Chapter 551:After Those Years of Misery

Chapter 551:

Cha Yanxiu looked at Tong Wenya, who was secretly despondent, but subconsciously pushed her stomach up in front of Tong Wenya, as if deliberately stimulating Tong Wenya in front of him. They were both women. If Cha Yanxiu looked at herself There are other women around his man, even if Cha Yanxiu is unbearable.

Therefore, she has a complete understanding of Tong Wenya's psychology. It is precisely because she understands that she has to put a stab at Tong Wenya's heart, otherwise Fang Shiqing can't explain it. .

Thinking of this, the expression on Che Yanxiu's face became more and more proud, as if to show off.

"Chen said that when I am born in this birth, whether it is a boy or a girl, Chen will love him as always. By the way, it is the same as loving Corgi."

Tong Wenya just watched Che Yanxiu’s red lips pop out one by one, all of which are nicknames for Chun Yuchen. Once upon a time, the word Chen could only be called by herself, but now this Some things are no longer such light things.

It turns out that people really can change, and they have changed so much without knowing it. The sweet words of the past have become other women who are unscrupulous in front of them.

"Enough, don't talk about it anymore. I'm just here with Corgi. As for the child in your stomach, it has nothing to do with me."

Tong Wenya just looked at the Che Yanxiu in front of him and had no other meaning, and even some deliberately supported such thoughts in front of Che Yanxiu.

"It seems that Tong Wenya doesn't look too angry, I thought you were very good, but that's all."

Cha Yanxiu just watched Tong Wenya leave in front of her. Not surprisingly, she also had the same attitude, staring at the back of the child's Wenya for a while.

Cha Yanxiu stroked her stomach, seeming to have deliberately sworn her pride in front of Tong Wenya and deliberately trampled on Tong Wenya's dignity.

The talented Tong Wenya just subconsciously supported her final dignity in front of Cha Yanxiu, so as not to let anyone notice that she has a slight sadness, but she still feels painful to the point that she is alive. There are nine out of ten people who don't like it, but Tong Wenya and Corgi, this may be the best thing.

As if noticing something was wrong with Mommy next to him, Corgi raised his head hard, his face full of worries.

Looking at Tong Wenya with tears in the corners of her eyes, she was a little puzzled, but she still got up from the bed, rubbed her slightly sleepy eyes, and squeezed herself into Tong Wenya's arms. Here, with a bit of coquetry.

"Mommy, what's the matter with you? Could it be that Barbie made you angry?"

Tong Wenya looked at the very sensible child in front of her, and she felt especially warm in her heart. After all, it was her child born in October. She has a blood relationship with her, no matter how she hates Chunyu in her heart now. Chen, after all, still feel a little bit inadequate.

Tong Wenya just stretched out her hand to squeeze Corgi’s small face, and swallowed all the grievances in her heart abruptly. She can’t express in front of Corgi that she is so unhappy. The child’s psychology is fragile. Sometimes a few simple words make him feel a little depressed. No matter how big things are between adults, they shouldn’t be implicated on the child.

"Mommy is okay, it's just that I was fascinated by the sand. It's all right now."

If such a crappy excuse was placed in the past, Tong Wenya would disdain to talk about it. Moreover, Corgi has always been a smart child. Even with such an excuse, it is estimated that Corgi is not willing to believe it. .

But looking at his mommy already said this, little Keji naturally cared about his mommy, and guessed that mommy must be uncomfortable in her heart, so she no longer asked carefully. But a smart person like Corgi naturally thought that since Mommy didn't tell herself, she also had other ways to know, such as Catherine's.

"Okay, Mommy, let’s have a laugh. I heard Aunt Catherine say that if women don’t always laugh, they will age prematurely. I don’t want to see when Corgi grows into a handsome pot in the future. Mommy is old, so she won't be pretty."

Tong Wenya was just a little stunned by Xiao Keji's words, but in fact, it is probably the same. If you want to get something, you must learn to give first. Looking at her son, Tong Wenya's uncomfortable feeling just disappeared.

What's more, think about it carefully, just now that Che Yanxiu said so, there is not much evidence, is it possible that the women in this world are pregnant, it is Chun Yuchen, if Chun Yuchen knows, he should not hate him for being a father.

After figuring it out, Tong Wenya felt that she was not as uncomfortable as she was at the beginning, stretched out her hand to pinch Corgi's cheek, and said with a smile.

"Okay, Mommy just listened to Xiao Keji's words and smiled more. As the saying goes, it's a funny smile for less than ten years, and worry and worry, the old one has become old."

In an instant, the mother and son laughed into a ball in the room, scratching each other from time to time, looking at each other back and forth.

