AuthorNine lithium
Num. of chapters116 chapters


The daughter of the Su family who has been missing for more than ten years has been found!

It is said that this daughter is a bum who doesn’t understand anything…

The owner of a luxury store of an international brand: The royal designer of a luxury brand, you say she doesn’t understand anything?

Some people say that she is an illiterate female who has not attended school for a day…

Retired professor of a university: My favorite student is illiterate? ! What are you? Is it rubbish?

At the banquet, Shao Pei put his arms around the shy person in his arms and said to everyone: My family Xixi is gentle and soft-hearted, don’t bully her.

A certain rich second generation who was maimed by her and was still lying in the hospital: … Pei Shao, you may have misunderstood the word gentleness.

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