AuthorWine Baked Crab
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My friend and I traveled together after binding the barrage system.
I dressed as a beautiful and powerful policeman, and sacrificed everything for revenge and redemption – but my ID card is real wine from the winery;
He dressed up as a real wine, and sacrificed everything for destruction and pleasure – but his ID card was the justice police.
That’s right, my friends and I are so special… We got the wrong script! !
Horror stories, we are still wearing brothers, so why not say this script earlier at the beginning! !
System: Wrong! wrong! ! ! You have to show your identity! Don’t let the barrage audience mistake their identity! ! Immediately reveal the flaws! quick!
Me & my friends: …
So I had to start an undercover winery, brushing the black side’s favorability, but the red side’s favorability not only didn’t drop, but also rose a lot;
In desperation, Jiyou began to whitewash his identity and win the trust of the red party. Unexpectedly, when the winery settled at the end of the year, the top performance was actually me.
My friend and I both fell into deep self-doubt.
The barrage audience was in an uproar.
【Help! ! ! Why is the star of the Metropolitan Police and the winery top twin brothers? ! ! 】
[I have already made up an annual dog blood drama…]
[So Yuu really is black because of his brother? Did he sneak into the winery for the sake of talent! 】
[I understand, in fact, Shiren sneaked into the Metropolitan Police Department for the sake of his younger brother, but he didn’t want to kill people at all…]
【woo woo woo woo……】
My friends and I, who followed the barrage to guess the plot, fell into a long silence.

Why did the two of us seem to be misunderstood even more after the flaws were

revealed? #

Let’s not talk about playing both red and black… If this continues, the

favorability of both red and black will be full, okay! #

system! Don’t look at doing nothing, the system! ! Quickly think of a way! #

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