Chapter 640:Absolute Resonance

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When Li Luo looked at Shen Jinxiao who was sitting on the bench under the big tree at the end of the path in front of him, he couldn't help but narrow his eyes for a while, what did this ** come out of this time to do?

Instructor Xi Chan's cold eyes were also staring at Shen Jinxiao, and then he said lightly, "Shen Jinxiao, what are you doing here?"

Hearing this, Shen Jinxiao smiled slightly, and said, "Mr. Xi Chan's management is a little too wide. The school is so big, can't I just enjoy the shade here?"

However, for these words, Mentor Xi Chan's eyes only became colder.

Seeing this, Shen Jinxiao smiled and said, "Okay, I actually want to have a word with Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e."

His eyes were also on Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e.

Facing his gaze, Jiang Qing'e looked very calm, her eyes were just staring straight ahead, but she never looked at him at all, when Li Luo saw this, he could only open the mouth with a smile: "Teacher Shen Jinxiao, we don't seem to have much to say. ?"

Shen Jinxiao smiled and said directly: "If Qing'e can promise me a condition, I am willing to help you during the festival, how about it?"

The smile on Li Luo Junyi's face narrowed slightly, but his eyes became a little cold and sharp.

"Shen Jinxiao, who are you trying to deceive here? Will the academy allow you to intervene?" Instructor Xi Chan said coldly.

"That's my business, you don't have to worry about it."

A playful smile appeared on the corner of Shen Jinxiao's mouth, and said, "What I said is absolutely true, and you can even swear that as long as you agree to Qing'e, I will be the reinforcement of your Luolan mansion, how about that?"

"Shen Jinxiao, you really portrayed taking advantage of people's dangers to the fullest." Instructor Xi Chan sneered.

Shen Jinxiao ignored Mentor Xi Chan's ridicule and just stared at Jiang Qing'e.

However, Jiang Qing'e still ignored him, just took Li Luo's hand and walked straight forward. When the two sides were about to pass by, Li Luo stared at Shen Jinxiao deeply and said, "Shen Jinxiao, don't do it. Hit Sister Qing'e's idea, or I will chop you up and feed it to the dog in the future."

Shen Jinxiao smiled lightly.

Jiang Qing'e dragged Li Luo away, and mentor Xi Chan gave Shen Jinxiao a cold look and followed.

Shen Jinxiao looked at their figures disappearing into the night, the smile on his face subsided, and his eyes became much gloomy.

"The last chance was not's sad."


"Shen Jinxiao must have coveted Qing'e, you have to be careful." On the carriage back to Luolan Mansion, Teacher Xi Chan reminded the two in front of him.

"Does the school want to keep such an ill-conceived tutor?" Li Luo asked with a frown.

"Even if he has a sinister heart, but he didn't really show it, what reason does the school have to expel him?" Xi Chan asked back.

Li Luo was silent.

"In the previous discussion in the Golden Palace of the university, Vice President Su Xin also warned him, and at the same time asked him what his intentions were for Qing'e, but he simply said that he did have admiration for Qing'e..." Xi Chan The instructor hesitated for a moment, then said.

A cold light flashed in Li Luo's eyes.

Frost appeared on Jiang Qing'e's absolutely beautiful face, and Shen Jinxiao's words made her feel some disgust and nausea.

"Although admiration for students sounds a bit unpleasant, it is not a violation of university rules after all, so even Deputy Dean Su Xin has no choice but to give some warnings... But based on my understanding of Shen Jinxiao, this person is slightly It's a bit weird, so this may not be his truth." Instructor Xi Chan said slowly.

"He was eyeing Qing'e, maybe he had other ideas."

Li Luo frowned, this Shengou is really a scourge, if there is a chance in the future, he will definitely kill him.

"However, no matter what he thinks, he is still the tutor of the school after all, and will be restricted by the rules of the school, so he should not dare to do anything blatantly." Instructor Xi Chan said.

Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e looked at each other and nodded.

