Chapter 961:Across the Sky From the Stop of Time

Survive the thunder tribulation and become the Yang God!

Chapter 942 Survive the Thunder Tribulation and Achieve Yang God!

"The fourth volume of the Heavenly Book, I finally got it." Hao Shuai smiled knowingly. So far, all five volumes of the Heavenly Book have been in Hao Shuai's hands.

With Hao Shuai's current memory, as long as his gaze slowly passed over those golden words, it would be deeply engraved in his mind. volume, and at the same time connect it with the other four volumes of heavenly scriptures.

Connected, the five volumes of the heavenly book are finally complete. Before, because a section was missing in the middle, the whole heavenly book became obscure and difficult to understand. To fall into an epiphany.

Fortunately, he knew that this place was not a safe place and not suitable for retreat, so he immediately teleported back to Qingyunmen's Huanyue Cave, and began to immerse himself in the heavenly book.

Hao Shuai had a premonition that as long as he comprehended the five volumes of heavenly scriptures this time, combined with the "Shangqing Dadong Zhenjing", he should be able to lead the thunder to quench his body and attack the Yangshen realm.

The foundation of Taoist practice is to understand that "the highest goodness is like water, water is good for all things without fighting, and water is more than Tao", and also understands that the way of heaven is precious to life, so the light of the sun and the moon, the rain from the sky, and the combination of yin and yang constitute the endless world and all things.

If you want to become a Yang God, you need to use the light of the sun and the moon to absorb and cultivate the Yin God all the time, and then you can only focus on the thunder and lightning power that is more powerful and has endless yin and yang energy. .

According to the understanding of Taoism, the combination of yin and yang will turn into thunder and lightning, and the heavy rain will be born from this, and all things will be born from the nourishment of this water vapor. His immortal existence must start from the thunder calamity created by the collision of the Yin and Yang qi of heaven and earth.

Time is like running water, and a year has passed in the blink of an eye.

This day~~

Qingyunmen Tongtian Peak was originally a clear sky, but at some point, it became turbulent and dark clouds rolled over.

Not long after, the entire sky was shrouded in heavy dark clouds.


A series of electric snakes, walking in the clouds.

The sky and the earth are pitch black, just like the end of the world, only when the electric snakes swim away, there will be a ray of light on the earth.


In the next moment, thunder like a dragon and snake rumbled along with the heavy rain!


Like a dragon, lightning exploded on the top of Tongtian Peak, the momentary light pierced the darkness, and then thunder and fire rolled and scattered, as if the sky was falling apart!

The entire Tongtian Peak was like the doomsday in an instant, and a powerful force that shook the sky and the earth began to quickly gather in the dark clouds.

The disciples of Tongtian Peak all felt the great pressure from the dark clouds, and when they were at a loss, Hao Shuai's voice rang in their ears: "So everyone in Tongtian Peak temporarily retreated to other peaks. "

Everyone followed their prestige, and found that at some point, the head of the sect had already stood on top of the Yuqing Palace, facing the immense power in the dark clouds.

It's just that everyone is a little strange, why the head of the sect seems a little illusory and unreal.

But now they can't allow them to think too much, the coercion in the sky has become heavier, forcing them to flee Tongtian Peak.

The reason why the people of Qingyun Sect feel that Hao Shuai is a little illusory is because Hao Shuai in the sky at this time is his yin god.

Today is the day when Hao Shuai's yin and spirit overcome the calamity. After a year of hard training, Hao Shuai, who felt that the time was ripe, took the initiative to let go of his strength and aroused Lei Jie.


There was a burst, and the sound of thunder resounded through the heaven and earth. The thunder light that had been bred for a long time in the dark clouds flickered, and under the guidance of Hao Shuai's Yin God, a thunder calamity with the thickness of an arm came from the sky and struck his heavenly spirit. Absorbed by his yin ** body.

After the thunder and lightning disappeared, the mountain top returned to darkness again, but Hao Shuai's Yin God began to shine brightly, and crackling electric sparks kept coming out of his body.

At this time, Hao Shuai used the power of thunder to temper the Yin God, and at the same time let the body of the Yin God absorb the yin and yang energy of heaven and earth in the thunder and lightning to transform and improve, just like alchemy with fire.

While Hao Shuai was tempering his body with lightning and absorbing yin and yang, the dark clouds in the sky rolled again, and another thunderstorm fell.

Because the Yinshen is now emitting thunder and lightning from outside his body, he naturally becomes the most suitable lightning rod, and the subsequent thunder disasters in the sky will naturally follow the trend without needing to be triggered again.

The strong light falling from the second thunderstorm followed the rumbling thunder of the first thunderstorm.

Hao Shuai's Yinshen was struck by the second lightning, and his whole body became full of light, and the lightning sparks also splashed several feet away.

Having the first experience, Hao Shuai quickly absorbed the power of thunder calamity to temper the Yin God, and realized the power of metamorphosis. The white light and electric sparks on his body gradually dimmed and dissipated at a speed visible to the naked eye.

When Hao Shuai finished digesting the second thunder calamity, he couldn't wait for the third thunder calamity.

So Hao Shuai, who didn't want to waste time, rushed directly into the thunder cloud.

You must know that the normal Yin God Thunder Tribulation is not about Yin God rushing directly into the thunder to practice, but attracting the thunder, using various means to avoid the thunder's direct attack, and then using the Yin God to use divine weapons to arouse the yang and yang energy of the thunder. Cleanse the soul.

Instead of going straight to the sky, crossing the catastrophe like a martial arts powerhouse.

After all, the thunder is extremely peaceful, and all souls will be wiped out under one strike. No one's soul can face the power of thunder.

But now Hao Shuai not only did not use the magic weapon to weaken the power of the thunder, but also let the thunder strike directly, and even rushed directly into the robbery cloud.

This was a provocative act of provocation. Jieyun seemed to be angered by Hao Shuai, and countless thunderbolts gathered towards Hao Shuai, as if to beat this disrespectful person to pieces.

It's a pity that Lei Jie met Hao Shuai this time, who is a badass. You must know that when Hao Shuai is fine, he will use the Lightning and Thunder Fist to refine the Yin God, which makes the Yin God already accustomed to the addition of thunder.

So Hao Shuai only felt numb and numb, and his whole body was extremely comfortable. Under the baptism of this thunder calamity, his soul was giving birth to yang from yin, and a trace of yang energy was slowly growing.

Thunder wave after wave.

Hao Shuai, who felt extremely comfortable all over, simply lay flat in the Jieyun, squinting his eyes and closing his eyes to rest and sleep.

As the power of the thunder calamity became stronger and stronger, the people of Qingyunmen felt the oppressive breath of the thunder calamity, and it was very difficult to breathe. They retreated again and again, keeping away from the center of the thunder calamity.

After more than half an hour, Lei Jie seemed to know that there was nothing he could do with Hao Shuai, and slowly disappeared.

Seeing Lei Ting disappearing, Hao Shuai couldn't help shaking his head regretfully, and said to himself: "What a pity!"

It's a pity, Hao Shuai, who has passed the thunder disaster, can only express unwillingly that he has survived the thunder disaster and become the ** of pure yang. , Gathering is forming, soaring change is not unsatisfactory!

When the light of the thunder dissipated, the members of the Qing Yun Sect saw that their head was still ruddy after being struck by lightning for so long, and his skin was rosy and rosy, full of a healthy vitality, without the slightest sense of injury.

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