"Bad boy, even your mommy dared to laugh, and now you dislike Mommy's old age, then if in the future, you still have to think that Mommy has become an old woman and shame you?"

Little Corgi just allowed Tong Wenya's actions to continue. After all, Mommy didn't know what happened just now, so she shed tears behind her back. Now Little Corgi can see his mother laugh again. , Naturally is a happy event.

On the other hand, Chun Yuchen, who shut himself in the room, was not like that. He just locked himself in the room alone, lit a cigarette in his hand alone, and put it on his lips, with a mouthful without a mouthful. Suck it, with a moment of boredom and scratching his head.

For Tong Wenya, he is bound to win, but there are always obstacles in his love road from time to time, scratching his ears and cheeks anxiously, but Tong Wenya is unwilling to cooperate in every possible way.

Seeing Chun Yuchen’s decadent appearance, Catherine just stayed quietly. She came up to deliver hot milk to Chun Yuchen. Tong Wenya and Xiao Keji did not come down for dinner, but let Rong’s mother give it. Go up.

Catherine was just a bystander in the matter of their family of three, but in fact, they understood better than those of the authorities. She just looked at them and didn't know how to persuade them. She went to test Tong Wenya's tone. Wenya still doesn't believe that the child in Che Yanxiu's belly is Chun Yuchen's.

"Chen, drink this cup of milk first. Ma Rong was still worried about your body. Humans are iron and rice is steel. Even if it is a big matter, you have to eat something, what do you think?"

But now, where is Chun Yuchen in the mood to eat again, I'm afraid he is still stunned, and he ran out of thin air with a big belly Che Yanxiu and beat all his original plans. Messed up.

"Catherine, you said I should take the initiative to confess to Wenya and tell her that I don't remember all of this. I don't even know if I ever touched that Che Yanxiu."

Catherine looked at Chun Yuchen, who was in pain, and felt very embarrassed about the matter between him and Tong Wenya. At the moment, she weighed the pros and cons and made a negative opinion.

"You don't know yet. Wenya guesses that you are the most unwilling to see you now. This afternoon, while you are away, that Cha Yanxiu already went to Wenya with his stomach upright and said something about Wenya. Come out if you don't want to see."

As soon as Catherine's words popped out of her mouth, she saw that Chun Yuchen's eyes were a little bit angry, and her voice trembled.

"How did Wen Ya react?"

This sentence was just asked by Chun Yuchen, and Chun Yuchen lowered his head instead. This question is really ridiculous. If you change him, you will be furious, but Chun Yuchen also responded to Tong Wenya. It is conceivable that, after all, two people who are so deeply in love, suddenly hearing such news, will be very upset.

"What could be the reaction? You also know the gentle temper. Needless to say, you know it in your heart. I think that Che Yanxiu is not at ease. It's just that her appearance is such a coincidence, which makes me think of her easily. Someone was pointing from behind, otherwise she would not show up early or later, but when Tong Wenya came back, she would show up, still pregnant with your child."

Chun Yuchen and Catherine both thought of Fang Shiqing at the same time, but neither of them had any evidence to prove that she must be behind the scenes. Moreover, even if there is evidence, it is estimated that Chun Yulie would not believe it.

In spite of this, the two of them uttered Fang Shiqing's name unanimously. After hearing the name spit out from Catherine's mouth, Chun Yuchen involuntarily lowered his head and smiled bitterly. Even if he knows, what can he do? A little dejected, he opened his mouth.

"You also said that Wenya doesn't want to see me now. If we still can't get rid of the child's knot between us, I'm afraid I won't have a chance in my life."

No woman will tolerate the appearance of other women around the man she loves, let alone having children. This is something that Tong Wenya feels can’t accept. Anything can make her compromise, but Feelings cannot be done for them. Feelings are for a lifetime, not for others to give in.

"Chen, I don't know if I should say something?"

Chun Yuchen looked at Catherine in front of him. In fact, it was for this purpose. There was nothing else to say. As long as the misunderstanding between them could be resolved, it didn't matter to say something else. He nodded and said.

"Go ahead, I know you have always had a lot of ideas, so I'll just listen carefully."

Chun Yuchen didn't hold hope. He just didn't want to make people who care about him continue to feel sad. He didn't hold hope. After listening to Catherine's words, the flame of hope was rekindled.

"Chen, I think we can do a paternity test. Whether the child is yours or not, just go for a paternity test and wait for the results to come out."

Chun Yuchen didn't even think of this idea when he was in chaos just now. Now listening to Catherine's words really made sense, she didn't even think of such a simple reason.

"That's it, wait until I choose one day to take them for a paternity test."

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