Now Luo Lan Manor is about to usher in the most troublesome moment, this Shen Jinxiao, indeed, can only be left behind.

"Instructor Xi Chan wants to ** us back to Luolan Mansion because he is worried about "Lanling Mansion"?" Li Luo

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asked with a smile.

"I also sensed what Xin Fu said." Instructor Xi Chan did not deny it. Although the palace sacrifice has not yet come, the probability of Lanling Palace's assassination is not high, but it is always good to be careful. After all, Lanling Palace specializes in Take these crooked ways.

"Thank you for your mentor's support." Li Luo thanked.

Instructor Xi Chan waved his hand, but did not say more, but closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The inside of the carriage returned to silence, while Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e looked at the lights of thousands of homes passing by the car window, and said nothing to each other.

After so long, the chariot finally stopped outside the Luolan House headquarters.

"Teacher Xi Chan, are you going to sit in Luo Lan's mansion and have a cup of tea?" Li Luo warmly invited.

Hearing the words, Mentor Xi Chan looked at the Luolan House headquarters in front of him, and said with a half-smile, "You Luolan House, don't welcome any other powerful Fenghou, and I don't like that feeling of being suppressed, That would make me feel insecure."

Seeing the look in her eyes, Li Luo just remembered that the current Luolan House headquarters is protected by a strange formation, and any Fenghou strong person who enters it will be strongly suppressed, but the power of the strange formation, It will begin to weaken on the day of the prefectural festival.

"Li Luo, take care of you. I hope I can see you in the school in five days. If such a potential student died like this, it would be really a pity." She looked at Li Luo, said a word, and then turned straight away. Her light figure stepped on the moonlight, and disappeared out of thin air in a few flashes.

Jiang Qing'e looked at Mentor Xi Chan's disappearing figure, and said to Li Luo, "Master Xi Chan is very kind to you."

"Normal, it's probably the first time I've met a student like me who is so talented and looks so good-looking." Li Luo waved his hand, saying that it's not surprising.

"Don't forget the one with the thickest skin." Jiang Qing'e added.

"Thick-skinned is also an advantage! Sister Qing'e, you are too cold and arrogant, and you put your air too high. Otherwise, with your charm and talent potential, you may not be able to attract some female Zihui tutors in the school and let them leave the school. Join us in Luolan Mansion." Li Luo said plausibly.

Jiang Qing'e gave Li Luo a helpless glance, and ignored him, turned around and left the headquarters of Luo Lan Mansion.

Li Luo smiled and followed.

After returning to Luolan Mansion, the two had dinner together, and Li Luo went back to the room. He sat cross-legged on the bed and felt the three phase palaces in his body. During this time, most of his energy was on In terms of the cultivation of the Fenghou technique, the refining of the earth evil energy has slowed down a bit, but fortunately there is a batch of "Yuansha Dan" obtained from the vice president Su Xin, with the help of these "Yuansha Dan" "With the assistance of Li Luo, the second phase palace of Li Luo has also completed the strengthening in these more than 20 Now he only has the dragon and thunder phase palace, and has not yet begun to strengthen.

However, it is enough.

Although it has only been less than a month for him to break through to the realm of the evil palace, the strengthening of the water and light phase palace and the wood and earth phase palace has made his current phase power tyrannical, comparable to those of the top small evil palace realms.

Feeling the flow of the force in his body, Li Luo was very satisfied. Then, his eyes suddenly turned to the scarlet bracelet on his wrist. The three- tailed Sirius was sealed in the bracelet.

A look of contemplation flashed across Li Luo's eyes.

In the next palace sacrifice, a war is inevitable, and the power of the three- tailed Sirius is a very important part. Although he was able to forcibly strip away the power of the three-tailed Sirius with the help of the "Heavenly Sacrificial Curse", Li Luo at this time, but Some other ideas came up.

He wanted to fool around, no, he wanted to chat with the three-tailed Sirius about the ideal of being a beast.

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