hope he can find some inspiration for him to write down quickly."

"Hahahaha, I hope so."


The wind blew in from the open window, swept across the table, and turned the pages of the table on the table.

On the pages turned quickly, some writing could be seen faintly.

‘That was... a long time ago.........about...Aaron Landis.........The King of Kings... Biography...''

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