Chapter 1:After Those Years of Misery

Please, let me go

It wasn't until this moment that Zillog knew that her best friend's bridegroom turned out to be him-the man who was still begging her in bed last night.

He likes to eat half-rare steaks, he has a bruised birthmark on his thigh, and he always frowns slightly when thinking about problems.

Zillog thought he knew him well, but she was the last to know when he was married.

There was a pain in the bottom of my heart, and I subconsciously stirred both hands together, but kept a warm smile on her face, and whispered to her good friend Cheng Feixue: "Xue'er, congratulations!"

"My best friend, Zilog, I call her Lolo Beauty!" Cheng Feixue introduced playfully.

Qiao Yushi looked at Zilog lightly, his expression calm, as if he had never seen her before.

"Hello! Qiao Yushi!" He said politely, stretched out his big hand and shook Zillog's.

Maybe it's too hot in June, and Zilog's palms were sweaty, and only his fingertips were touched, and he took it away in a panic.

Zilog didn't dare to look into his eyes, for fear that he would panic and let Cheng Feixue see her unusual relationship with him.

Her worry is superfluous, he is so indifferent, of course he will not show his feet and make his beloved wife sad.

There was a trace of hair on Cheng Feixue's delicate face, and he happened to see it when he turned his head to look at her small face, smiling and reaching out to help her remove it. As if her face is a fragile crystal, his movements are so careful,

Zillog's heart tightened again, he had never treated her so tenderly. She always thought he was an indifferent person. He was not, but she was not worthy of his gentleness.

In a trance, Zillog was led into the hotel lobby and took a seat like a puppet.

The guest living room is very lively, and people are discussing the family background and knowledge of the couple and their appearance.

Zilog can no longer be happy for her friends. Her husband can keep such a relationship without her, which shows that she is not worthy of being entrusted to life.

She is worried about her friend's future, but can't tell her this, she must think of other ways to prevent the wedding.

I sent a message to Brother Xiaoyong, hoping that everything is still too late.

After all this was done, the wedding march suddenly sounded, and the guests stood up to welcome the arrival of the new couple.

The bride's father solemnly handed Cheng Feixue with a shy face to the handsome Qiao Yushi, and the applause lasted for a while.

For some reason, Zillog always felt that he had looked for her among the many guests.

Maybe it was just her illusion, when she looked at him, he was looking at his wife affectionately.

The wedding is still going on, the lady of etiquette has already served a glass of wine, and the ceremony is about to be completed. Why has the person she arranged hasn't appeared?

Can't stand his gentle smile anymore, stood up, and Zillog quietly left the wedding scene.

In the bathroom, she pressed the phone keypad to dial Xiaoyong's phone, her back suddenly warmed, and she was hugged tightly in his arms by a man.

Zilog was startled, and just about to scream, his mouth was covered by a warm hand. She is familiar with the smell, but who is it if it isn't Qiao Yushi?

Isn't he drinking a cup of wine? Why is it here again? Did he suddenly give up today's wedding for me?

"I want you, now!" He attached to Zilog's ear and said unquestionably, her wishful thinking was instantly shattered by reality.

Her brows tightened unconsciously, and she turned her head to look at him inconceivably. She wanted to ask him: Are you crazy?

He didn't care what she wanted to say to him, clasped her waist with big hands, dragged her into the bathroom in three or two steps, and locked her back with his hands.

In order to carry out the aggression, he took away the hand covering her mouth and lifted her skirt.

"I don't want it!" Zillog growled, saying these three words to him for the first time.

At least at this time, he is the husband of her good friend, and she cannot be a third party.

That way she would look down on herself, and the remaining dignity would be completely lost.

"You have no right to resist!" He whispered in her ear again.

Yes, she is not qualified, otherwise she cannot afford the consequences.

"Please! Let me go! She is my good friend. You don't think about it for me and for her, okay?" Zillog whispered and begged with last hope, tears already rolling in his eyes .

He can not love her, but he can't insult her like this, insult the holy wedding.

He didn't seem to hear it, and roughly grabbed her resisting hands with one hand and leaned toward her skirt with the other hand...

Zilog was in pain, body pain, heart pain even more.

He never cared whether she wanted or not, she thought, in his eyes she was worse than a puppy.

She thought he could get married, but she didn't expect it would be so unbearable.

"Don't blame me for wanting you here. You are wearing too ** and I can't help but want you. Say, was it on purpose?"

Zilog closed her eyes, bit her lip, and stubbornly grasped the toilet door, her tears falling on the white floor tiles.

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